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Proportions: 6'5 tall, not sure about the shoulders but I know they are broad and proportional to the rest of my body
Overweight, not by a lot and with clothes on (and especially winter ones) you can't even really tell, 268 pounds.
Environment: Urban college campus

Already got the short on the sides taller on top haircut, money shouldn't be an issue when it comes to clothes so long as they aren't too out there in price, I say I need 5 separate outfits for all 5 days I'm at school.

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Buy clothes that you can run in & running shoes

Go down to like 115lbs then come back here for advice

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If I was 153 at my height I would look like a twig dumbass

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ITT: brands not even normies remember

pic related
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>implying tapout core isnt still a thing

energy drink hat
skin/tapout shirt
dickie shorts
crew socks
DC Shoes

all black. people who dress like this typically drive lifted trucks and love motorsports.
yeah this is still a huge thing in flyover land
as un-effay as DC is, its actually a very respectable company with a lot of history in skating. Not that anyone on here cares

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Is NOPOO bullshit? How can I get my hair to look dryer like not brittle but like pic related. Is it just the product he uses ?
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why do you want dry hair ffs
his hair looks like shit
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I want this hair any tips ?
I hope this helps OP

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I'm /fa/?
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because I'm always ignored?
fuck off. don't make your own thread for your shitty reddit-tier outfit
Ignored is good it mean you either arnt doing anything wrong or whatbyou are doing wrong is easily fixed. Quit being so shallow oh wait this is fa. Carry on

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Are freckles effay?
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yes i have some on my nose also
fuck no
In girls yes, but in men they look like shit.

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victoria flamel.jpg
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>wearing skinny jeans and bitch sneakers with bombers and pea coats

so timeless
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so what do you wear anon?
wtf is wrong with her nose
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post vest inspo
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haven't seen much I like with vests but pic related is good op
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matt berninger.jpg
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ITT : God Tier sneakers
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>anything under $300 even considered to be "god tier"
>implying shoes you wouldn't work out in are actual sneakers

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What do you guys think of these pants?

Also, would I be able to wear these with darker colored shoes/shirts? Thanks in advance
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Pretty good and yes

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Would this be effay on a shirt that says "Don't come to school tomorrow"?
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You tell me

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How does a tall skinny faggot dress in an office setting? I'm not swole enough to pull off pic related, the clothes just end up looking puffy.
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You think THAT'S swole?!
>Slim fit
Jim Halpert

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What's your aesthetic, /fa/?
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Ethnically ambiguous

You're a shitskin

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Choke collar, who can pull that off ? Is it seen as sexual or not ? Is it stuck in the 90's or can we bring it back ?

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Every 'I'm not basic like other girls' basic girl has one.
more sexual than not. definitely something that should stay dead in my opinion
Sure but is it limited to teenage girls ? If so, what age and is it possible to make a bit less "Oh, you're THAT kind of girl" like you said.

Also do you have to look as good as Prime Hershlag to pull it off ?

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Is it possible to achieve the Miami Vice in a modern setting? How do I even begin to get this look?
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i feel ya. but pointless unless you're wealthy or have something interesting to do in nice settings.
>you will never cruise with Lance Vance in a convertible

why even live
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Old one Spartans
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Black Stretch.png
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This pair
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Rigid Dragon.png
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or this one?

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