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You have to go to redbubble.com and find the most /fa/ combination of top and bottom you can. Whaddya got?
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i cant find any pants



didn't try very hard
>any shirt without an outrageous graphic
>flannel or button down with matching color
>jeans or khakis
at least you're decent

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Been pretty cold here, am i bundled up enough to keep warm and still be effay?
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Getting ready for the chunnin exam i see

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>$30.00 for a wool peecoat

Is this legit, boys? Cop or not?
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Watch out for peacoats, it's really easy to look like manlet trash. That's the objective truth. Subjectively, I think only A1 jawlines can pull them off
I forgot the link boys.


Is it legit?
do not cop
go try to a military surplus store in your area and try on peacoats
find out your size
buy a used USN peacoat on eBay

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Good instagram accounts? high fashion/fits/whatever

feel free to post your own :)
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>he picked up the trend when he was dying
he was /fa/ as fuck even going out and I miss him.
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Bowie was effay all his life. He was the greatest dude ever.
Bowie and Lou Reed Both wore Rick. It makes me sad. Iggy Pop is part of the gang too,

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Just bought these.
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shoulda gone with the corcorans, m8
>le clown shoe meme

>how to know you fucked up buying boots 101

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you know what do /fa/mily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBHGxGPTsAI
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Thanks for the warning f a m
Just canceled my preorder

did they film this shit on a school trip?
you cant stop the hype train now

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Gray peacoat
Anything as long as it's not too close to the grey of the sweater.
probably something black and waterproof

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what are some other /fa/ foods?
image: pasta al nero di seppia
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more like pasta al negro
hey /ck/ is pretty good for this.
but avoiding red meats and dairy is pretty /fa/
>still thinking dairy isn't good for you

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>Start noticing myself shedding a lot of hair last year but think nothing of it
>A few months ago notice how my hair line receded a bit and my crown thinned
>Get on Finasteride
>A little over a month in and no longer shedding as bad (1-5 hairs in the shower compared to 50 before) and feeling new hairs growing in my crown

Post any other experiences you guys have with the drug.
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i don't think im balding but this is good to know. it runs on my mom's side, but everyone on my dad's side has super full thick hair well into their 60's so I'm hoping I'll get that from him
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if u see this post while scrolling

you have been visited by the finasteirde neet of thick and prosperity

good luck and well-being will come to you

but only if you post 'thank you based finasteride god' in this thread
If you have a family history of hair loss I would take pictures of your hair line and crown, and compare it every 2 months or so. The earlier you catch your hair loss the better.

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ITT post hobbies we do and talk about what hobbies are /fa/.
Some of my hobbies include:
Blu Ray collecting
Food eating and cooking
Figurine collecting
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>figurine collecting
Don't delude yourself, you're a manchild.
Bird hunting
Fly fishing
Competitive cycling
Auto racing
>food eating
Pick one

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Anyone know what shirt he's wearing or where I can get it? They're some seriously fresh threads.
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wtf is this a twitch stream?, and that shirt is ugly tbhq
Forever21 has shirts like that m8
He was wearing a dope red sherpa jacket at big house 5. Dude is effay. Don't know where to cop that shirt though

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post your grails, get lowballed
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self bump if anyone got grailed list post pls
Need money.
File: IMG_20160116_155754.jpg (1MB, 3072x1728px)Image search: [Google]
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lowball me senpai

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optimal body.jpg
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Post the perfect male body.
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this desu senpai

skinny is a meme

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black metal shirts
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That actually is pretty nice shirt

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