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ITT: fashion items/trends that should just be deleted from history.
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Rick Owens memebaskets
pleated pants
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>vans hightops
>sport watches
>wide ties
>anything endorsed by a rapper

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>Designing his own shit

Truly the god of /fa/
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He also has the balls to recut shitty fitting jackets. This man is my fucking hero.
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Hey /fa/, what do you think of the Met Gala fashions this year?
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Also, anime shirt thread general
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Anime is the downfall of the white male. Please hide your autism while in public. Thank you gook wannabe.
>implying im white

Sure, I may not be Japanese, but I'm Asian you fucking son of a whore.
Not one for looking like a weaboo in public, but I'd rock this.

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>mfw tres bien charged me twice for one order
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Just email them fucknugget
I fucking did but that shit is unacceptable. How the fuck do you charge someone twice? What if I was actually poor and needed that money to pay of the mob so they wouldn't slit my throat and pull my tongue out of it and hang me on the church steeple? Fucking Christ.

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Golf Wang Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook was just released.

posting a few pics.
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fuck school free Earl xD ebic

I will only buy it if it's not riddled in branding so people don't know I'm wearing it.

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Are kimonos /fa/?
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Kimonos are /fa/
Wearing kimonos is not /fa/
I think a denim-looking kimono would be effay as fuck

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post yours, what it's about and a pic related. also give reccomendations
>pic related
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>typical glowing architectural shit
>fashion stuff
>noise stuff

I'm looking for some good fashion inspiration

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Slav edition
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w2c jeggings
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Drop it low
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Every ducking time

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god I'm lonely
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>tfw sick fits can't get me a gf
I'm gone past even wanting a gf. social interaction in general is just too exhausting
not /fa/ related


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raf simons
helmut lang
piss cum
ass in mouth
ass to mouth
arid landscapes
black and white photography
black lives dont matter

patrician general
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so cash.jpg
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Hello Eurasian boys, I'm a blonde girl and this is what I think of you
w2c bondage bomber?
not kosher

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Anime inspo that ISN'T Akira or Gundam Wing or Evangelion.

Show some appreciation for the medium you fuccbois.
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Megazone part 2 had some nice fits but it's hard to find decent screenshots

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Let's have a poorfag thread. How to be effay without much money?

>thrift shops are an obvious staple
>H&M generally has some pretty cheap stuff
>diy (bleaching, dyeing) can turn a boring item into something nice

Inspo very welcome. Although me personally I like to take inspiration from anything including expensive stuff like SLP etc.
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fuck off poorfag!! get a fucking job fagget!
at least try. cmon.
Comfycore and jewelwave are very accessible on low budgets. Jewel tones were prevalent in a lot of clothing in the 90's, so you'll see a lot of it in thrift stores. Comfycore is really a matter of styling.

However, I think the most important thing is to be riskier and try stuff you like, as opposed to trying to fit in to trends and looks that are popular here on /fa/. For example, you can try a basic fit with cheap pieces, but you're competing with all the other basic fits that use really nice, expensive items.

After you've done a bit of thrifting, stop for a while. I used to thrift a lot in high school and I've only bought at max 5 items over the past year. I've been focusing on styling stuff I have and weeding out bad purchases. When you're thrifting it can be easy to buy stuff just because it's cheap. Really work on keeping the gems- they don't have to be some nice brand name piece or anything. Just items you like, and look into all the ways you can style those pieces.

Also, invest in a few general shoe types and keep them in mind when buying clothes. I think a very basic combo to have would be white sneakers (can be keds or converse) and sleep black shoes that you can style up or down.

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Post nice stuff guys
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Is dyeing your hair trashy?
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Not if you're in Oregon :^)
Not if you're a qt swarm queen
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