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is this most effay hobby?
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Smoking cigarettes.

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Last one ~300
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1 or
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buy the second one so you can stop posting it in every thread

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/fit/ directed me here, hi everyone

what kind of style would you recommend for my body? what i am looking for is clothing that hints at my muscles but doesnt make me look like i wanna show them off to the entire world, a blend between "sporty" and "classy" if you will

any recommendations? certain brands/pieces that come to mind? links would be appreciated, thank you in advance

pic shows front, back is coming up
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and back
op ur front looks like a coked up old man. :|
Abercrombie and Fitch
Also get some Oakleys bruh
Those are some MAD DOPE shorts too where did you get them?

what's more important— being attractive to yourself, or being attractive to others?
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to others obivously
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lmao u fgts

the whole reason of this board is to get over your "beta" bullshit
if you dont condsider yourself to look good then you wont have confidence
if you dont have confidence you will simply be a stuttering beta fagot with whatever fotm bullshit outfit you currently have and no one will ever consider you attractive

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I figured that since this is the cattiest and most superficial board on 4chan, I and my thread would be right at home.

What names do you like?
What names do you dislike?

I like names with clear vowels, like Leon.

I have to admit, I can't stand surnames used as first names. They are more than a little bit ridiculous. Tiler Smith. Tailor Baker. Potter Butcher. Harrison Johnson son of some guy called Joe. Is it a cuckold thing? "I wish my wife's child was sired by someone else. Ooh tingly humiliation."

Bible names can also go take a hike unless european kings have been known to have them. Even then they're suboptimal.

Chinese people should really give their kids a name with at least two syllables.
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I like names for girls that end in -ee sounds. Like Ellie.

As for guys I'm not sure. I hate names that are too try-hard and special snowflake though.
Ezra, Elspeth

names that begin with E are top tier
I want a name change but I'm not sure what id change it to.

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I don't like girls with short hair because they have better short hair cuts than me.
That and they don't fit my ideal image of a female and I'm scared people will think I'm gay if I'm seen dating one.
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What? It's the truth
> Being gay for dating a female.
I get the preference thing, but that should really be the least of your worries unless you live in Kentucky or something.

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minion feels.png
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>Be me
>Be walking to class
>Wearing slightly above the knee shorts because muh fashion sense
>Kid passing me, goes "those shorts might be a little too high bro"
>He was wearing orange aviator sunglasses and a suit blazer over a corn flakes t shirt
>Hes about 10 feet behind me now
>"well t-that jacket might be a little too lame bro"
>Keeps walking


has anyone ever insulted your fashion IRL /fa/? what did you do about it?
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no cause i dont dress like a goof boy
I immediately go to my computer to post on a Cambodian landmine injury discussion forum.
>be me

This is why people make fun of you. You exude lameness. Who the fuck else would you be? Greentexts are from an assumed first person. You don't say "be le me", you fuckwit. And no, no one has ever said anything to me because I'm a large guy, I have masculine body language, and I have a silver tongue.

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Hey fa what's the next countercultural movement going to be, and where will it be centered?

Eg hipsters in Williamsburg, hippies in Haight-Ashbury, what's next?
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your mother on my dick
OP is a cuck spread the word
punk is not dead i guess??

also see the auth movement on carles.buzz

dont be a contemporary conformist!!

next question

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How do I into slutcore?
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have loose moral fiber and excuse personal misbehaviors with "I'm fighting muh patriarchy"
I said slut not feminist. Feminists are not sexy
It's the most obvious and common thing. How that even become a question?

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>boat shoes
>not on a boat
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>not in Geneva
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>Polo shirt
>not playing Polo
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>not sneaking

What are some good inexpensive spring/summer-jackets? Something like picrelated

Also, jackets general
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summer jackets?
it's cold in
rick's bombers always look good

how much do you have to pay for a haircut to not look like shit?
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Go to a fucking barber not your mom's hair salon
$30 with 5-10 dollar tip. i take absolutely no chances and don't trust other dudes cutting my hair
The last two barbers I've used regularly were both $16. With a $4 tip makes a nice even $20.

Learn what hairstyles will suit your face shape, lifestyle, and hair type. For example, the top of my head is shaped like a trapezoid, so if I do short sides long top, I have to have a fade because if I simply do a sharp line then I look like I'm rocking a half-mohhawk. I have straight hair, so I don't attempt things that only work for curly dudes. I have zero desire to use hair products, so I only get cuts that will look good without them.

Most importantly, just don't be autistic when talking with them about what you want done. If you have pictures of what you want, show them on your phone. If they start cutting too much off, tell them to stop. At the end when they ask you how it looks, tell them if you don't like it and what you want them to do. If they didn't care, they wouldn't ask. Good barbers will even let you come back after a day or two and fix something you find that you don't like.

Everyone is so worried about being offensive that they'd rather offend themselves than someone they encounter every two to four weeks.

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Post the ideal perfect male face in your opinion.
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my own is the ideal one. ain't post shit.

fuck off and stop idolizing other men.
you cant even see half this dudes face tho
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androgyny is literally perfection.

shame he copped out went full tranny. RIP andrej.

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post anything pink clothing related
recent cops, w2c, fits etc
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been trying to get an opinion on this bomber
only wear this if ur hot

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How is the state of your room /fa/?
Take a panoramic right now. (No cheating)
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how do i post one it says the file is too big on my phone
so fucking dirty

ps ack like i have a phone that takes panoramics ctfu...smh

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