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Pleb brands and fuccbois BTFO! /fa/ is saving the world by buying Made in Italy.
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>tfw that kike murdoch made Last Week Tonight blocked in australia
Try mirror at https://vid dot me/Fz4J
>Try mirror at https://vid dot me/Fz4J
+1 on this

> i glorify eating disorders and look to anorexic women as my model for being attractive
> i like binge eating because im really unhappy and food literally fills an empty space inside
> i buy clothes from forever 21 and even then the shit is always on clearance, i don't pay more than 10 dollars for jeans
> i like to start shit with tripfags and i have no idea who any of you bitches are
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I wear expensive clothing to make up for the fact that I don't know how to dress properly.
my main fashion inspiration is patti smith and i'm a 6'2 male
literally who

Female fashion: your turn-offs and turn-ons

>leggings with geometric patterns on them
>wears sportswear all the time
>ugg boots
>jeans jacket
>"ugly sweater"
>too much eyeliner
>bright red lipstick on the wrong skin tone
>long, straight hair

>she knows how to wear black well
>long cardigan
>loose, baggy u-neck shirt or hoodie
>tasteful amount of mascara
>undercuts on shorter, skinny girls
>long, flowing hair on taller or bigger girls
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This is my turn on.
>turn off
>uses tubmlr and tubmlr related pix
>tumblr is feminazis
>muh chaste maidens
fuck off

File: Black-Walls-2.jpg (146KB, 600x604px)Image search: [Google]
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Not allowed: minimalist all-white, stupid mattress right on the fucking floor-bullshit

2012 is over, guys. Let's post more fresh shit
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File: Modern-living-room-decor.jpg (239KB, 1536x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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> implying black walls isn't shit

what's wrong with minimalism you dummy?
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Riot inspo thread
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How would /fa/ dress if you were suddenly the opposite sex?
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like a huge slut
White chucks, capri jeans, a cute crop top, hair done in a bun, some cute earrings and red lipstick :3
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Let's get an earth-palette inspo thread going. both Female/Male
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How to effay patches
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Which jackets are better to patch up: the classic light blue denim, beige denim, dark green parka or dark green annorak?
dark green parka IMHO
Any really. Go at it

/fa/, what're you listening to RIGHT NOW? No cheating. Would you say your music taste matches your aesthetic? I'm personally into all kinds of shit but mostly trance and emo. Post links.

>pic related what I'm listenin to right now
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/mu/ here, oh god this is about to get terrible

>trance and emo
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ur board is synonymous with "bands" like death Grapes. off yourself


also, what are ways to make techwear look feminine without it being completely ridiculous?
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The standard heavy, baggy shells but with tighter pants, see acronym's capes and pretty much their entire feminine line. It's about the sillouette.
Don't, my dick won't be able to handle it.

>tfw no qt 3.14 gf to wear tech fits traversing the urban jungle with our augmented prosthetics.
>stuck with normie non augmented gf

Transhumanism when?
How are these milsurp / tacticool shells?
I really need one because it is raining like hell atm where I live and at this point I don't have the money for a decent shell, even though I'm saving up for an acronym one.
Should I cop one of these? They're 80$ for windproof and waterproof, albeit provably not that breathable fabric. They look a bit baggy but I can provably size down. I do not like the velcro shit but I can provably remove those too.

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who are the most successful trips and personalities this board has seen? i dont mean how well they were received by the userbase, i mean tangible real world success. by contrast who are the least successful?

knoch - popular blog, has his niche clothing design, handsome

void - studying fashion design in antwerp, produced his first collection

anorak - employed designer

pigfuck - successful reseller, clothing collection worth 50K+, handsome

trunks - modeled for haven, resells, handsome, minus points for ugly asian gf?

fascist - industry job, knowledgeable, likes dick

not successful

blah - dead

poet - his famous meltdown and reddit posts are a trainwreck, plus hes something like 32 years old

twerkit - tranny loser

reee- lonely virgin, shitposts 24/7 obviously unhappy


sieg heil - shitposts a lot, career????

casemods - plays cs go, likes motorbikes???

slater - youtube channel with 400 subs, japanese cowboy

lelders - dated a black girl??

post more, im doing an experiment.
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reee is the most effayest and /success/cool trip in my opinion

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Post questions that do not deserve their own thread.

What is the difference between the European and the American Stan Smiths? And how do I recognise a European one?
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There is already one
File: edenh.jpg (78KB, 424x594px)Image search: [Google]
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Is it worth it to grow my hair out for at least another 6 months for a top knot/manbun?

Or should I just cut it short like this?
what are good dress shoes, something casual, like in the same vein as sperry's but not them.

and why is it paleo?
> inb4 cigarettes and cocaine masterrace
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those toenails
I'm looking for a arms chest and core workout to go along with my daily run. I don't want to use any weights. Not looking to build mass just cut. Any suggestions?
You could google this shit, you know

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Sick Layering Plox
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le fuqueboise.jpg
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oh fugg.jpg
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more of guy on the right pls, for inspo


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Also UK working class general
File: alvaro-creamfields-2013-crowd.jpg (420KB, 962x451px)Image search: [Google]
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And rave general


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