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yeezy 1.jpg
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Sup guys, people wanted me to make a thread when I received my chinese yeezys so here it is. Just took them out of the box (bag) that they came in.

seems like the adidas and yzy logos are a bit off and maybe small? I've heard that they even vary on the legit pairs. the back tabs might be a bit off as well.

also I noticed the glue from the sole but even in videos with real pairs of yeezys I can see that so whatever.

let me know what you think, $52 on dhgate.
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yeezy 4.jpg
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these look comfy

can a faggot male like me wear these ?
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sure, wear shorts over it
Sure, but keep in mind most normal people will think it's kinda silly/stupid looking.

I know one guy at the gym who wears those (well, more technically Nike running pants of some kind). Looks silly.
No. Outside of this board everybody will laugh at you, regardless of how comfy they are. Getting to wear thermal leggings is a female privilege I'm afraid.

Your best bet is to go to REI or some other higher end outdoor place and find those skin tight "base layer" running/skiing pants.

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any inspos of fits similar to this
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the word you're looking for to describe this aesthetic is


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Last time, someone told me I could wear a hoodie under this. What advice on color? About to cop one.
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Grey or blue
File: Untitled.jpg (99KB, 1596x644px)Image search: [Google]
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Thinking grey.
The grey looks the best of those, good call
I think a dark green one could look pretty good too though

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Does /fa/ know him? Hes pretty much amazing.

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Love this guy. Knows what he's about and a real sweetie too
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Jesus Christ.

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The world has moved on, have you?
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Why do people who have zero personality or are super uninteresting vape
Sorry, but I'm not an obnoxious faggot who dresses like a magician.
that stuff smells bad, do people even know what's in it?

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reddit the person
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3MB, 4208x2368px

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How comes that Bershka's sneakers look better than meme Y-3 overpriced Qasas for 1/4 the price ?
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File: April2015-Blog-HumanHands.jpg (179KB, 472x655px)Image search: [Google]
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They look like shit m8

File: image.png (819KB, 1896x984px)Image search: [Google]
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Me and Friends want to start a gang in our college but we need matching black denim jackets and are having trouble findingn inexpensive ones. pls help. pic related: want to look similar to that
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Go for leather. Also go for university
You guys have a name for your gang?

What sort of activities will you guys participate in as a gang?

Need background if I'm going to be able to help.
too hot where I live for leather

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mandela shi.jpg
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Where can I find this shirt /fa/?
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Read the sticky and go to fuccboi general.
File: lGecN[1].png (78KB, 774x732px)Image search: [Google]
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What am I supposed to read that will help me find rare vintage shirts?
the store

Drawing/Anime Inspo
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this shit should be banned from /fa/
Anno talked about his thoughts on a live action evangelion and he said it wouldn't work. His reasoning was his characters are distasteful and horrible people but the audience forgives them because they are anime characters. Because they look cute/pretty/handsome etc etc anything they do or wear looks desirable or likeable no matter how horrifying it is. But when a live actor or person does it, it become annoying because we can see the faults
Don't dress like anime characters you see
File: tumblr_no82783sn.jpg (57KB, 744x960px)Image search: [Google]
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my bad not inb4

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Have you ever lost an item of clothing to an animal?
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I've lost 11 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of shoes and 4 jackets due to having 7 cats.
My brother asked me to dog sit his dog for two weeks. It was a brand new puppy, cross between German Shepard and Husky.He got it from the pound the weekend prior, it wasnt fed much so it ate everything and chewed on anything. Had more energy than a fusion reactor.
I told him if it ate my common projects I would put it down.

Dog ate every other pair of shoes in the house but mine.
Probably lost more due to the hair and smell.

File: IMAG0742.jpg (4MB, 2368x4208px)Image search: [Google]
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OP I hope you're joking...
How did he became a meme?
Do you go to McMaster?

What types/models of motorcycles are /fa/ ?

Which ones to avoid?

& yes I'm buying a bike soon
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File: yam.jpg (105KB, 750x561px)Image search: [Google]
105KB, 750x561px
Depends on your style, personally i prefer bikes from the 80's
Also don't buy american if you aren't prepared for maintenance on it all the time

Source : used to work as a mechanic
>those shoes especially

fucking squid tbuuh

File: sennheiser_hd558_598_09.jpg (48KB, 553x411px)Image search: [Google]
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Black or Beige?
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bought black on amazon for 99$, like beige more but its a great deal for such good headphones
I got the beige on amazon for like 150$. Great sound quality but because they're opened back headphones, everybody in the room will hear what you're listening to. I think it's worth it but it might anoy other people around you.
beige if you are not planning to wear outdoors. if you are, stop.

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