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Do you think 90's Industrial fashion will ever make a come back?
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friendly reminder: manowar are the best dressed of all eras

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Hey guys,

And I mean all of you, the 15y/o who want to know what sneakers to cop with their christmas money, to the 25y/o circlejerking over Julius.

Let's make this board great again, so that a lot of people that are relevant to you personally will post in places you can easily overlook.

The real problem with /fa/ is, that people here talk cross-purposes. Examples:

>You want to buy expensivish boots. You post in a boots general, but people there only recommend you cheap boots. Then you ask in where2cop, but nobody cares about boots there. Ultimately you make your own thread, but it gets drowned in the million hair threads. There were people who could have helped you, but they were posting in grails thread, high fashion general, or SLP inspo thread.

>You want a really cheap coat because it's cold outside. You post in a coats and jackets thread, but people there circlejerk over Moncler and Canada Goose, and nobody can help you. You try the streetwear thread, but people there discuss summer streetwear and you live on the other side of the globe. Again, your request goes unfulfilled, despite the plenty of posters who could've helped you.

>You want to discuss how the last collection of Dries van Noten compares to his collection 4 years ago. You try the high fashion general, but nobody currently there is interested in Dries van Noten. You create your own thread, but it gets drowned yet again.

I am currently busy with uni, but I will make an infographic with board etiquette and recommended generals the next few days.

Now I want to ask your input: How can we make /fa/ great again?
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>board etiquette
>recommended generals
frig off
Sorry dude but it's over. /fa/ had its peak and now it's ruined to a state beyond repair. Move onto better things.
>How can we make /fa/ great again?
You can't. People flooding in from reddit and other places drove the good posters off, which killed it. Few remain, I haven't seen /fa/scist in a while now.

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Recent cops thread sorry it's upside down, got this all in Manhattan like two days ago
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>go to Manhattan
>only buy things you can buy anywhere
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I tagged along with a buddy because he needed to get clothes you could only get there, and if was Black Friday so I thought fuck it, also some kid gave this to me for free last night lmfao...well not some kid one of my friends

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post /fa/ sports jerseys/kits

any sport allowed
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also post good fits with your jersey
Plain baseball jerseys look kinda cool. Too bad they're a bitch to find.
OP acknowledging the existence of a big four team is the biggest fashion faux pas ever

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Anyone here done plastic surgery? Considering it myself. I have quite extreme features, very wide jaw and typical manly features but at the same time a receded chin and fucked up nose and hairline.
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Im not speaking from experience, but ive noticed that unless you get like a small operation done its always really noticable to everyone. Now if that doesnt bother you, then go for it.
I'll probably do the OP pic and hairline - I'm already balding, so I'll shave it off and when it grows back people won't have noticed.
Does anyone know if flying all the way over to south korea is worth having the operation done there? Considering it is your face, I'd really like it to not be a botched job. I think I've got a 60-70% chance of doing it.

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Just a daily reminder that Red Wing / Heritage boots are literally reddit-tier and you're more than likely a pasty neckbeard with no taste if you're even considering buying them.

>She even greeted me with 'Hold on, I have to go help this guy with some Heritage models' as I walked in. She explained that most RW retailers won't touch Heritage boots because "16 and 17 year olds get them from their mommies and want to return them when they're too stiff", and that they only have 4 lasts of that line with no sizes below 9.


I'm laughing so hard. I can't believe people buy these pieces of shit.
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Disgusting neckbeard boots, IRs are pathetic. Just flat out pathetic.
*tips red wings*
why get meme shoes? People used to post here about getting Wolverine 1000 mile shoes and I've never seen RW on /fa/ back when i used to browse regularly

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How do I get a fashionable girlfriend like her?
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or go to concerts with hip underground bands and strike up a conversation with the one that looks alone familia
I think that girl posts on /soc/ go show her your tumblr with a lot of edgy b/w adidas and nike imagery f am
w2c caucasian gf

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i'm ready
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based repost

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Last one 300d

ITT: Is this appropriate? edition
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I'm a teacher but only in Primary School.

Wore vans, blue socks with white specks, skinny blacks, dark blue cardigan, dark grey/black crew neck, and dark blue bomber jacket.

Is this appropriate or do I dress like a Student Fuck Off?
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pointy boots.jpg
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Are mexicans fa?
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Latin culture is underrated as fuck.

Mexicans aren't super good at it.
>not slaying bulls and using their horns as shoe decoration in 1900+100+15.9
>accidentally anally probing people in front of you in line
>not /fa/

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reccomended products, post inspo, and rate hair, etc
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File: 1401149660114.jpg (430KB, 880x585px)Image search: [Google]
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post pics and have other people fix you
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i am fat what is a good workout routine? fat is even all over my body so im just plush but not clearly obese
literally any exercise. workout routines are for people who want mucles. if you want to lose fat you just have to move a lot and eat less.
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is there any techwear that won't make me look like I'm going to blow up a church?
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See "Casual Techwear"...

I'm probably going to bump the techwear threads with this link 100 times before I can finally afford to cop anything decent.
wtf does rick have to do with techwear

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Do you have a grail?
Do you actually own it?

Pls no absolute memes like Cazaweegobaskets
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She Brings the Rain jacket
Destroyed UC jeans
Don't own any

Cop or not thread sense the other one is dead

>pic related

picked them up high on black friday. not im not sure, r8 pls
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uhh looks bad senpai

$45 sweatshirt
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forgot picture
not bad, would look v nice with cropped pants

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