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Can it be pulled off /fa/?
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If you're already handsome, yeah.
the trigger was
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You might end up looking like a 14 year old try-hard

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Is this an easy haircut to pull off?
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it's hard af

trust me, i tried
9 times out of 10 you'll come off as a douchebag unless you get the proportions just right on the sides. They can't be completely shaven. I know because I had this cut for a while
What was hard about it?

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tinychat d0t com/onanigang
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File: Gx4rQAi.jpg (387KB, 2073x3110px)Image search: [Google]
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Let's assume we all dress /fa/ here. But what makes one's lifestyle /fa/? My guess:

>apathy towards social media
>creative in some way
>if does drugs, does not brag about it
>well-traveled or well-read or cultured in some way
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Considering 2 though 4, I guess being /fa/ also means having a trust fund or otherwise being independently wealthy.
You don't need to be wealthy to be an avid reader, or to have good taste in music. Not bragging about drugs implies lack of preoccupation with image
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What about being a model

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Anybody know what these shoes are? Been looking for something even remotely similar, i love the pointed fit look to them
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those are moc toes
They're slp boots.. sort of like chelsea's but with a strap across the front and back
It's a fucking you dumb cunt

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I really need to find a pullover that has the fabric on the outside as this supreme sherpa hoodie.

I dont know what the fabric is called but it looks amazing.
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File: supremefeel.jpg (38KB, 599x399px)Image search: [Google]
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up close and personal.

looks like polartec sherpa fleece

or called shearling fleece

File: 20151127_115334.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 3264x2448px
Post your new sock cops everyone ... I think I did okay on negro friday spent about 47 and got all of these kinda shit branding but 50% off was hard to pass up

Daily reminder socks are essential to any mans wardrobe
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don't have a pic lol but mostly anonymous ism and mr gray
do uniqlo socks shrink for anyone else?
or is that typical for the first wash?
anyone ever cop form happy socks? They a bit pricey was curious about brand quality. The old navy socks actually feel pretty sturdy.

File: spetsnaz-helmet_1000.jpg (20KB, 400x603px)Image search: [Google]
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Milsurp spetsnaz airborne winter hat. Could it be pulled off with a nice parka or is it too autistic and I should stick to a beanie? More low key than say a ushanka.
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I think it would work but it would be difficult.
I think the optimal would be:
-at least a bit of hair peaking out from underneath so you don't look TOO military
-not too small or baby-faced so it doesn't look laughable
-enough military stuff in fit to seem integrated, but not so much that you look like a soldier
If you're uncertain, a beanie or even a hunter cap would be a lot safer
File: $_57.jpg (261KB, 1053x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Wear with a pink TTsKO winter jacket or regular winter Afghanka jacket
Maybe I'll grease up the bolt on my old mosin, too

File: 1446457347450.png (155KB, 240x312px)Image search: [Google]
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im not talking obese, but noticeably over average. would classic /fa/ attire stll have the same appeal on them? no strawpoll, just yes or no, and why
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as long as you don't have man tits, you should be fine
Nothing is impossible but the higher your body fat percentage the more difficult it is to look good in clothes.

That's why I don't like this question. People ask if it's impossible to be overweight and be fashionable and then people say it's not and it gives them false hope. The honest answer is "yes it's possible, but the chances of you being able to do it are very low."
just lose weight /fa/m, that's what I did

File: 20 inch arms btw.png (940KB, 600x602px)Image search: [Google]
20 inch arms btw.png
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groovy outfit?
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Pretty sickening
I like that shirt. Not sold on the glasses. They seem close together.
join a waywt thread you troll, fucking christ

File: dylann_roof.jpg (103KB, 1000x1331px)Image search: [Google]
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Why is senpai said so much senpai?
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hold up

why this nigga got two cameras
what the fuck is all this senpai and desu shit?
nigger nogger nigga cunt jew
because he's a kek

File: thugger thugger.png (126KB, 372x372px)Image search: [Google]
thugger thugger.png
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Is Young Thugger /fa/ ?
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hes also bae
we smokin penises

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fa gonia.jpg
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is patagonia /fa/?
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the black down jackets that everyone wears aren't very fashionable at all

but vintage patagonia is /fa/ as fuck
No, even those can be fashionable if in the right fit.
utilitarianism and environmentalism are effay.

that said, each season some of their color and pattern choices are disgusting (imo (imo)).

File: Screenshot_2015-11-27-23-16-08.png (216KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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About to cop on ss for 370€; any thoughts?
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I usually love Saint Laurent, but, nah man, nah..
depends on what you're going to wear with
nah don't cop saint laurent shoes in meme jordan colorways

File: cute_guy.jpg (139KB, 1070x1712px)Image search: [Google]
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Who is this model? He is so fucking cute.

I'm a guy btw.
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File: secnd.jpg (135KB, 1070x1712px)Image search: [Google]
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It's from the KENZO official store.
File: third.jpg (157KB, 1070x1712px)Image search: [Google]
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The lack of homosexuals is proof of how shitt this board has become.
your gay, congratulations

so are half of us

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