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2015 is almost over. ITT we predict hair trends for the upcoming year.

> long top, short sides are kill
> top knot is kill
> man bun is kill

what is next?
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>spoonfeed me my next haircut
I don't get why people say manbun is kill. Growing out your hair and tying it up as soon as it is slightly long is fuccboi tier but if you have long hair, manbun just gets the hair out of your face.
ehh, short stylish fades

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How well do you fit the mask of mathematical beauty?
>tfw I fit it pretty well except my eyebrows and jaw
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Test it out
No you don't you retard. Your eyes don't fit at all, your nose is too wide. The only thing that fits somewhat is the mouth, rest of face is off.
mathmatical beauty aka perfect symmetry aka perfectly ugly irl

Holy fuck Gianni was great. It was psychedelic extravaganza.

Holy fuck today's Versace is a sellout. It's literally "better make sure everybody knows I have money".

What happened to humanity /fa/? Has the influx of Arabs and Chinese into the ranks of the nouveaux riches damaged fashion forever?
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No let them keep the bad Italian brands
As long as they don't ruin Japanese streetwear and the handful of decent American+Canadian camping/hiking/workwear/athletic brands then I'm okay with anything they want to do.
And by the time they ruin those things I'll probably be wearing, I dunno, some nxtlvl Navajo deerskin leather jacket as my go-to piece
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Can someone direct me to any companies that make coats like this? I like the look of the leather/fur trenchcoat.
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You're not a video game character. Stop.
>/v/ goes to fashion.thread
pls no

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Can you be effay and desirable regardless to your wealth ?

Is it possible to attract rich girls while being poor yourself ?
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>Is it possible to attract rich girls while being poor yourself ?

Yes, but if you seriously don't already know this then it's probably impossible for you to do it anyways.
if your /fit/, /fa/, /hm/, and /lit/ already then yeah you might have some chance

>Is it possible to attract rich girls while being poor yourself ?

Rich girls are either snobby cunts that won't even acknowledge you unless you're on their financial level or they hate their parents and want to punish them by banging some poorboy :>

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what does /fa/ want for christmas?
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some more 484s
and CBDs and some more socks

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What did Nike mean by this?
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This is LITERALLY red carpet tier, hence the price you fucking acoustic faggot.
d-did you just call me acoustic?


You're on the spectrum if you don't know why they set that pricetag on that jacket.

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hopefully we can have some womens stuff, too!
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File: skirt.png (441KB, 544x562px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1354048653367.jpg (48KB, 500x697px)Image search: [Google]
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w2c an effay winter jacket

(here it snows and goes down to -20 sometimes)

pls help effay

pic half-related
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Carhartt WIP
File: n-3b slim (alpha industries).jpg (59KB, 446x446px)Image search: [Google]
n-3b slim (alpha industries).jpg
59KB, 446x446px
tried them in a store where they host carhartt, its too fucking huge and heavy

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>check my bmi after a few months
>it's 19.4

kill me guys
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That's low end of normal, healthy bmi. What's the problem? It's literally the best place to be.
normal is not /fa/
17,9 here guys.
What did I win ?

File: nike-highres-500x500.jpg (14KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Whats wrong with wearing Nike products? Or wearing joggers like a normal person? Why do you all love to dress so odd? I mean just look around you, no one wears any of the things you guys deam fashionable. You are literally a walking meme. Wearing a $600 outfit just to look like a retard. Educate me in fashion if you guys truly are fashionable. Show me what an ideal outfit would be, defend your taste.
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uniqlo t-shirt, sweatpants, and brooks beast
Wearing a Nike hoodie right now and will be wearing a long Nike shirt tonight tbrqh
go smoke and fuck your fat sister or something you chav

File: DSC_0430.jpg (4MB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 3840x2160px
/His/fag here, I need your help, I have no idea how to wear these boots. Pic related
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looks great with them jeans i would say to make the cuffs smaller though, the position of the cuf is fine though
don't cuff them
what should I do with them instead?

I like psychedelic rock
I'm also a wannabe buddhist
What style should I wear?
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Probably like milsurplus only like old nazi uniforms and shit, seems right up your alley m8
follow your own path grasshopper
shave head and drape yourself in a curtain from the 70's

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new to fa , veteran on reddit mmale fashion advice but i thought id check out "fa", im the most fashionable in my friend group :D. thats me in pic related, i like matching my kicks with my shirt, btw its all nike , yep i like expensive clothes XD
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Why Are You Wearing That
Lookin' good, OP.

Much better than most of the shit you see here. At least what you wear is normal and people won't view you as a giant faggot.

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File: 1443391629888.jpg (72KB, 532x799px)Image search: [Google]
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it's fine, just ditch the mustache

stache is on point, bedroom on other hand is shit.

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