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There was a guy who posted two threads two weeks ago, where he dumped /fa/ and self improvement infographics. Warosu is not working... Has anyone managed to save the threads into a pdf or something?

I'll be dumping with my inspo folder for a while.
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Where to cop
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I wish I knew
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Are fashion trends expanding and evolving, going in new directions, or is it all just a big cycle, always falling back to previous trends and just slightly changing or altering them to pretend like they are modern?

Where does aristocratic fashion fit into this cyclel?
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why does it matter
and why does it have to be one or the other
Isn't it both? You'll see motifs from previous decades pop up in some subcultures, and you'll also see innovations everywhere.

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ITT: Poor mans' effay clothes.
Post cheap effay shit i can buy online
>pic related
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get a job
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you gonna buy 1 item?
You're not a girl you need to spend money.

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Rank the following
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sf > sufu > mfa > sz >>>>>>>>>> /fa/

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Hello people
Has anyone here had any experience with the brand MKI Miyuki-Zoku?

What pieces do you have?

What is your thoughts on style and quality?

I really like the style you get for the price myself
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got a tshirt which was nice quality but not sure if it was worth the price
Copped a chunky grey sweater. Pretty cosy desu senpai
can second this, their chunky sweaters are cosy af

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>acceptable jewelry
>favorite jewelry
Can men wear round link bracelets?
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Don't usually browse /fa/ but I came here for jewellery advice for a girl, whats a good style of jewellery?
What type of girl is she? What clothes does she usually wear etc. Hard to pick anything without knowing anything. Necklaces are usually a safe bet though
Yea was thinking necklaces, does a large collection of stripe tops fit a category/give you an idea? Light brown hair, white.

Hey /fa/, what's the best place to cop some nice casual wool trousers under 200€?
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or designer stuff on the used market. raf, Ann, yohji etc
I'm looking around on COS but I can't seem to find the type of pants I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a light grey, speckled wool trouser. The kind that would look good with some white sneakers and an overcoat.
Thanks. Would these be fine? I search for tapedred trousers to wear with sweatshirts/shirts/and white or black CPs.

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Hey folks,
House Greyjoy is the most effay house in GoT. How can one transfer the medieval Greyjoy style and colors to our modern times?

Light grey/blue leather jackets, dark brown trousers, brown boots?
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his armor is clearly gunmetal blue you fuckass
acknowledging that you watch TV is, without a doubt, the least cool shit ever
except acknowledging that you listen to the Jew media
First fuckass reference in ten years; you might successfully bring it back, man

Rate me from one to eleven
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>earthy colors
>baggy silhouettes
>heavy fabrics
>'quality' clothing
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Paraboot Michael

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those are for negroids
thread SENPAI
I'm not a deadbeat single dad so I don't give a fuck about these neon beanpods

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Hello, I'm looking for a nice /fa camo jacket. Most of what I've been able to find is actual hunting jackets. Anyone who knows where I should look?
>Btw I live in Europe.
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>not buying hunting jackets

Just found one of these in camo at a thrift store for $12 (not an Alpha but close enough).
>Btw I live in Europe.
Varusteleka for sure.

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What the fuck is he wearing?
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>tom ford
sauce on pants?

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sup /fa/
i usually dont come here and just safely invest all my money in good keksuits instead. but i really really really really need your opinion right now: who wore it better?
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left because he doesn't have seventies chick hair. WTF is that on the left
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the man on the right's hair is less terrible now, if is makes a difference
Link has a breddy cool hair cut now

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Daniel Dadcore Craig
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the idiots of /fa/ are the only ones who will have a problem with the way he dresses
>bending your pants once
When will it end?
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I don't like the cuffs on his jeans, but everything else looks fine.

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