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can Moslem women be /fa/
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Stfu anyone can be effay
except muslim women.
Some Muslim clothing - and middle-eastern clothing generally- is absolutely beautiful. That picture is an excellent example. It's kinda similar to Indian women and sari - the use of draped colorful clothing tends to accentuate the hot-as-balls ethnic features, which is just a cocktail of sex appeal.

That said, I live close-ish to a big Muslim population in Northern VA, and it's never quite like that in person. The most I see are kinda dumpy women with bad teeth getting slapped around by dickless motherfuckers who think that their manhood is correlated with how much they can domineer over their wife.

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What do you usually wear during Summer?
Is it possible to break free from chino shorts and a t-shirt/swim shorts and a tank top?
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>Is it possible to break free from chino shorts and a t-shirt/swim shorts and a tank top?
na mate

what shades should I cop, are club masters still acceptable
Who cares when you live in the asshole of the world
The classic look Ray-Ban Wayfarers (not the matte-finished slimmer framed ones) are my favourite shades. I've had the same pair since 2011.

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Anyone else have really big feet? Im 14/15 US and I often have trouble finding cool/designer footwear and it can be really frustrating when I lack that part of a fit. Anyone know of a good place to find good looking footwear for big feet?
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>tfw fucking canoes for feet, I understand your pain
right man
all I want is a rep of yeezy's :(
No one knows my pain, I have 10.5 EEE width feet. There's literally like 3 pairs of shoes that exist that fit me.

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Thoughts on this shirt?
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Nothing wrong with it. Just don't pop your collar like a clueless frat.
looks like something indians would wear
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I like it, maybe a different color scheme. But the style is nice.

What can I do to look and dress better?
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Kill yourself,
Stop posting.

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Ok so after asking /b/ it turns out they are just autistic and still use little kid wallets. I need help finding one thats not to expensive but looks nice.
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>Ever relying on /b/ for anything
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ehhh its a hit or miss. With "effay" stuff (did i use that right?) they still wear light up shoes.
Thom browne has some cool overpriced stuff

Those vegeta leather (or whatever they're called) wallets are pretty cool

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Hey /fa/ would you guys shop at a store that carried men's basics without any logos and shit, plane tees, button downs, ties, hoodies, raw denim etc... Unbranded and such.
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depends on the price and quality
I was also wanting too keep everything at the lowest price point possible so I can sell too a broad spectrum of people.
Shirts around 50
Raws 60ish
Sweaters and hoodies 20-40
Tees 5-6 depending on material

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is there an actual name for the "tattooed instagram model" aesthetic? they all pretty much wear the same shit (and date the exact same kind of dudes)
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i think "alternative"

i've wondered the same thing
what kind of dudes do they date? tatted chad with a hy?

it's called le basic bitch 2015

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mandela shi.jpg
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Where can I find this shirt /fa/?
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Damn you're still going strong on this one. Keep it up man
>wanting a shirt with a terrorist on it

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Yay or nay?
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Nay senpai

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Why the fuck is every highly recommended running shoe so fucking gaudy? What are some running shoes for moderate overpronators that don't look like sketchers but at the same time have a sole good enough for wet surface?
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Does no one seriously know any good running shoes that dont look like ass?
maybe check out an all black kayano
get some flyknits

File: 2015-11-27 10.38.00.jpg (152KB, 454x811px)Image search: [Google]
2015-11-27 10.38.00.jpg
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What should I do with my hair? I'm open to any suggestions but buzzing it, I've done it before and it looked awful.
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Put product in and slick it back but try to keep some volume
File: 2015-11-27 17.55.31.jpg (136KB, 504x504px)Image search: [Google]
2015-11-27 17.55.31.jpg
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Another angle.
buzzit cunt

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come chat senpai

comfies only
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link up and synch up you faggots.

>i'm so lonely in h3ere
roll call bitches
>get in here
Chunch returns!!!

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In a scale of 0 to 10, how much autistic wearing headphones is ?
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In pubic: 8 out of 10 autism

At home: 0-4 out of 10 autism depending on the situation
At home next to none, outside of your hair looking stupid afterwards, so don't leave the house after wearing headphones for a long time

In public it's high autism in my honest opinion
It depends on which headphone it is. Beats Studio (here autistic is the quality) and Sennheiser Urbanite (best one to listen to music outside) are the best one

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should i cop left or right?

both are $50 off today

left is $200, right is $120
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Both of those are so boring and overpriced holy shit what are you DOING
i just want some black boots that look similar to these without bullshit all over them, just plain black. u got any recs?
ayy I bought left like a week ago
my reasoning was that these are the ONLY good/decent looking black boots that are vegan
can't wait for them to come in <3

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