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post sik fits ayee
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old hippies are so effay no joke
this is exactly who i want to be when im wrinkled
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oh classic Versace 4/5ths sleeve 2013 shirt, looks a bit worn so I'd believe it's an original
perfectly tailored custom made Mavi jeans (Summer 2014 collection?)
Calvin Klein socks no doubt
Rare 2015 YojixEddie Bauer jeopard sandals, straight from Barcelona runway
need ID on that hat (I'd guess oldschool 90s Polo hat ???)

9/10 fit I would have worn a lighter blue

File: 20160209_17541sdfdf1.jpg (327KB, 1292x736px)Image search: [Google]
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So this is a thing. Being sold near me. Should I cop for my oblivious Asian gf?
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no just get an ann d one like all the others

What the fuck? Whats the story here?
Where did you find this? What's the brand?

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>try on 3 pairs of 32x32 levis
>each of them fit significantly different from one another

What is the point of sizes if you're not gonna follow them?
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>falling for the levis meme
>current year
There are no better jeans at the pricepoint.
I got so pissed off with Levi's that I stopped buying them. In fact I stopped buying jeans all together. They always stretch out or get too short after one or two cold water rinses. So fucking pissed

/fa/ musicians
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whos this faggerino

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/fa/ black and white running shoes?
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IMG_6755 resize.jpg
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GOAT here 2bh family
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flyknit nsw.jpg
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flyknit 3 are most effay

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w2c these shoes or this style of shoes ?
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I honestly don't understand designer shoes that cost in the hundreds that look almost exactly like an existing shoe.

Here's PF Flyers lows in all-black.

Nice find, man. Like them, bookmarked. I could definitely buy them later, not really the season for this type of shoes in western europe.
Maybe something grungier ? I find the molding on the toes pretty nice, adds to the dark vibe.
Shameless self bump.

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jacket thread?
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but seriously, wtf to cop pants like that. I need
That's a cool jacket, where can I get it or one similar to it?
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camel coat.jpg
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Was just about to create a new thread for jackets and overcoats.

Does anyone have some good overcoat inspo? I'm thinking about going MTM and need some good inspiration.

going to dump my personal inspo album, feel free to join with yours
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File: 9nUXdLB.jpg (91KB, 1076x750px)Image search: [Google]
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(general inspo doesn't have to be clothing)
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Why is todays fashion so shit?
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because you know nothing about fashion and look at retarded rappers as examples?
it's just always the same shit
Except for a few designers like rick most clothes are just some boring ass cardigan with 4 stripes on the sleeven and some weird blue white red stripes on it, put some name on it and call it high fashion
or take a t-shirt
but that would be too boring so we make it oversized and put some dog on it and sell it for 1k

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Is this look effay
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Too faggot-core

Do cheaper versions of Dita journey sunglasses exist?
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In a public showers of a university, where do you dress of ? Inside the cabin of the shower ? or outside the cabin of the shower ? generally, how people do it ?
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I put on my underwear inside the shower and just get dressed where ever.
Are you serious? Just bring a towel. Don't be one of those autists that go in and out of a shower fully clothed, you'll look retarded.
that urinal looks like its installed very high on the wall

I was going to go to /fit/ for this, but I wasn't sure. Here goes.

I'm a 22 year-old male, but I have a really boyish/girly face, and it's hard to find clothes that don't make me look ridiculous.

>Just get a haircut!

When I cut my hair, I look even more ridiculous. I look like my two sisters. We have about the same faces, but my lips are larger and my nose is a bit longer. I've tried a buzzcut, an undercut, a sort of pompadour cut, but it all just makes me look ridiculous.

I want guys to stop hitting on me and I want girls to stop calling me cute (it's not a compliment, they mean cute as in a puppy or a cat, I only get real attention from gross bi girls and gay guys)

Can I please have some fashion tips? Things to wear that will maybe make me look less feminine and boyish? I've heard a dad-core polo and jean combo is ideal, but I'm a fashion pleb.

I'll leave if this is too unrelated, just looking for tips, thanks.
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Post face
Become the little girl
I feel like I'll just get shit on.
Are you sure you can't just drop some recommendations for a more masculine look?

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Can someone show me some 2016 summer fashion

>nothing celebrity tier over the top shit please i just want a nice wardrobe

Pic related because im pretty built
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lol post a pic
File: 20150328235103044_500.jpg (88KB, 500x667px)Image search: [Google]
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Im not sure you look like Dom, he is pretty gifted and hev got great physique. And he is tall, you are fucking manlet m8, im pretty sure. Btw, im pretty built too, im wearynig something like this.

File: how long.jpg (24KB, 466x416px)Image search: [Google]
how long.jpg
24KB, 466x416px

you cringe, you lose
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>These kids like hip hop, like to go to the museums
>I liked Kanye, Nigo, Pharrell
>This shit on her mouth
>Less is more, dyed hair and blue triangle on her face
>I like minimalismmmm while wearing an overdesigned parka
Oh my god.
I lost real fast. I had to pause during her explanation for the face paint and take deep breaths.

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