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pale jeansss.png
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Alright /fa/ggots its time for COP OR NOT the old one is rotting on page 10 and is ded so time for a new one!

i want some pale jeans and these are the 3 colors i like but idk which one to get. im really in between 2 or 3 but what do you guys think
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post link or fuck off, you cocksucking toddler fucker
All shit. Dnc
OP is a confirmed loser with shit taste

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post if fucc
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where to cop real rayban wayfarers for less than $150?
fuck this gay meme model pic can i somehow fucking hide this thumbnail i always have to hide this thread so i dont' have to look at this skank
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if i wash these will the pleat on the front go away?

Do you like when girls dress like this?
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a lot.
It really only works on qt petit asian girls
It looks incredibly boring on white girls

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favorite /fa/ clothing websites with reasonable prices
I'll go first, Uniqlo.com
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nice b8, op
diamond supply co online store :^)
>tfw you start wearing pull & bear just because your favorite modelfu was in one of their campaigns and you want to feel close to her

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Is depression /fa/? What are some /fa/ mental illnesses?
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Schizophrenia is the most /fa/ b/c schizophrenics are very creative and also b/c homeless steez
i like how mental illness is a fashion accessory to people who are neurotypical. haha let me try on depression. see, i'm wearing all black, i'm deep and sad too :)

fuck off

4/10 apply yourself

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Last one approaching 300
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>Shoes aren't clean
everyone knows the only /fa/ disability is autism
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One day I'll afford these pants

let's see them, hype-beasts.
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what are the thoughts on golden goose?

too walmart?
what are they and w2c
hender scheme 08 new balance replica

or message the dude on grailed selling hender scheme jordans, he'll send a pair of whatever you want

or lurk yahoo.jp (buyee.jp is a good proxy) or rakuten for cheaper prices

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Why do people think Target sells trendy clothes?
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I get some white t's from them
>Why do people think Target sells trendy clothes?

They aren't "people", nor do they "think".
They don't

The type of people how buy clothes from Target are those who think "I need some pieces of cloth to cover myself every day of the week so I won't be naked", not because they want to be fashionable.

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/fa/ confessions thread?

I'm pretty chubby. And I like when chubby girls try to dress like skinny girls.
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chubby girls don't like chubby guys
Chubby guys only like chubby girls when the girls don't think they're chubby.
do chubby girls suddenly have options?

what does /fa/ study?
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Is geology /fa/?
your mom
not in the slightest. pick a real science

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what kind of woman are you fashionable for?
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oi thats a whole lotta bubbeleh
The only woman who matters: yours truly.
literally any

i'm extremely lonely

i'm not very fashionable but i'd like to have at lease a vaguely fulfilling relationship with someone before i kill myself

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cringe thread
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Omg lol reddit 's epitome to fashion is "wear a button up shirt and MAYBE some slimmer fit pants"
that guy with the clarks looks so retarded

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Ok /fa/, it is time to prove your worth.

This thread is for discussing of the arts. Paintings, sculptures, film, haute couture, discuss it all here. I shall commence by posting this guide of films.
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The Machinist for goal aesthetic
>/fa/ - Fashion
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orange juice qt.jpg
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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the official /fa/ streetwear 2016 thread

I will be sharing exclusive, never-before-seen photos of the world's latest, hottest, dopest, trillest style

and also an exclusive AMA with fashion's most in-demand, influential, talented, fastest rising designer/entrepreneur/trendsetter

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to start off, just a small plug to tumblr's best kept secret

the number one authority on fashion, referred to by journalists, bloggers, and internationally acclaimed celebrities


would higly recommend following
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now to start off with a short interview regarding streetwear 2016 with yours truly

Q: what is the most effay country in the world?

A: canada
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supreme + raf.jpg
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Q: are there any members of 4chan's fashion board worth subscribing to?

A: i strongly encourage you subscribe to !L7l54FaA2E, whom i belive to be /fa/'s most educated and informed fashion guru

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about to get into the whole process of altering clothing - tapering, hemming, the whole shebang. maybe even making some of my own

anything a novice should know before he starts fucking his shit up? what are some of the basics?

also general diy thread
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Get the Reader's Digest sewing manual.
start with old clothes that you wont regret on fucking up, like an old pair of baggy jeans to practice tapering and hemming, same with old shirts and t-shirts

for the garment making you´ll need to buy some sort of book to get into some system to make patterns or you can copy the patterns from old clothes by deconstructing and marking each pattern into paper and the you can use those paper patterns to make more garments like the one you copied
take some classes for basic sewing, trust me itll help big time, i was altering my clothes for almost a year before i took a legit class and realized how horribly i was fucking my shit up, and now i an actually make decent wearable articles

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