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Who here /paddleboard feet/?

>Tfw the only shoes you can find in 4E are formal
>tfw the the door to the world of awesome sneaks is forever closed to you
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I know that feel. And my heel is actually narrow, and its just my instep, so wide shoes don't fit properly. At least I can pick things up with my toes.

jerry lorenzo / fear of god hate thread

this guy is the most shameless biter alive
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jerry shows off some really original shorts
if his clothes are rip offs then why do they sell so well?
blind hype

Hello. Quick tid-bit advice would be appreciated. I'm a light-skin mixed boy who over the years of living in Miami (most /fa/ place to live, better on paper that you where born) has slowly digressed into a weird pasty caramel colour. How should one go about to achieve a this?
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This is another person of mixed origin. I'd say i'm more or less 3 to 2 shades darker then they are. Not incredibly burnt, but that'll happen when your beaches are too nice.
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And this is what i look like. Although be it a bit old (6 months if I'm correct) this here is still a nice picture. I ask this for the sole fact that the only portions that have retain their natural colours are my feet, crotch/boxer area, and hands. Where as the rest is a noticeable different shade. I'd just like to balance it all out if you will.

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I got a jacket as a present from my aunt, and I was wondering if:
1) Is it a good looking jacket
2) Can I get it tailored
3) Is it a women's jacket

Pic related
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Side pic
You better give her the dick. You know what it means when a family member gives you an article of clothing....they want to fuck
Has a family member of yours given you an article of clothing

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Where the fuck do you guys even find shoes?

I can spend hours on Google trying to find something, some specific brand, some specific type, color, price, all that shit and find absolutely nothing. Instead, I'll get a flood of bullshit
For example I clicked on a Nordstrom result a few times, after that anytime I type in something clothing-related Nordstrom is first to come up with absolutely nothing close to or even related to what I'm looking for, it's just there to fuck my search up

Best purchase for shoes I've ever made was in a store, no shit, right? Perfect product, perfect price, everything. So, naturally, I check the stores a lot more now. I'll go into some store and ask about what I'm looking for. The clerk takes me to mens, which is usually only 4 shelves long in a lot of department stores (over-exaggerating but look at mens compared to womens) and tells me they don't have it but I'm free to look around for whatever, then they'll recommend I go online

I must be fucking 70 or brain dead or don't know how to use google or all three because I can't find shit online and I can't find shit in the stores especially when it comes to shoes so please humor yourselves and tell me what you guys do so you can make fun, I'll play the cuck
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If its that hard for you go to websites with huge assortments and search there. Zalando, ASOS etc. Otherwise just official pages of the brands you are looking at
What brands do you like?
I think a big problem is a lot of the brands I like are outdated. It's one thing finding a vintage shoe but it's much, much harder to find one from a few years ago. Let's say I wanted a pair of Odells from Calvin Klein (just an example), I can't go to the website so my best bet is to look on department store pages or google, which gives nothing

Other times it's not so much the brand , but the style. I have a hard time finding a nice pair of Chelsea boots because everything has to look like shit, whether it be the stitching or the toe box or whatever. Color can be a big problem too (anything that isn't brown or black is banned apparently) and so can size (US 12)

Sneakers though are the exact opposite but that's not a problem I can usually find whatever online and if I can't online I can go to some place like FootLocker or Champs and get it cheaper there or get the right color/size

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Does anyone know what are those sunglasses?
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the generic white douche 2k

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toe shoes.jpg
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I am planning to buy a genuine Hitler Youth cap and replace the nazi insignia with band pins. What are some /fa/ punk rock band pins I should attach?

I'm going to sport more than one.
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I want to see crusher caps comeback, I support you senpai, goodluck. although I doubt it'll catch on.
Reagan Youth. Iceage. Joy Division.

Or you could do industrial bands. Much more /fa/ and /fa/scist.

Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Coil, Psychic TV,
pins aren't /fa/

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so /fa/

what is this

fresh purchase online, never seen such a thing. elastic strap in left jacket pocket only? doesn't seem to have any jacket related purpose, nor very strong so idk.

more pics below
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Fuck did you do to your thumb

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I need outfit ideas with this jacket, especially pants
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Western or plaid work shirt, dark jeans

Why did you get it if you didn't have an outfit in mind
I was pretty confident it'd look good with the pants I owned until I actually wore them with the jacket
Been looking for a similar jacket myself OP, whats the brand or whatever?

Also black jeans would seem to fit with it in my mind

/fa/ musicians + where 2 cop their clothes

lets' start: yung hurn
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these stupid fucking meme kids are not effay you fucking retard
you do not know what effay is you dip
define effay then faggot.
how about you fuck off and get some taste

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Someone buy my shit. I need to pay to live.

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P weak desu
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Discuss tips and tricks for copping sick kicks.

Yeezys. Adidas consortium tour.

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Bots /thread
more info on bots?
What the fuck are bots

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ITT: We create the /fa/ uniform

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Why? We have one since like 2012
School uniform?

I need a hair advice /fa/. So I went to a local shop to buy a new clay, however, I got out of the story with pic related instead of chi molding clay. Should I stick with pic relates or return it? I don't want to go to the other end of town just for this and i also urgently need to have a decent hair product for tomorrow, although I'm afraid the taffy might end up being unsuitable for me. My question is can I use it for a haircut like blumaan's for example? Should i keep it or get the clay?
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Here's what i'm trying to achieve
literally go to sephora and just use floor samples until you get what you want; you'll be ready for tomorrow and it won't cost you a cent
Store* ffs , oh and to clarify it's because the lady there made a mistake

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