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I want to get a jacket with this type of style/stiches. Can some one tell me how are they called?
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what the fuck are you doing on a fashion board if you don't know what fucking biker denim is .. get the fuck out of here you retard
Do you feel better about yourself now that you've put someone else down?

Not op but this is neato. I didn't even know this was a thing.
Search for moto jacket.

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fa pls help... what does a male nurse wear to a job interview? i have no idea and a suit and tie feels like too much. maybe i dont feel like i look good in a suit and tie. im pretty nervous please help i somewhat look like pic related
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Google it you fucktard.png
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Read the filename
male nurse reporting
I wore a suit to one job interview and slacks / dress shirt to the other (as in, my first job and my current job)
the questions that will be asked are pretty rough so be prepared for:
Are you willing to work holidays and weekends
Are you willing to work shortstaffed
Are you willing to float
Are you willing to sign up for "voluntary" overtime

And every hospital job has a lot of bullshit so just accept it as an inevitability
this desu senpai.

Get ready to be cross trained to do everything.

How does /fa/ feel about top hats?
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They're the hottest and freshest thing for 2016.
You'll just look like a faggot and you'll never be Slash
>Not wearing a top hat and Ultra Boosts

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what does /fa/ think of /fa/kes?
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i didnt even need to open the thumb to see that they were fakes
Get good ones those are trash
good fakes are good.
shit genuines are shit.

preferably on the affordable side, with captions of what the item is, or where to find it.
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whats /fa/'s opinion on gauges? Disregard the emo/scene mentality around them and such.
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I've never seen them looking good.
Africa looking shit
effective keychains

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Is Ethan Klein (H3H3Productions) /fa?
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Here's more
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Literally reddit: the person

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Post your face/give and get feed back/ /fa/ce threaddd
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2016-01-17 19.21.51.jpg
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>>10851016 You look like an Argentinian Mclovin.

This are the best pics I can get with my trash camera.

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Old: >>10825552

>runway boners

What do you think of the new season?

>Geobaskets/Creepers/Ramone Boots
Go 1/2 or 1 size down from your TTS

>Ramones/Tech Runners
Either TTS or down 1/2 depending on the shape of your foot

>Sock Runners ie Adisocks ie Stretch boot
TTS your UK size or size up 0.5 your US size

>Elasticated Pants/Drawstring Pants
Size down

>>>TRY before you BUY<<

P.S. - if your gonna shitpost please also give us your name and address so we can hang out

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Re from last thread
>>Ramones/Tech Runners
>Either TTS or down 1/2 depending on the shape of your foot

I regret not sizing a full size down desu senpai. I have wide feet.
holy shit thats really cool.

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Hair general I guess, I don't see one

Would a buzz cut work for me? Because holy fuck I hate dealing with hair
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first thing: get older
I can't find anything about that in the sticky
it's says it right there.

Rule #6 - No Matty Bs allowed

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haven't seen one in awhile
lemme see them noggin covers
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File: thcaps.jpg (3MB, 6000x4000px)Image search: [Google]
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Any idea where you can cop some in the style of the Hilfiger ones?

they're actually pretty cheap on the hilfiger site
I love adidas hats desu, might make me basic but idc

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is there anything wrong "drab"?
I like darker colors.
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Looks really good imho
it's not mine, but I like it. just an inspo-pic

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Sup /fa/, just bought a wood watch (pic related), but i'm unsure on what i should wear together with it, so gimme your best advice for carrying this watch ye?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Hey /Fa/

Me and my friends just started a enamel pin store. Check our shit out!

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I'll just leave this here for ideas.

Every time I think about that band, I'm reminded of the purported riot that started outside of their SXSW reunion show a few years ago
Every time I think of the band I think of Sex Bobombs because DFA1979 was the inspo lulz.

ahhh early 2000s hipster music... Lets circlejerk about dashboard confessional some time.

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Has anyone copped a schott jacket? I'm thinking about getting the 660 cafe racer.
How's the fit?
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I'd very highly recommend trying one on in person
a common complaint I see here is that schott's cuts aren't slim enough since they're built for fatasses. YMMV, so before you drop all that cash, be sure you like the way it sits on you.

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