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Hey /fa/, I was going to take this to /pol/, but I figured I'd be sent here since this is fashion related.

I've been considering getting a "Hitler Youth", style of cut, but I need some help on finding a politically correct way of asking a barber or hairdresser to cut my hair like this, any tips or names for this style?

Also feel free to post more hair styles.
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Undercut #2 on the sides. Show them a picture of a guy with a cut like that who does not look like a nazi. Best wishes fellow aryan!
Just "Undercut", do I have to be more specific?


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Street style thread.
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And you start the thread by posting a manlet nigger trying to dress like a white person ?
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What would be your choice of sneaker for everyday wear?
Everyone at uni wears converse or vans or some horrible looking runners.
I'm thinking about investing on pic related because the sole looks like I'd be stepping on clouds.
Not sure tho because I don't know how well they would age.
Any suggestions /fa/mily?
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I use my Qasa lows for everyday wear and they're comfortable as hell. Just size down (half or full size, depending on how wide your foot is).
I've had mine for about half a year and they look great, they're easy to clean.
They might just be a bit thin for the cold weather.

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What does this haircut look like irl?
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You need a masculine, dirty, drowner killing face to pull it off.

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Can someone ID this please?
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you can literally find it on depop from fuccboi ass accounts and tumblrina supported/likened bullshit listings
I think it's Nike
Adidas track jacket

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Let's bring this shit back
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just go ahead and slap these on and youre set

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we do wear a lot of black, so had to ask
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if you're in middleschool
If you're a faggot
yeah dude you should check out rick owens new line of black slipknot hoodies.

so what happen to these?

they used to be grail meme status and now theyre on sale everywhere this black friday in all sizes
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he didn't do black or white colourways for a few years, allowing enough time for internet hype to elevate them to 'grails' then re-released the black ones last season (portugal made tho) and now black and white this season

Very long hair (females). Y/N?

And before I cut it off: anything I should take the opportunity to do with it? Like hairstyles or Halloween costume-ideas.
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cut that shit
Femanon here. I have classic length hair (hair that reaches just below my butt) and I get compliments on it everytime I go out. People love it. You should grow it, I'd say no longer than knee length because then it starts to get weird. Make sure to move it to the side or over your shoulders before you sit down though.
This. I get lots of compliments/remarks on it. Men usually like it a lot too. You can also do a lot of hairstyles with long hair, but I'm horrible at braiding and lazy af so I just leave mine down.

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I need your help /fa/ one of my stan smith is wider (left) than the other and my toes start to feel it.
How can I make the toebox wider ?
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is it even worth it to buy clothes from here?
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>that one Christmas H&M commercial with Katy Perry
>she's so old and busted and fat and disgusting now
yep. great basics.
I buy work-wear from them. really cheap.

nothing I would wear at any other time though.
this thread pops up so often I now suspect it to be guerrilla marketing

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have you learned things or met nice folk here
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Fashion, not giving a fuck about what normies think, being myself, became bisexual, learned to take care of my hair.
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>tfw I have that shirt
I've learned that having a proper haircut, 4 or 5 times more expensive that average and some pomade makes miracles.

Also, maybe not fa related but having good photos of you takes your social skills to the next level, so don't be afraid to join facebook or instagram. Cofcoftindercof

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Let's get an effay cringe thread going.

Ill start
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Guy on the right's fit is ok

No matter how bad the fit is there is no need for a cringe thread, its just useless shit
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I see no cringe here at all

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New Instagram thread, these seem to fill up and die off quickly.
post your own/ones you like
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>never any fem instas

are there no other women on /fa/ that have instas? tfw
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shouldn't you start by posting yours?


I don't even know what to describe mine as other than my personal? modeling / fashion / architecture / stuff
File: 1381541459369.png (348KB, 613x477px)Image search: [Google]
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personal shit

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is it possible to be comfy and look decent at the same time?
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only if youre lamy tha gawd
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i think that would be comfier with these
w2c pants desu senpai

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