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Is velcro cool?
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Hey /fa/gs what dance moves should i know.
pic notrelated
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the twist
make sure you know how to dab

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Will be graduating English Literature in July and need a suit. Would get pic related from The Kooples for 60% off but they don't have the trousers in my size.

Where else is nice for suits/has a sale on?
Looking for around £350 budget most likely
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Suitsupply is the only acceptable solution.
>graduating english
Nah dude you need some non-slip shoes and an apron.
Where in UK are you?
London has a couple shops where you can get second hand bespoke-tailored suits for less than that budget. Great shape, knockout quality.

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are psychedelic prints /fa/?
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floral prints arent
You look like a twink and no.

>implying /fa/ doesn't always wanna be a fucking skeleton

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Did Yeezy really jump over the jumpman?
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that's what he said nigga
yeezy don't lie
Why would the president of 2020 lie?
Hurts me to say it but, yes.

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How can I make my depression effay?
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go out for coffee alone
Don't let a single other soul know about it
you've already failed
Eat lunch alone in the restroom and browse 4chna on your phone while hearing the sounding echoes for the hallway.

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Copped me some Dr Martens recently. Problem is my feet are huge and the shoes look retard-big when I wear them. Notihng seems to look right with them either.

I need some help. Doc marten inspired looks thread?
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What size are you and what's you're height.

Doc's just look weirdly big when you start wearing them. Once you get used to them they're fine.
6'2'' and size 11 but my docs are 10. You're probably right, my feet aren't actually that big but the Docs/Skinny jeans combo just makes them look enormous.

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what do you think about the new adidas primeknit model?
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it even has moonrunes on it
I think they look sick. they probably cost an arm and a leg tho
8/10 would wear

I'm looking for a lightweight bomber.

I like the ones from alpha industries but the sizing is confusing, and the particular one I was looking at didn't have any reviews. any recommendations on good bombers?
I'd like to spend less than the alpha industries ones, ($115-145) but recc what you can / know to be good please.
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its pretty puffy and big. I have the maroon one in a medium and most likely gonna try to resell and get a small
rothco is cheaper and apparently very similar in quality to AI
the reviews are so confusing. some say they run big, buy two sizes smaller. others say they're small, buy a size larger.

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Hey effay, I don't know if this is the place to make a request but I have a fashion related favor. My gf's mom went missing a long ass time ago and she recently found this picture of her. Does anyone know what kind/brand/name of sweater this is? Or possibly know what it says? I'd like to hunt one of these down for her
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honestly bro, i saw this thread earlier and ive been combing through google for 2 hours now trying to find some info on it for you. no luck. its so long ago, it could be a one of a kind sweater that someone made for her.
damn. thanks for looking man, i appreciate it
This is gonna be real hard because it's like a homemade, thrift store sweater. I've been searching for like an 20 mins you'll probably never find it. just hire someone to make it.

give me some cool backpacks

extra points for <100€
extra points for sauce

sauce pic related: http://www.endclothing.com/gb/accessories/bags/a-p-c-stefan-backpack-cobes-h62048-lzz.html
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Everlane mini backpack.
I'd really like some recs for other good smaller backpacks
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Bumping. Looking for <100 good backpacks that hold laptops.
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were is /fa/ from ?

Portland , Oregon , USA

checking in ..
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what the fuck is the point of this thread?

Why do you care where other people from this board are from?

Is it so that you can feel better about your shitty fits by convincing yourself everybody else is from fashion capitals?

Or is this one of those /boardcultre/ things that people do because they have nothing else in their lives?

Sorry if i'm being a dick, but this shit is really baffling.
just curious desu

and im bored
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most effay city in the world

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ITT: ask about and show tattoos
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tattoos are not /fa/
I like it, old shitty dark ages art looks cool
I personally want to get an old tarot card on my arm

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Does anyone have any ideas what I can rock these with? Pic doesn't really do the colour justice
Alife Puma Disc
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Other than to actually go running in, nothing. I'm sure they're super comfy and lightweight, but they'd look hideous in a casual fit.
desu? anything that matches. but those are some straight do something for your run game but look terrible shoes.

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I just watched Drive.. What can I do to be more like the main character? Clothes and personality wise
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dont buy the scorpion jacket if thats what you're thinking
>be quiet alpha
>dress mfa-tier
and this>>10859909
this. the main character has asperger syndrome btw so do with that what you will.

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