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im used to wearing vans day in and day out, and im finally starting to feel pain in my feet, like vans have reshaped my foot. I have perfectly arched feet, and now bc of vans i seemingly have shit tier balance. so im gonna try to wear shoes with arches in them but i cant find any that look good at all. link some stylish arched shoes pls?
pic sorta unrelated but idk if those have arches so
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Nike Lunar running shoes are absolutely fantastic for arch support.
remove insole from your vans
insert mid-arch insole

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/fa/ I really need your help.
I have club foot and I work as a car salesman.
I'm constantly on my feet and I have to wear dress shoes to look nice, now here's the problem:

No matter what shoes I'm wearing will always crease so much that one shoe end up looking like garbage (my other foot is normal and thus, the creasing on that shoes is normal).
The club foot shoe creases UPWARDS and end up looking like a fucking elf shoe and the other shoe loos normal.

I've resorted to buying cheap shitty shoes because in a matter of a few wears (no matter the quality, I've had some higher quality shoes gifted to me) they end up looking really bad..

I don't know what to do, /fa/, and I'm not going to start buying two separate pairs of shoes, either..
I've tried stuffing the shoe, but it doesn't help.
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well post pics of ur shoes anon
I'm embarrassed cause they're really low quality shoes and I don't want to be made fun of.
>club foot

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saw this in another thread, where do i get those kind of lace-bras?
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for you or your "gf"?
the past three girls ive porked have all used those exclusively. they are the goat bras
amazed again about your low standards /fa/

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Are pizzaass and his lover /fa/
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ass pizza looks like a gorilla lol
only luka i believe
His whole thing makes me want to throw up.
Side note: Asswhatever looks like this chubby chick I use to sext with until I got too ashamed and never answered her again.

What is the aesthetic of "Death Grips?" Some sort of satanic cyberpunk, very inspiring.

What else is there similar to this, for further style inspiration?
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Ironically the clothes do not reflect the richness of the aesthetic, disappointing.

>alpha industries jacket
>tight pants
>combat / chelsea boots
>color option: black exception: underwear

who makes these boots?
tan suede upper
black rubber lower
I can't find them anywhere
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no one at all?
W2c pants
looks like vans skate high

Copped a pair of Baggys yesterday, i already have an idea of what i want to do with them but i could use some extra inspo

Would have just checked the archive but warosu is dead
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But those in your picture are timbs you faggot
are they

is it just me or has effay really gone to shit lately?

i've been here for like three years but it seems like the last few months have been the worst i've ever seen it. theres like one or two active trips who aren't total fuckers and the waywt usually has like one decent fit per thread. maybe im just nostalgic and its always been shit, idk. enlighten me, oldfriends

the rick generals are nice and friendly tho, theyre probably the only thing keeping me here desu
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people on here arent interested in fashion anymore
the Milan fashion week thread got 4 replies if i recall correctly while threads like 'god tier sneakers' where people discuss the most basic mall tier clothing get hundreds
this is 4chan where every edgy teenager can post whatever he wants
why the fuck would you expect any kind of quality from this board?
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>its always been shit

it has been better. had lots of niche fashion threads & fits, and a lot of entertaining/somewhat knowledgeable trips and other posters a couple of years ago. but the semi-fashion related shitposting has always been there.

progressively downhill turn for several years.
now we've pretty much plateaued since a couple of years back.
we've had threads JUST like these every other week.

posting in the waywt nowadays, for example, in a non-sarcastic manner is just another way of saying "I have no idea of what I'm doing, and no better medium to express this in. Please rate my complete ineptitude".

it's the /b/ of fashion.
don't take it seriously.
don't expect too much of it.
just treat it as a vaguely fashion-related shitposting station and you'll be golden.
go elsewhere for actual fashion/style discussion and learning.

Are rosary neckles /fa/?
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Being a Christian isn't /fa/. At this point you're better off being a Muslim.
They're not supposed to be worn that way.
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short answer: no
long answer: very very occasionally

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/k/ommando/military core

because operators like being fashionable too.
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Do you think Kanye allows Kim or his children to wear Nike attire?
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Don't think so. Kanye is autismal when it comes to dressing Kim

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What does one wear to a noise show? Also concert clothing general
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I like to wear my merzbowtie
that makes you a terrible, terrible person.

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Can someone post a picture of that one haircut that every Hispanic and Middle Eastern guy has? With the fade on the sides and back and usually worn with a beard and pomade. Pic related is the closest I could draw the style, but I'm not looking for a specific picture, just any that I could possibly show a barber.

Thanks senpai.
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it's called an undercut
Yeah, but that's too broad. Here's a more specific example.
Search Ronaldo hair in google.

what are the pants on the left called?
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harem, or drop-crotch

post your /effay/ snowboarding outfits,
post your cop or nots,
post your w2cs,
etc etc. snowboarders get in here
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eh snowboarding is fun but never effay. don't bother spending money on anything but the board and bindings
cop or not? have you guys ever bought boots online? not sure i'd want to deal with an online return policy if they fit bad.
What board we all riding?

I've rocking a Forum Youngblood - last series before they were absorbed by Burton

I need new boots tho - it's fucking expensive here in Aus so i'm really not looking forward to having to buy some

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