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Do women consider Domnhall Gleeson /fa/ and attractive?

Is he alpha or a beta male?
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Every looks /fa/ in professional photos. He's a fucking ugly balding ginger kuck
He's only attractive with a beard.

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w2c shirts that allow the use of cufflinks ?

I'm looking for cheap shirts around 30€, do you know any stores that sell those kind of shirts (I think they call the french cuffs) ?
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Yes, they are called french cuff.

Charles Tyrwhitt might be cheap enough.
>That watch and cufflink combo
>Charles Tyrwhitt

Ty mate,

Any other ideas ?

im thinking of copping some vans sk8 hi mte shoe
does anybody here have them how are they holding up will they keep my feet dry/warm in
minus 3 temps?
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also which colorway
I just ordered a pair of the pro model

They got really good reviews and theyre supposed to be comfy af
Depends on what would work better with your wardrobe, but I'd get the wheats. I saw an anon post his with black laces and they look even better.

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I need help to identify these boots guys

hopefully someone has seen something similar around
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I want to say Bullboxer boots, but I cant seem to find the exact ones.
Definitely older years.
they are hush puppies.
They both seem possible answers, I'll do some research. Thanks

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You are all a bunch of losers thinking you're superior to normies because you act like fashionistas, but actually dress ridiculous as shit.
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4 hours and still no (you)
Some of these fits are cool, other than that this board has been killed off by the infamous famous parasite called "meme".

btw is being /fa/ even /fa/?
being /fa/ is the least /fa/ you can possibly be.

to be /fa/, you should be /fa/ but not really /fa/.

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Tips on how to clean these
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burn them
crep protect wipes
You'd be surprised, but petrol really brings out the brightness. Light a match and congratulations! The brightest boots you have ever seen! Now go to the nearest Red Wings store and collect your prize!

File: NatGov Councillor Coats.jpg (50KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
NatGov Councillor Coats.jpg
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Hey /fa/, writing a novel and am interested in having what is essentially the political senate of my city-state wear fancy coats.

Thing is, I don't know much about ornate coats or what any sort of coat design is called. Think I'm gonna use pic related but dunno what you'd call this kinda coat. Was hoping you could help.

Thanks in advance.
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Also, when did the catalog layout change?
It's just a double-breasted jacket with a cape. Look up US Navy bridge coats for a more masculine version.
Thanks, you rock.

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Glasses broke need new ones. Should I cop this?
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I really like them polyvore has some really nice ones similar as well.

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Should I cop?

5'9" skinnyfag, btw.
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do it you'll look great
hahaha post pics

yo /fa/ i'm losing a fuckton of weight (not quite done yet but almost) and my jeans are far too big on me now
where do I shop for jeans, and what should they look like on me? what colors should I get, looking to get 2-3 pairs once I'm done losing weight
>pic not related
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Also don't get 2-3 pair of jeans
Get one.
And two different chinos (eg. grey and dark brown/grey)
No wtf

Don't get Chinos.

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Hair doesn't match the way your face looks
>average gay man from 2006

literally everyone here
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Left photo:
>model with makeup
>professional lighting and camera

Right photo:
>average woman
>shit lighting and camera

the hood in photo A is bigger than in photo B

ears are less pointy and further up the hood

File: IMG_20160118_011705217.jpg (200KB, 853x541px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw my hair looks always good in pictures / videos no matter from which angle
>look into the mirror and I hate it
>fix my hair so I like the look in the mirror
>pictures / videos turn out like shit
how comes? Is it just the angle from which I'm looking into the mirror or what?

I don't know who to trust.
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it's fine if it looks great in one way or another. meanwhile I have to deal with temporary hair loss . so fuck your pussy problems.
I don't get what you are talking about, you have a haircut which always looks the same, its the standard normie haircut, nothing can be wrong with that.

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Hey, I'm looking for a winter shoes / boots

The basis points are:
- they should be able to deal with snow and keep by foots dry
- they shouldn't look like a tracking boots

1) http://www.clarks.eu/p/26109933
Are they warm enough for winter? How will they deal with snow?

2) http://www.timberland.eu/en/mens-euro-sprint-hiker-A122I.html
Are these guys still extremely plebful?
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File: 9564B_001_alt2.jpg (35KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Also, what do you think about these timberlands?


What does it mean, that they are not "winter" boots? They will not be able to deal with snow, or what?
get grenson fred triple welts.
Winter will absolutely destroy those clarks. The timbs will fare better, but I think they look awful.
Look into LL Bean, Chippewa, Danner, and Fracap. What you probably want is something with a rubber commando/lug sole, made from cowhide rather than something finer like suede, nubuck, or calfskin.

Care is also vital. Something important for the longevity of your boots is to wear them on rotation. Give them at least 24 hours in between wears, to let the leather dry out, and brush off any dirt/salt you can see. If you get caught in a big snow that will persist for days, consider getting two pairs of boots.

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Post cute Instagram thots
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That's not Emily is it?
Eileen kelly

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