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Lets get a shoes we want thread going,
Jordan space jams i would literally sell my first born child for these babies
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Really, jordans? I mean they're nice but nothing worth killing for especially if you're out of high school.
Alright guys, I need to buy a decent pair of shoes for work, thinking oxfords / brogues.

Good idea? Can you recommend any that are good quality and will last a while?
Allen Edmonds

Sup /fa/ can we get an underwear thread going?
I noticed today that while most my clothes are /fa/ all my underwear is kinda baggy and plain.
I usually just wear black/blue boxer briefs or just regular briefs and I'm thinking about buying new underwear online.
i guess what I'm asking is
>what underwear do you wear?
>should i buy underwear online?
>if so where?
>does it matter if my underwear isn't /fa/?
also underwear general i guess
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>>>/hm/ would be better suited for this topic
left mine in ur mums bedroom op, u can have it :)
i had too many memes for the day, i need to take a break from the internet now

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t.a.d. praetorian hoodie.jpg
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Aside from Triple Aught Design, does anyone know of any really good quality merino hoodies?

The TAD ones are too hard to find at the moment, and I'm uncertain whether they're too skinny/faggy anyway.
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second bump

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Anyone know where to find these black TOMS Wrap Boots or something similar? They're sold out everywhere I look.
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How the hell do you put them on???
you need the legs m8

They're called the wrap boot because you wrap them.

old one over tree huna.
new thread

also, w2c this raincoat
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These jeans
balmain fittin like a nigga went swimmin yfeel?
oh, you saved my image haha

it's old h&m apparently, according to the notes/comments/description from the tumblr i got it from

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what sort of compliments/reactions have you gotten to higher end pieces?

i think it's interesting to see how people with less vast understanding of fashion would react to the more out there pieces
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i wonder is anybody's gotten the age old 'nice converse' on their ramones
literally none, can't expect that shit from normies unless its gaudily branded or a total meme
>what sort of compliments/reactions have you gotten to higher end pieces?
I have one pleb friend (female girl born in china) who always compliments me on my designer clothes. She dresses frumpy as hell and seems to have no clue how to properly dress herself, but always likes my clothes.

Most of the compliments are just things like "cool" or "interesting"

but more recently I've stopped wearing my more "out-there" designer pieces and just stick to more casual, unassuming clothes.

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could we have like, a high-cuffed / high pinroll pants inspo thread?

anything goes really, me personally I'm interested in either baggy-ish stuff or skinny stuff, elegant as well as chill.
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>>my only regret is that i have boneitis
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from another thread
w2c these pants?

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Sphynx Cat.gif
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Alright fa, which is more fashionable:

Tea or coffee?
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coffee, tea is for tumblr people who want to british and watch dr. who
Red bull
1. Are you making it yourself? Tea is far more elegant to make and upon making it, it leaves a beautiful aroma hanging in the air
2. Are you drinking it as part of a blended drink? Coffee. Coffee drinks are much more interesting than tea drinks, no matter how much people pretend to love their black drip coffee.
3. Do you want to stay awake forever? This could be a tossup Many black teas have a really high amount of caffeine compared to about the same amount of coffee, but espresso will naturally have more caffeine per volume.

Spiced tea is what they serve after a meal in a lot of cuisines, so that's my vote

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bomber jacket thread

where do you get a good bomber? related bombers welcome. one pictured is from allsaints
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/fa/ thinks a bomber jacket is any jacket they find "bomb"

because they're dumb as fuck
what are you going on about ni**er?
You're like an unfunny pigfuck.

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Yayayayayayaya. I love slp.
what kind of shoe trees do u put in ur boots? i find that regular ones just slip out probably cuz of the cuban heel
fuck those boots r sick might have to cop them if they go on sale

File: xAQuQhY2.jpg (18KB, 401x401px)Image search: [Google]
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Tell me your hobbies anon
How well do you dance, what instrument do you play?
How much do you read?
Do you even work out?

Or are you just a sad meatbag covered in brand identity?
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can't dance but i would love to learn

took piano lessons when i was really young, tried to teach myself guitar a few years ago. i suck at both

i enjoy reading a lot, but i don't dedicate as much time for reading as i'd like to

i exercise a bit, but not enough. i really like running

>are you just a sad meatbag covered in brand identity?

we all are
I dance a lot and I get compliments but I wouldn't say I'm as good as someone who's done lessons. Played guitar for ~4 years but stopped due to lack of motivation and change in musical genres I enjoyed. I like drawing but I'm fucking terrible at it so yea.

/blogpost don't forget to subscribe
So basically you do nothing but shitpost /fa/ 24/7?

Genderfluid Pansexual style ft. Me.
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nice. i love star trek :)
File: who knew.gif (339KB, 213x199px)Image search: [Google]
who knew.gif
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I would berry my dick so far inside your ass whoever could pull it out would be crowned king arthur

File: qNFPjpG.jpg (168KB, 1300x889px)Image search: [Google]
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Been chill
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tfw my Uniqlo jeans are just *too* pale for me
they're almost white in some lights, I wanted more of a stonewash
Ah well, only £20
Wear bright white shoes to make the jeans look darker
Uniqlo a shit.

File: teva1000thingstodogetlost[1].jpg (31KB, 580x386px)Image search: [Google]
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Old one's dead
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What are the best slacker shorts/pants?
File: 1427251534703.jpg (91KB, 500x696px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeah I know about >weaboos
But I just think this guy is pretty darn /fa/

where can I get similar to these outfits?
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Fuck off webow.

what's wrong with you

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