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Share your experiences with not washing you hair, i personally couldn't stand it no matter how easy my hair became to style, caved every few days.
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washing is different to shampoo, wash your hair just don't put shampoo on it drangus
People don't seem to pay attention to the fact different hair reacts well to different things.
Afro hair or coarse hairs? No poo will work for you.
Fine, low density hair? No poo will make you look greasy and co washing will weigh it down.
Fine, high density hair (ie your is thick but the individual strands are fine)? No poo will make your head smell and feel sticky close the the scalp, although it will probably look okay. Co washing will help the smell but make it look heavy.
K so Im a boy
I had long hair for about 9 years, like past my shoulders length. I have thick hair according to the barber, dunno if that means volume or individual hair.

I tried to not wash my hair for 6 weeks to see if the rumours are true. I ended up not washing my hair for a year and t hree months. It got wet, I brushed it but I didnt actively take care of it.
There was a rough patch at the three month stage but my hair is now always shiny and is super strong and doesnt really grease up at all. I dont have long hair anymore and wash it maybe once a week, I do have a bit of a dandruff problem but I think thats more lifestyle than hygiene.

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I am 6'5 and very thin. I have a narrow long body.

It has got to the point where I can no longer dress myself. i don't know what to get. What looks good, what doesn't. Most things look too ridiculous.

I need some help /fa/. Please suggest some good outfits which look nice.
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A pair or adipowers and a bib.

The adipowers for squatting and the bib to make sure the milk you'll guzzle doesn't ruin the adipowers.

I belief in yiu man
just bulk up a bit to fix your proportions, you'll be fine. dont get like ripped just gain a bit of weight
That is a long term solution, but what can I do now?

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Am I effay?
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>middle school wear
>low test homo
yes, literally

Can we get a mask thread?
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thinking of copping some new balance

whats /effay/'s favourite sillhouettes

on feet photos would be great too
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whats a high quality hat without a logo?
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promotion hats

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Is there any point in buying good clothes when you're ugly?

Clothes are supposed to highlight your face, right?

Does it even matter, when I see all high-paid models are hot?
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clothes are supposed to make you look cool
fat niggas can still look cool but not a hot cool
they'll make you less ugly than normal

would you rather wear a nice outfit or a baggy t-shirt, loose sweatpants and sandals when you go places?
For starters wear jeans and shoes

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Essential goose-core?
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don't fucking wear this in real life, autist

Fuck off, kike shill
If you aren't fit and handsome as fuck don't bother

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lets get a black hair thread going guys
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give me natty or give me death

Could you see anime/ video game characters replacing real models in the distant future?

Will it become the social norm?

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fuck off dumb weeb, this will never happen, no matter how much you want it to
between this and the jayden smith shit louis vuiiton really are the clickbait gods.

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Best fit of the fucking year. Y/y?
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no u
really liked that sweater when i saw it in the collection
versace have really uped their game lately

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>"why do you wear nice clothes when you don't go out or have any friends, lol"

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not a bad fit

shame you never your house
You never what your house?
You a word there

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I'll be honest, I don't know a lot about fashion. I get by alright, but I'd like to learn more. Cant do college classes, no time/money. Anyone got online resources that would be good for learning styles and theory and everything? I don't want to spend my life scraping by, I want to be fabulous.
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File: LK053_P0217EDfashDesign2.jpg (100KB, 920x548px)Image search: [Google]
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Sue Jenkyn Jones's Fashion Design is a great starter guide.

It covers roughly everything about the fashion industry and history on its fundamentals. It covers necessary skills for the fashion designer, rough creative process, stabilished designers' opinions, fashion around the world and through history; again, the basics.

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anyone got ID on these?
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damn those are nice
did you even try reverse image search?

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sup /fa/. so I intentionally want my tshirts to fit a little bit shorter than usual. I like them to fall and stop directly at my waist instead of hanging below it

I'm a tall guy (6'3) and small's are usually still too long. Who has the best quality, kind of
boxy fitting tee?
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no I'm not joking

t. 6'2 140
dude anything but champion :-/
i actually really like HM's basics, a plus is that they are cheap af

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