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what underwear does /fa/ wear?
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Cheap comfy Puma underwear.
No one will see it anyway.
fuck off with those edited bulges, what kinda fuck head has 2 inches between theirs balls and a tiny upturned dick

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How do I make myself appear taller?
Currently I'm 5'10 but I look about 5'8. I always get people thinking they're taller than me or my height until we actually measure and I'm inches taller
>Inb4 stilts
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wear skinny jeans. if you have short legs then don't wear high tops
skinny mid rise jeans and make sure your tops arent long
desu senpai short people have a lot easier time getting gains than tall people. visit /fit/ and get swole, then bitches wont give a shit how tall you are.

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New Yeezy aka create-a-character in a shitty JP mmo
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new yeezy aka best designer alive rn
i don't really know how i feel about this clothers besides his shoes. the album sounds good though.

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SC Trainer Sneakerboot.jpg
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what does /fa/ think about them?
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I would get em
pretty nice, imo on the same line with the triple black huaraches, just a little bit more 90s-looking
No Jackson's are always dope

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nice quality

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hi senpaitachi i'm a student and poor as fuck ( money goes on books and parties )

i found this jacket on aliexpress for 40 euros , is the quality "acceptable" fort the price or should i expect total shit ?
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Looks like shit quality
pick one. The only stuff I buy off there is '100% legit authentic' hockey jerseys, and even then ones I play in to get sweaty af rather than wear casually. Anything I'd wear in any normal circumstance is not coming off that website.
it obviously depends on who you buy from, but a lot of stuff from aliexpress quality wise is probably = to HM sometimes even better

What goes well with white?
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depends what kind of look you're going for
prejudice :)
a big and thick black cock

>Want to be /fa/
>Attempts to lose weight always fail
Should I just kill myself?
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Yes, then you'll finally become a skeleton like the rest of us.
you have my permission to die once you're a skelly
cigarettes and coffee bro you'll make it

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UKfag here.
Where do I start if I want to get into /comfy/ core?

Also, /comfy/ thread.
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>long tee
>cropped drawstring pants
>vans slip ons
this is my go to comfy fit for the summer
wtf shui looks terrible here

look into japanese brands. also helps being asian

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Have you ever made/thought about making your own clothing line?
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sort of. I'd rather just make clothing for myself. Maybe sell some if people are super interested.
how hard can it really be tho? I see kebabs selling fake ideas or some ripoff shit in London all the time and they're doing good. Just tap into the memewear and street market and if you can't get a trend going in the local area you're good to go.
it depends on how big you want it to be.

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w2c this sweater? Also is SoFlo effay?
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mayne fucking kill yourself
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is being a foot slave /fa/?

What's an /fa/ job I can have while in uni?
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I'm a computer lab monitor. Nothing more fa than wiping down keyboards and restocking printer paper while dressed in full rick
I'm a janitor. Nothing more effay than cleaning up like and taking out trash in apc and slp
but apc and slp is already trash sooooo

Cop or Not thread.
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w2c this edgy masterpiece
w2c i need this

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anybody have that list of shops I've seen around here before?
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also ended up copping the shirt from the thread I saw the last time I was here lol

looks good tho
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I really liked this show and this scene in particular was one of my favorites. Should I buy this? I have a voucher I need to use.
I'd say yes, it's nice enough but I mean as long as it's not $25+

What's the point of dropping a lot of cash on clothes if they aren't obviously special?

I love stuff like Needles' 7 cuts flannel or those specially dyed OL Varsity Parkas.

Post your favorites.
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Special can still mean being low key and being well made. Wearing all unique pieces generally makes you end up looking like a clown when everything's trying to compete for attention.

Anyway, kapital boro
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This. I enjoy interesting pieces but I like having simple, well-constructed basics as well (although I don't have the funds or desire to spend $1000 on a basic shirt or pair of pants).

Also, picked this up a few months ago and I think it's the coziest piece of clothing I've ever worn.
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Well of course. Just saying a distinct jacket or something is killer.

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