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how would you describe this aesthetic?
is it effay?
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It's jeans and a shirt with a bomber jacket
>how would you describe this aesthetic?
>is it effay?
the bomber is, nothing else though.

Hey /fa/ , what else do you guys spend your money on? I noticed lately all I really do is spend my money on clothes and vinyls so I'm just curious on what else you guys spend money on.

Pic not related
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alcohol and clothes
Eating well
Clothes on sale (IMPORTANT)
recording equipment
canvas/paint/good paper/etc
shit like rent and food

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Can't get my head around what this even is. Almost all buttoned up like a shirt, and the buttons on the end of the arms seems to suggest that to.

But then there seems like suddenly widened out lapels, and a little loop there on the right side. Low pockets like a blazer...so pls, what kind of garment are we talking about, and in what kind of vintage shops (i guess it would be) can one get them?
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looks a tiny bit like french worker's jackets.
seconding this
Don't think there's a set name for this. I guess its a sort of loop-collar shacket / overshirt

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Why doesn't anyone use white out anymore?
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Wish I could white out this thread!

File: Gucci Fall Winter 2015 Finale.jpg (64KB, 641x427px)Image search: [Google]
Gucci Fall Winter 2015 Finale.jpg
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Milan Fashion Week : The Gucci Fall / Winter 2016 Menswear collection livestream is just about to begin!!!

Get in here, discuss one of the most hyped up designer labels of last year and presumably this upcoming year. Truly one of the more exciting things going on in fashion right now.


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Fashion Jesus taking a bow with the team at the end of the FW15 collection. Hard to believe it's already been a year.

Who would've thought Gucci out of all brands could have become what it is now
Checking in for the live stream.
baka when they gonna start

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Sneaker of 2015. Why would you even deny it?
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i dont get it, these are so ugly off and on foot.

uncaged looks a tad bit better.
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I like em.
black or all white?

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Is it /fa/ to not wear underwear?
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my dad told me when I was a kid that it would make my dick bigger
I didn't wear underwear throughout my sophomore year of high school and I have a big dick. Your dad speaks the truth.
I usually wear my gym shorts underneath my jeans so I can go right after school or work

Patagonia baggies 5 in, they have a mesh underwear type thing, comf af

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that background.jpg
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>tfw trying to balance being able to kill people in one hit and being /fa/

how to become a big guy while still bein coool
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If you keepa really low bf while staying natty you'll not become too big for fashion desu
By buying a gun.
ugh what a poser
>le quirky wall

can we get a fucking movie night today? havent seen a thread in a while, post suggestions
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>post suggestions
More recent stuff:

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a fun little dumb movie that I enjoyed immensely.

Spectre is sartorially excellent but kinda intellectually devoid. Casino Royale and Skyfall are better in every way, including clothing.

Ex Machina's interior design is phenomenal. Story is good but could have been better.

The Grand Budapest Hotel has beautiful sets but is more Wes Anderson shit.

Nightcrawler's aesthetic and style is phenomenal until he gets all obsessive about those shitty-looking bloated Dodge Challengers.
cool cat saves the kids
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Anything by David Lynch

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post your favorite fits that show everyone how much effort you put into looking like shit. bands, french movies, and what anthony bourdain would look like if he actually spent five fucking minutes on his outfit, all are welcome here

pic related
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more please
guy in the OP looks like a young robert smith
File: 1447620270041.jpg (152KB, 508x679px)Image search: [Google]
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that's jim reid from the jesus and mary chain

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Hey /fa/, just got this shirt. Don't know if it fits well but do you think it goes with the jacket at least?
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File: Qr8J5Oc.png (134KB, 262x257px)Image search: [Google]
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looks good bud :)

Is this just a new fuckboy meme or...
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not even a new meme senpai. shits vintage
If you have long hair and want to keep it out of your face for a while then they're cool

does anyone know where i can get a polo shirt like this style?
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its prob given to him to advertise Blade & Soul, dont think u can buy one exactly like that

idk where to find a similar one, try the ralph online store maybe they have smth like it

oh yeah haha i dont want one that says "blade and soul" on it hahaha i should've specified.

i mean the collar how it has the white and blue striped lining i think it looks really good.

thank you for replying! (and not roasting me as some video game dweeb)
Ironically your best bet is with yesstyle or a similar korean store

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What is your reason for getting effay? How long have you been into fashion? Do you think you're getting it down?
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on my fifth birthday my dad made we wear certain clothes and after that i started getting myself dressed and picked out my own clothes when i was old enough to go shopping with them, getting /fa/ means wearing clothes that look good and match since im too poor to afford expensive shit, expensive clothes can make anyone look tacky

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just bought these bottoms and am very excited! what do y'all think? i've wanted more daring bikini bottoms but nothing too risque. i think these are perfect!
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Post fit. Especially if your a trap
they haven't come in the mail yet sorry!
Well... Now I'm upset.

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