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My gf's favorite pare of shoes are shot to hell and she says she won't get new ones because she can't find the same pare. Is there any way I can track this exact pare down? I've the brand name is worn off, I just know that it's H&M. The CA number doesn't turn anything up on google
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should i get all black docs or regular?
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Depends on what you're gonna wear em with desu
no it doesn't. all black or nothing
Neither. Docs are comfortable, but they're hardly special anymore. Go with a real unbranded military boot. You should be able to find them at your closest army surplus store

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Anyone else feeling this upcoming drop?
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>>>/fuccboi general/

you would expect a design like that to be some bootleg shit
most fire drop of 2015 if i do say so myself to be honest

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Best mallcore store to work at?
thinking about H&M for them basics
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get h&m purple label
Is gap as good as the rest of those

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smh tbh fam.jpg
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How many different cores are there?
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thousands, dear anon, thousands upon thousands
theres only 2:

cucc-core and normcore (they mean the same thing by the way)

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Is my Government teacher effay?
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under 18 b&
Toss pics of underaged qt

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>go to http://oh-hi.info/2015_9-12/?from=B0124577-y720px.jpg
>post cool fits
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File: B0123759-y720px.jpg (73KB, 480x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Is it gay to shave your arms?
Should i be embarrassed if i did?
I'm talking arms and hands only, not legs.
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This board is full of insecure faggots. Do whatever the hell you want and screw everyone else. What's the worst that could happen? Some random person sees your arm and laughs on the inside only to forget about your existence 10 seconds after?

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Jacket fits oddly.
old man trying to pick up college girls with his cover band
>Hello darkness my old friend

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Is this the fedora of facial hair?
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any facial hair if you're under 30 is the fedora of facial hair
No that's the flannel of facial hair.

The fedora of facial hair is either a goatee or a neck beard.
What is the Rick Owens of facial hair?

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pomp it up.jpg
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>no pompadour thread
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faggot-taking-a-crap face
its not about the faggot in the picture

its about the faggot in the pictures hair
exactly becuase of that
they stayed where they belonged

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Which dress should I get? Vote for the best looking dress.
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B is the best.
A is shit
B is the sluttiest
C i think is the best but you gotta be like a model to pull that off and not look retarded
D is cute
so unless you're a 10 it's between B and D and what kind of attention you're looking for
Depends, do you want to look like a prostitute or a slut?
Prossie: C > B
Club Slut: D > A

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where can i buy online, some shirts like the ones that you can see at the sopranos, good fellas, donnie brasco, casino, etc, . . . bowling like, with diferrent colours and patterns
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That is the worst shirt I have ever seen.
Why would anyone want to own those?
>charlie harper tier

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Hey /fa/ I'm not a very fashionable guy. People currently describe me as looking like a 1950s physicist. I recently went on a Cyber Monday buying spree in an attempt to upgrade my wardrobe.

I bought two new suits a green one and brown one. This is in addition to my current dark grey.

I also bought these shoes my gf said are all the rage. Pic related.

What do you guys think of these shoes? Will I look like a big retard wearing these with a suit? I really dunno.
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Also important to note, I am fit and not autistic looking. I am also 5'9" or 5'10" just in case that matters for shoe style.
It's a good purchase, as long as everything fits and has a nice silhouette (pants tapering at shins), monk straps would look pretty good with the suits.
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I am going to get everything tailored once it arrives. I basically just looked up some famous people that had the same height and weight as me and based the clothes I bought on their casual suits.

Here is the brown suit I bought. What shirts would look good with this? I bought a baby blue one, I also always wear a tie.

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Afternoon ladies and gents!
Diggin the new shoes?
I swapped out the jacket with something a bit heavier.
How did this turn out though?

Im also taking inquiries for a new name
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those shoes are new? they look like theyve been sitting in someones garage for the last 3 years.
Bruh did you lose weight? Could be the hair. Looks better now.
Shoes are better than before but still bad.
Well, sorta new. Gothem back in 2011 but I never wore them.
Thought they looked better thab the other shoes I own

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