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Can we get a minimalcore inspo thread ?
>bonus points if black/grey/white
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Can I get an ID on pretty Flacko's shoes?
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Don't be faggots
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is that his son on the right?

What happened to loosewave or whatever it was called?
I remember seeing threads about it regularly about a year ago but now it's gone
It was supposed to be the next big thing
The comfortable loose drapey style
Not to be confused with palewave
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Bumping for an answer to this mystery
it's branched off into comfycore/cozycore which is a lotta drapey stuff that as the name implies looks and feels comfortable
slackercore also comes from this which is like mac demarco and the dude from the big lebowski

Are there regular threads about comfycore?
I've seen slackercore around but that's a little too dishevelled for my taste

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what shoe is the guy squatting wearing?
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FUck off with this shit to fuccboi general

Better hope these are your size and if this site is leg. If not check the official site but idk if they have the one with black on itm
raf simons x adidas response trail

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Who is this?
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That's me and my two homeboys posing for the school fashion magazine
That's Rae sremmurd
isn't it like the founder of r/streetwear

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Did i just waste $300 on these frankenstein ass chelseas??
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lmfao what the fuck are those
lmao oh my god

What gloves are you wearing this winter?

I'm looking for some gloves that would go well with a black leather perfecto jacket, but are still warm. What would you get?
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Bought these for 19,99 €

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I have had short hair (shorter than chin) since 2007 & am attempting to grow it out. I have attempted to do this many times, but have end up buzzing it once it reached the awkward stage (~2-8inches).

Currently, I am trying to get through this stage with the help of bobby-pins. I'm torn between getting it professionally 'styled' while I'm growing it out vs. letting it grow for a few months until it reaches a length I'm comfortable with (currently thinking that will be 1~2 inches below my shoulder, in-length).

What do you suggest I do with this mess?
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Photo on 11-28-15 at 6.59 PM.jpg
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Photo on 11-28-15 at 7.02 PM.jpg
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I fucked up guys.

Hung some heavy sweaters on coathangers last winter.
Took them out to wear recently and they are fucking ruined. The entire shoulder and top area is widened to hell.

Any way I can fix this?
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You may be able to re-block them after a wash. Read up on blocking knits.
Dude just keep it off the hanger for awhile the damage won't be permanent
I did that a few years ago with my entire sweater collection

>hanging sweaters

ya dun goof'd nig, bin it

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Post shoes that look good/dont look shit on big feet.

Anyway, anyone know what white sneakers/shoes look good on a UK size 13? Post shoes t b h

>pic not really related. just needed so i can post
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Here's your reply manlet :^)
the original german army trainers come in big sizes.

>tfw the pic is actually related

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What does /fa/ smoke? Parliaments are getting too damn expensive.
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>paying for cancer
good goy
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no we wont have cancer, we can already print vital body organs. In 10 years it wont be an issue.
I've been smoking Marb black menthols lately. They're fairly strong, but not as overbearing as a camel crush.

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Are there any effay hats/beanies one could use for the coming cold months? I fucking hate headwear but I've recently moved to a cold climate and need to be coze

>pic kind of related, only hatspo i have
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those will not keep you warm if it's actually cold. whats wrong with a low profile beanie?

Like I said, just used the only pic w/ headwear I could find quickly. Not expecting similar or other weeb shit

Nothing's wrong w them, just have a roundish head so I feel I look strange. Any specific brands you would rec?
>bundled up in head to toe terry cloth, a 14oz heavyweight cotton crewneck, and wool fairisle socks, binge-drinking nespressos, and enjoying the weekend
>tfw my siq fits will not bring her back

who really cares if you're cold or not, brah

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Let's get a prep inspo thread going
Post all your prep, be it winter or not
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Bomber jacket insporation
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How do I not look like hooligan / white pride

When I am pretty aryan already
File: 1426963257178.jpg (264KB, 591x832px)Image search: [Google]
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Try having a shaved head and wearing a bomber, it looks pretty "white pride" to some, but aesthetically great.
Yeah, I should stay away from that.

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I need some white low cut sneaks.
Copped the GATs but they look horrible on me.
What would be a cheap alternativ mangs?
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why do they look horrible on you?
Not sure, my mates told me so
He's like 5'2"

Stick to black shoes and black pants, OP. Anything else will draw attention to your pretty princess proportions.

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