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/fa/ youtubers


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fuck off with this shit
those are mutually exclusive terms
What about karlie kloss? Her channel is pretty good

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Trying to figure out if I have dandruff or dry skin. My hair cutter said they are the same thing but idk. My hair is realllly dry and my skin is also pretty dry. What should I do to make these things looks better?
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When did the tucked white tee stop being /fa/?
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When it stopped being 1951.
they call that 1952
t-shirt used to be exclusively undershirts, which is why they were tucked in.

then soldiers came back from ww2 and did tough guy stuff like walking around in just t-shirts

which would be the equivalent of people walking around in just wifebeaters today. aka trashiness in an attempt to signify some sort of primitive hypermasculinity.

eventually they moved into the mainstream as a standalone top, and now they're ubiquitous.

if you want the 2015 equivalent of wearing a tucked in t-shirt in 1949, then just go outside in a ribbed tank top.

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So I received a $80 Macys gift card certificate and i'm going to drop 2 pairs of 511 with it. Outside of Rigid Dragon, what are the essential colors to have when it comes to buying levis?

Is pic related a good one?
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get some black dickies
Two pairs for 80 bucks? What the fuck are you smoking. Get one pair of commuters instead btw, they last real long and they aren't as shit tier as reg levis
haha you really know nothing if you think levis are shit tier. Theyve been making quality shit since like the 1850's. 511's are great. I like the black ones and the red rains

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>buy a pair of wewladdium baggys
>legs too thick and short to look good
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>get pants back from the tailor
>they fit perfect
the best feel
fatso you've never felt that feel fuck off you skateboarderfromthe1990swithabout300extralbs core ass mufer fucker
how do I gain social skills?

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Is "frat star" an acceptable look for someone still in college?
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Dont dress like this unless you really are in a fraternity

Preppy is cool but not fratcore
So if I'm in a fraternity it's fair game?

Will people automatically assume I'm a douchebag?
Of course. Every frat bro is a douche. Yes, even you.

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Saw some dude in front of me in town today, anybody know what kind of coat this is?
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His clothes look too tight on him.
I agree that the fit of the coat is way off. Just looking for the make of it
a way too small one

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Any other stores like J. Crew? Sort of standard menswear, but slim and of decent quality? My other favorite store is Bonobos, but like JCrew, they're expensive for a college student.
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Banana Republic, come to mind.

I do like J. Crew and Bonobos over BR though.
arent they going out of businress
Maybe, not looking that great for them currently.

I was expecting better sales out of them this weekend because of it, but instead it is the standard 30% off bullshit.

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Hey guys,

Let's rename /fa/ from "Fashion" into "Teenage American Clothing Discussion".

/fa/ - Teenage American Clothing Discussion

Sounds much more appropriate. What do you guys thinks?
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This is the funniest thread I have ever seen in my life, I mean my god how creative and original of you
i hate that off-white/pyrex seems to be the only brand to use classical artwork on their clothing because theres little actual design to it, and its associated with black people and terrible musicians
this board has too many liberals

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Can we have a wool coat thread?

If I'm 5'11, 125 lb, 34' chest what kind of wool coat would look good on my frame? Is my only choice to get something tailored?

Looking for something under $300. Preferably black and not double breasted
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Are italian style shoulders considered cheesy

> 5'11, 125 lb
> italian shoulders

absolute kek
Yea, i assumed it looks stupid. Thanks for confirming

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Would love to expand my folder, share what you may have
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young dank.jpg
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My current wallpaper
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Current phone wallpaper
It amazes me how fucking incredible and ahead of its time this was. I just love this look. Remains probably my fav example of unnatural hair color on a woman.

did anyone ever make a rep of this parka without the hilarious fuckup? if not, what are some cool parkas that are similar but not misspelled ?
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Relevant to my interests. All I've found so far -- not counting reps -- is that H&M has this thing.
link pls

here u go bud


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Whats the difference between this and H&M?
Because as far as I can tell they're pretty much identical.
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uniqlo is better
Same factory I think. For basics they're about the same quality.
same quality, uniqlo knows they're shit though so they don't bother trying to stay up to date w/ trends uniqlo doesn't play themselves like h&m. i think /fa/ leans towards it mostly bc it's not as popular in the west though.

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What are some tips for maintaining a model body like pic related, how about routines? Dumping inspo.
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the classic
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File: c21c4f01719f.jpg (49KB, 472x590px)Image search: [Google]
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I am 28. Besides Jcrew, what are other brands appropriate for my age? Would Tommy Hilfigire be age appropriate? Plz help
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Perfect age for FUBU revivalism mah nigga
Ur right

What about paco jeans
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Hilfiger is really generic and pretty bad bang for your buck.
If you're not really sure on where to go as far as your personal style, start with a bunch of quality basics and lurk this place. You're not very old (or at least in my opinion) and there's plenty of stuff you can do to differentiate a bit from the boring ass office wear you probably see all around you.

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