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What are things they would wear
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poser slacker
listen to better music
dadcore basically.
salad days are over.
Someone who tries too hard to look "slacker-core" thus defeating the purpose of being a slacker.
A poser, basically.

Best (cheaper) alternative to 511s?
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christ how fucking poor are you
also use the fuccboi general
shitty h&m ones and uniqlo ones i guess, also >>10668931 do that
levi's 504

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First time posting but i see a lot of people on here asking "SHOULD I GET AF1??"

Shut the fuck up and buy the shoes if you like them, They're under $50 on nike's website right now (use the code "getouthere")

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Not op, but what's wrong with the mids? They look pretty good to me in some fits

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Old one is d e a d
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I will mostly be wearing this jacket for commuting to work five times a week. Does anyone have experience with down jackets? What is the longevity of one?
about 5 minutes, give or take
In my opinion, anybody who buys one is a fool.

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How hard are they to pull off?
>pic related
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Its a coach jacket for christs sake its easy as piss to pull it off
good look imo , just make sure it fits right and depending on season what lining it has

i bought a billionare boys club one for 80$ originally 300 and the shit is paper thin and makes me colder then warmer if anything

plus i bought an xl thinking it would fit baggy for my tallness but it just looks like a weird tarp

still wear tho
Get a new hobby and or a time machine to stop your dad from molesting you because you clearly don't have the confidence for fashion and you have terrible taste.
And no , i'm not talking about the decades of cum your dad left in your mouth.
Fuck off back to /mfa/

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2primark - logo.jpg
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Who /Primark/ here?

Just picked up some Rick style tops, some CP replicas and some dope SLP skinny jeans and only paid £23.00

Seriously, why do you faggots spend so much when you can get the same looking thing for a 1/20th of the prices??
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i feel the same way bro
You say it like it is man you the real deal man
Yea have fun paying your 1/20 prices for 1/20 quality clothing that falls apart after 2 washes.

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Could I model? Lots of people been telling me lately

Also face rate general
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u uglee asf family
omg no
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Where does /fa/ cop their denim,

please educate. Buying jeans is like the most painful experience I've ever known.
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raf x ruby.jpg
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I get Raf to partner with Sterling Ruby to handmake mine :^)
shia copped those at h&m


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>uniqlo's heattech line

This is fucking amazing, it actually works. Comfiest shit ever around the house, if you don't like wearing tons of clothes to be warm.
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I always sweat way too much when I wear the tees, even if I still feel cold
How are the long johns, I always buy the tights? Also what the fuck is up with their lack of styles online. Their stores have tons of stuff.
i just bought some of the tights and long sleeve crews

i like them so far, hands and feet hella cold though

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Tattoo thread
also does anyone have the picture of a 50 year old dude sitting on a bench looking hella fly with tatts
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>I think having drawings on my skin is cool

Literally end your life.
From thumbnail I thought your tattoo was of a sword like from war craft or something

Can't say the Indian dream catcher circles is much better.

I would have preferred the sword t.b.h

I need some tracksuit bottoms or joggers. Post inspo and stuff you like. I would prefer if it was adidas or any chavy brand.
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that's what we call "turros"
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fuck off chav

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nearly 2016 and still not rocking rosary beads.
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I'm not a bean, sorry.

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post your morning routine

>wake up
>try not to snooze
>snooze 5 min
>really wake up
>warm shower
>shampoo & conditioner twice a week
>body soap & face cleanser every other day
>blowdry hair
>brush teeth
>nails check
>quick piss
>fix hair
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wake up
news on my kindle

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Post anything and everything to do with SLP.

Inspo, fits, crits, cops, discussions, memes, autism, we want it all.

Tripfags aren't welcome. Fuck off Big Guy, Patrick Bateman and all you other dickheads.
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who the fuck does product photography for SLP, holy shit how do you get that lighting, why does this leather look so yum
File: 44635737DL_14_f.jpg (86KB, 1500x1880px)Image search: [Google]
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I could bathe in these shoes
File: IMG_0047.png (2MB, 604x1398px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 604x1398px

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How does /fa/ deal with those tiny blackheads on the nose? i recently seem to have gotten more and they look shitty
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pic related
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Make sure you exfoliate your face daily, use toner, moisturize. I use this product, it's amazing, works like a charm. I have a giant oily nose and this clears that shit right up.

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