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are you ready for /spooky/ and /comfy/ fun fah? time to peel back the layers of reality and see what lies beneath society's quickly eroding veneer of normality and decency.

lets start things off with a classic, this comes from Ted Gunderson, Ted was the former chief of the LA branch of the FBI, after he retired he worked as a PI, it was during his work as a PI that he discovered and investigated incidences of occult/satanic abuse and sacrifice involving connected members of society and the subsequent coverups.

ted died not long ago, his autopsy revealed he died from arsenic poisoning.


in this video ted describes a case of his involving a man named john van meter, a man who ted became friends with after investigating the events in question.

john van meter was a woodsman, white god, all-american hero and an angel reincarnated, maybe not the last one but seriously the man is a fucking beast.

anyway john was in the woods on halloween night chopping trees like a woodsmen does when he sees a human sacrifice taking place, long story short john interrupts the satanic ritual and kills like 3 of them including their apparent leader in the ensuring gun battle, he also manages to save the girl(whose testimony is read by Ted Gunderson in the video)

i am not going to go into minute detail about the rest of the case because its all covered in the video and you should watch it.

after the events john's life became a living hell, he was wounded in the gun battle but the local PD rejected his version of events and claim he shot himself and charged john with filing a false statement.

john was then placed on probation, during his probation he was attacked by two men in a unmarked black suv, there was again a gun battle, john shot both of them causing them to flee, john was again wounded. the local PD again accused john of shooting himself.
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fuck off to /x/ u ugly wog lol
get used to these threads number oney, its going to be an everyday type thing. keep it bumped if you could too, argue with yourself etc.
paranormal pigfuck is my favourite

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Let's get a rick thread going.

None of that goofy shit though, post some wearable fits.

+1 GBP for fits with some color, pic related.
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>Asking for non goofy rick owens fits

His whole agenda is goofy. It's his thing
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He definitely has a certain aesthetic that many people cling to, however you can easily make some decent fits without the overexaggerated silhouettes that you usually see Rick wearing.
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so /fa, what have you thrifted recently?
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these tops
That better be inseam length fatty
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this blue shirt

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Stay chill
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hey buds, staying chill today, hope you are all well
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are these shoes chill enough? it's warmer out today, they feel nice

keeping chill on a warm day at college

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>post inspo
>cop or not
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Will probably cop this next month
Also w2c baseball jersey/tshirt with kana ?
Full Disclosure: My friend runs this site.

Some anime shirts, I've yet to receive mine but they look nice.

fuck off weaboo trash

What do you eat to keep that suave anorexia look without having an empty stomach
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Take a bunch of laxatives. Do meth.
low sodium
peanut/almond butter

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Why do people like him dress like this even while obviously having the feel for basics of fashiunz? The silhouette is ok. But how is he not aware of the tackiness of Obey? Juvenile Vans rip off Polo shoes? The palette all over the place?
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go be fat somewhere else.png
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Post a fit.
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At least he isn't utterly oblivious like the guys like this one. So it brings me back to pic1 - he has the feel for it, why so tasteless choices?
>he has the feel for it
what makes you think that? he's just a random cholo

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tripp jacket.jpg
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Cop or nah ?
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How about you just an hero, Anon
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How about you just an heroes, Anons

Come hither
post your room collection
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azuma (1).jpg
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Anyone have any tips for making my appearance more androgynous? I'm pretty masculine, but im looking to buy clothes / accesories that will blur that line.
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emphasize feminine parts of your body and vice versa. Dress loose enough to be vague but don't make things look big. Drapy is good. Do your eyebrows in a feminine way, get a feminine haircut, take good care of your skin. Shave what you want, at least your face.
Good ideas, How would I go about asking for a feminine haircut once I find something I want?
Honestly, you just have to do it.
You can either grow it or get something short a butch girl would have. That includes a lot of haircuts, though. If you have a masculine forehead, I'd suggest something with bangs. If you have a baby face, you have more options. Depends on how feminine or androgynous you want to be. Growing out hair can be awkward and might not be what you're going for if you look masculine, if you're not brave enough to rock something with bangs, since you could just look like a metalhead. I dunno, are you trans? What's your goal, exactly? Pics?

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effay album thread
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i remember being 16 lol
lmao post something or fuck off you fag
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this is GOAT

Discuss and post fashion inspiration and/or clothes for females
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File: 5751301800_2_2_2.jpg (54KB, 627x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Always the same 50 - 60 pics in these threads... Think I'll contribute some fresh stuff.

old one 404'd

OP is a fag and starts with literally Ye's best fit.
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do you think yeezu browses efay?
i do


Who else would be posting all his pics.

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Requesting an behind pic of these jeans please. Trying to get a positive ID.


Also shia-core thread
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do the nike field boots with thick socks actually look good on most people?

or with skinny jeans?

shia makes it look good because its his style but im considering getting some boots myself
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Oh boy you've done it now

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