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aww doodles G.jpg
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I have straight blonde hair and a cowlick in the back and front that make short hair not work for me. Straight hair is hard to find a hairstyle for, but I'm skinny with pale white skin. What would you guys recommend?

>pic is me, originally wasn't going to include a picture
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bump, all advice helps

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download (1).jpg
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rushing a fraternity next week, what should I wear??

I'm not in the south so no pic related
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a noose
simply ebin familia
he's not wrong

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where can i cop these, these look so nice.
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Theyre like Jordan 2010s or some shit.

File: spongebobnikes.jpg (85KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
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ok thx
where can i cop these for my kid. he loves jordans
File: yikes.png (350KB, 720x570px)Image search: [Google]
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any one have that photo of cara where she is sitting on a chair with some kind of photography reflector under her chin?
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rofl, is that a fucking orange
lol what the fuck man
cara delevingne, is that a fucking band?

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Getting married in a few months and have to decide on a color scheme. The Venue is retro and industrial. Trying to figure out the best colors for a flattering suit and then corresponding groomsmen/bridal party colors. So far, pic related is the 2 different palettes we're thinking of going with. Which do you think is better? If you were a groomsmen what color suit and accent color would you want to wear?
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Groom in a wedding is costume for a performance not fashion gtfo
This thread is more on topic than half the shit on this stupid board. Why don't you go sperg off on a tumblr or room inspo thread?
I personally like the colour scheme on the right. What colour is your suit going to be, OP.
Not sure yet, and hoping to find some direction. Pic Related is what I was thinking but it may look too casual next to wife.

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I'm a young guy (for you). Would it be autistic for me to wear a leather jacket?
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depends. are you a bad enough dude to pull it off?
That's a really general and shitty question that should be asked in a Fuccboi general thread. If there is not one already, it would be kind to create one. Leather jackets work fine on a fair majority of people, it depends on what you wear with it. Maybe post a few proposed fits in a WAYWT thread and see feed back from there. Otherwise please keep these god awful questions contained in their respective areas.

I honestly think leather jackets are 100% based on the person. The same jacket looks autistic on one guy looks less so or even good on another.

I see plenty of people around my city that look stupid af in leather jackets because they look like children trying to dress like a "bad ass."

Just another example of good looking people looking better in everything.

File: CZA007UWAAAOvum.jpg-large.jpg (76KB, 818x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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with release coming up, what do we think of these /fa/? cop or do not cop? id like to hear why
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What are they called
like em besides gay words on back
adidas kithnyc doom tubulars, they're designed by ronnie fieg

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Is it possible to pull off a turtleneck at all? If so, what type?
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File: Rand-Paul-Turtleneck-01.jpg (118KB, 950x534px)Image search: [Google]
118KB, 950x534px
This is what I want to avoid.
Plain black with grey trousers and loafers/sneakers
Don't do what this guy did. Either match your pants or contrast them, don't wear dark dark grey pants with a dark blue and mint argyle, ever.

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758KB, 2048x2048px
A friend of mines who designs for Nike helped design these, they are called the "Marksman". What do you guys think?
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Pretty fucking dope. A bit out time though.
yeah right you just grabbed these pics from highsnob
Admittedly I did but the last time I talked to him he said that he was working on a shoes called the marksman and another generic non-flagship flyknit model. He's definitely not a Tinker Hatfield there, but apparently Nike has design teams and he's on one.

File: 20160118_181528-1.jpg (3MB, 1791x2792px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 1791x2792px
Idk if i request anything in /fa/ but uhh im not sure if the shoes are real or not soo here are the specs
Title: adidas neo comfort footbed
>Other specs and sterf
HWA 1Y3001 09/15
ART F99608
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they look cheap and nasty whether they're fake or not
Who would make fake Adidas shoes? They look good, you can brag, you can get compliments, and they'll probably last... did you get them for like 20$
No git it from a friend idk if there real or not i try to find if they are limited edition but couldn't find it

File: self hating coon.png (3MB, 1658x942px)Image search: [Google]
self hating coon.png
3MB, 1658x942px
>kanye west show
>80% white models

top kek even kanye knows shit skins cant be /fa/

black people are literally the token race at a black man's show. absolutely emberassing
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the white people all look like aliens
Aren't like 80 percent of people in the us white? Not that it necessarily has anything to do with this exact context but just think about it man

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what are you watching senpai?
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Is London spy effay? I thought the main character was pretty effay desu
Literally just finished watching the first episode of Mr Robot 10 minutes ago.
Nice timing
File: image.jpg (35KB, 500x250px)Image search: [Google]
35KB, 500x250px

Does anyone have that side comparison pic of kanye and and some fuccboi trying to dress like him with a bad fit?
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File: scz2qae5mnuernixwgql.jpg (93KB, 680x680px)Image search: [Google]
93KB, 680x680px
This it?
lmao that guy looks to be around 5'2"
yeah kanye does look pretty short

File: IMAG0467.jpg (2MB, 1520x2688px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1520x2688px
Why are my new Redwings doing this to me?
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because there is friction between the boot and your heel
Because you copped shit quality Reddit dad-core boots
You've just gotta break em in. Maybe get some better socks, too.

File: acne town stay cash.jpg (47KB, 540x900px)Image search: [Google]
acne town stay cash.jpg
47KB, 540x900px
What are the best jeans for under 200$?

I've been thinking about copping Acne stay cash jeans or Nudie
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Naked and Famous are decent and under $200 when on sale. The cuts may not be your thing, though, so try them on if you can.
Levis 501
no "fast fashion" or "high quality basics" bullshit, just the og jawnz

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