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>straight face
>no smile
>no frown
>people say I always look angry and unapproachable

Do I really have to constantly smile constantly like some kind of idiot in order to combat this problem? I've been getting that retarded, "smile!" bullshit from people my entire life, and I don't think I can take another 23 years of it.

People say I always scowl when I have a straight face, but those who know me say I don't. They say the others just don't know what a straight face is.

What do?
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Just smile when you talk to people, otherwise a straight face is fine. Helps if you have a nice smile as well. I'm like you and one of the things my gf found really cute before we got to know each other better was how I would smile whenever we talked.
don't smile

gives you wrinkles.

pro /fa/ tips 101
being happy is not effay

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What does /fa/ think of Americana?
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Aka MFAcore
pretty much the best style to have

although that outfit in your pic is garbage, looks like some wannabe shit
What don't you like about it?

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movies that are considered /fa/ to enjoy?
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ITT Self-Image insecurity
Asking other people what art to enjoy certainly isn't "/fa/".

If you're a pleb, you'll enjoy pleb movies. If you're educated and have taste, you'll enjoy art films. You won't like something because you force yourself to watch it - since you won't understand it, intellectually and emotionally.


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What are these shoes called?
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Plain-toe derbies/bluchers.

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>bit overweight
>super low calorie yesterday to get those cheekbones
>already feel like killing someone

i know it's all about discipline, but how do you fuckers manage this? any tips?

inb4 smoking i quit a few months ago

also how many calories do you eat a day?
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started low cal diet*
drink more water, eat more fruits/veggies, cut out soft drinking and booze, and exercise.
>also how many calories do you eat a day?

Aiming at ~3000-3200 kcal/day right now.

Need to gain some of dat derr weight to get out of manchild mode.

this company gave me a free american-made beanie because i have leukemia and they raise money for research
(i'm overage btw)


but what i want to talk about is how can we use fashion as more of a force for good. right now it's basically the most selfish and egotistical industry in the world of "art" and unlike other forms of art, there's slave labor or something close to it often involved.

young people are usually healthy so they get to be petty and i used to obsess over colognes or hats and shit and now that i'm getting better i'm starting to care about the petty life again but the money in fashion goes to some really shitty people who do basically no good for the world. maybe that's fine because we're just consumers, but can we do more?

i bought a "meme" sweater on black friday and afterward felt so hollow that my money was basically going to some yuppie idiots because i wanted to have a laugh

be thankful for your health
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if you're /fa/, you are on the side of evil. It's just how it is.
poorly disguised spam / 10
i'm literally not affiliated with them, but if it raises money for my disease i'm gonna fucking plug it you dumbass

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Is there a shoegaze aesthetic?
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I feel like slackercore would go well with shoegaze.
lightwash denim with beat-up sneaks and an oversized sweater / t-shirt is essential shoegaze-core
ofc people won't recognize that you're trying to look like someone from mbv, but that's how most of them dressed
Bowl Cut, skinny pants, stripped shirt, Denim jacket, Low top doc martens.

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Is hanging your sunglasses on your shirt /fa/?
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I've always hated when people do that

Although I think sunglasses are for pussies anyway
>waa waa the sun is too bright!!!
Is going blind /fa/?
>looking straight at the sun

Is being retarded /fa/?

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What are the secrets to aging well, /fa/?
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Diet fitness genetics
Genetics play the biggest part, but you can also workout, eat clean, and not drink/smoke and hope for the best desu.

That's basically it.
don't be a girl kek

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1. Hedi Slimane
2. Rick Owens
3. Dries van Noten
4. Kris van Assche
5. Jonny Johansson
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KVA is a hack
>Hedi Sillyman
>number one
Nice b8 m8
hedi isn't a designer, he's a stylist

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Heyyyy. Im really tired of being ugly, i hate being ugly. Sometimes i feel invisible. So, can you help me /fa/?
What can i do to improve myself? What haircut should i get? Do i have to shave my facial hair?
I think im gonna sign up for a gym this week, soooo what is a good work out routine?
What are your tips for this? Please, i trust in you /fa/
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Can't tell if this is bait, a new meme, or spam, but for the sake of your humanity, I'll entertain these thoughts.

> tired of being ugly

You're not. Your perception of yourself is exactly that - it's subjective. To me, and I like to think I'm being objective here, you're not ugly. If you want to feel better about your appearance, then several things can be done, but what's most important is dealing with your self-esteem and confidence. This is obviously the issue here.

Here, you can condition yourself. Tell your positive things about yourself. Find something you don't like? Change it. If you can't change it, then find the positive in the negative.

> What hair should I get?

Personally, I think your hair looks alright, though a little too messy. If I were you, I'd have the sides and back cut shorter. Use products to style the top of your hair, e.g. hairspray, moose (these tend to work better with longer hair). Is your hair thin/thick? Do you have a preference for length? Preference for style?

> Do I have to shave my facial hair?

I think your facial hair suits you well, just don't let it get too long. Keep it neat and tidy.

> what is a good work out routine?

If you have the disposable income, I'd advise getting a personal trainer to resolve all the beginner issues for you.

If you're poor and can't really afford a gym (not sure on your financial situation) and/or are too anxious to go to a gym, then you can work out at home and do things like: pushups, tricep dips, glute bridges/hip thrusts, squats, planking, and consider investing in some dumbbells.

Seeing as this is /fa/, I'd advise sticking to darker colours because it'll combine well with the colour of your hair and eyes, plus it's winter, so black is particularly popular (and seems to be /fa/'s all-time favourite). Again, though, what you can buy is dependent on your finances.

I hope this helps anon.
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I love you man haha i know my hair is a total mess. I will try to get a personal trainer.
And theres another pic of myself.
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luckily for you, you do have potential. In fact, youre not even terrible looking in your current state.

To improve yourself, find something that you love to do and invest yourself in it. This will fight your depression or whatever is going on here.

As for your haircut, keep the facial hair but trim it into something more fashionable. Stay away from meme hairstyles, or dont because normies love them.

Definitely sign up for the gym. Read the sidebar over at /fit/ to find a good first program, although I don't normally recommend Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength. When you lift, you need to commit and do every fucking thing that the routine tells you to do. Take your ego out of lifting. NEVER EVER sacrifice form to lift more weight than you should be lifting. Yeah, you look like a pussy sometimes lifting light. But you look like MORE of a pussy lifting slightly less light with god-awful form. Eventually, lifting will become an addiction rather than a chore. Eat the proper amount of calories a day and make sure to get 35-50 grams of protein a day. If your diet doesn't provide that much, buy Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein in Double Rich Chocolate flavor. Buy bananas. Make shakes with bananas, ice, protein powder, milk, and peanut butter in the blender.

Develop goals and follow through. begin to sculpt your body physically and take pride in how you look by dressing well. Stick to basics and H&M unless you discover that fashion makes you happy. Improve mental health by having hobbies and friends that are beneficial to you, and do some inward thinking about what you want to do with your life and what makes you happy. Don't do hard drugs. Don't smoke cigarettes or weed. Stoners are really not cool people, and 99% of them are fucking losers who are going nowhere. Drink alcohol socially if at all.

Get a job that can support your new gym membership and clothing.

Channel your energy into benefiting yourself, and you will become desirable to women. Don't focus on women.

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hart_leshkina 002.jpg
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Ask a guy who just finished his first term of fashion school anything
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you wanna suck my dick?
What's it like going to have a unless degree?
> fashion school

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chavcore inspiration
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2015 and they still exist? Cockroaches are truly immortal
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Its called scumwave mate
>begguber at ustawkas

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What do you think? To buy or not to buy.
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It looks like a dolphin desu senpai
Oh, and post in a cop or not thread pls, how long have you been here?
get a different color
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it's a classic, I like it.
I'm waiting for spring to buy pic related. makes no sense wading through the snow in these

I need a nice knit cap for this winter. Also how do you wear your hats? Ears and hairline exposed/ Carhartt knit caps - ye or no?

General knit cap inspo
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>Ears and hairline exposed
Why would you do this in winter? You'll be cold and look like you have condom tip on your head.
b-but its fashion!
nigger tell me this doesn't look retarded as fuck

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