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Where's the best place to cop replica jerseys? Looking specifically for either pic related or the next pic to be posted.

I'm not a fan of sports whatsoever so I don't see why I should be paying over $100.. however I do like the styling and they have potential for cool fits.
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I think American Apparel has a few but they come with names or numbers.

Check grailed for second-hand ebbets woolen jerseys maybe
>literally stealing my idea of wearing jerseys of old ass GOATs

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Had that Ian Connor dream again.
hes talking in tongues about raf licking his bum hole ect talking about his dog shit raf patch tattoos like the poser he is. I laugh walkng away because he's a dick head and he has the audacity to turn to me and call me a poser, I wake up it cold sweat every time it happens.
What does it all mean!?!?
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>look at me I'm tall!
he makes me feel sick
honestly what a cutie

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What is the best quality screen printing/custom shirt website? Should I just learn to do it myself or are there any good ones?
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I would not recommend screen printing yourself.

Screen printing can be rewarding to learn but requires a lot of investment and equipment to anything well.

You can quite easily do a single, or maybe two color print, no bigger than "11 x "8 with a hobby kit for about 80 dollars, but anything special, like large or full shirt prints, multicolor, special dyes, etc. will require professional services.

Your best bet is to find a well reviewed printer in your area.

Most printers maintain their own stock of blanks to print on, usually AA, gilidan, hanes atleast - but you can usually bring your own garment to print on.

If you're bring your own garment to print on be aware that natural fibres will hold pigment much better than synthetic, e.g. cotton vs polyester or nylon.

Typical fees for typical plastisol or sublimation screen printing are:
$10 - $20 setup per screen, this per color.
$1-2 dollars per color per shirt, + extra fee if you use a special ink (sublimation)

For darker garments you'll also have to pay for an additional screen for an undercoat.

alternatively, most printers also provide direct to garment printing, which is kind of link an inkjet printer for clothing. This is much cheaper and well suited for smaller runs - screen printing set up fees makes small runs really pricey.
wow thanks for the guide

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9 months growth the longest I've had it in my life, anyway I should specifically style it? Will be posting my goal below, I think I'm almost there being that he's my uncle and all
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dont post on this board again until youve fixed your skin and lost weight
we are all on this small speck of dust in the universe together

u look lik a fagit

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cntrl+f and nothing came up
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copped a CK quilted bomber today

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Need advice for a good head band to match my new sweater. If anyone can provide me with a link to one I can purchase online that'd be excellent-a-rooney-o

pic related, it's the sweater
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also i am male
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I feel like anything that is too colorful, has multiple patterns, basically anything to flashy will be tacky ad "try hard"
If you want a headband, go with something like a blue chambray headband.
Like the picture I attacked.

Keep it simple.

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Are there men's pants that aren't jeans, dress pants or sweatpants and where can I buy them?
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chinos? corduroys?
Aren't those just dress pants made of different fabric?
No not really. Dress pants are more formal, usually being made of finer fabrics and most always with a crease in the center.

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can /fa/ post pics of people dressed like this irl, it makes me cringe so hard desu
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File: Etwb8Nw.jpg (477KB, 2592x2592px)Image search: [Google]
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the O.F.
that pose on the right side is sooo gay my bf recently followed someone on instagram who had a picture of themselves doing that and i want to fight him for it
is it me?

File: 20120503-062707.jpg (51KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Dimple? Y/N
Also, post effay ties.
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Neither. Ties are for faggots.
2 edgy 4me
Just wear the tie you idiot
If you care about this type of insignificant shit then you are trying too hard

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How do you feel about DC shoes?
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Gaudy and they look like tanks on your feet
goes great with my baggy cargo shirts and razor scooter
File: LRnXP8E.jpg (59KB, 850x850px)Image search: [Google]
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They're the autism shoe of the future.

Give it 5 or so years and people will be laughing (even harder) at autists in puffy, cheap white DCs as much as they do at pic related.

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fucking emos.jpg
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>wear sneakers/hi tops
>wear obvious logos of any kind especially things like nike or hollister
>wear any kind of flat billed cap
>have any type of long hair
>wear a studded belt
>buy clothes that are torn
>wear plastic framed glasses
>wear skinny jeans
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I wear I flat billed hat to hide my not-long-enough-yet hair LOL
File: 1437242097805.jpg (50KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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it's like you're not even trying to fool us

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Rate my outfit!
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bump! Am I cute??
What should I change?

hows my jumper /fa/
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Thats a cardigan m'sir

File: IMG_20160210_213345309.jpg (1MB, 1458x2592px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /fa/ just looking for what people think of this summer fit. I got the clothes on clearance today (ignore the shoes I didn't buy summer shoes LOL) can you guys rate my esthetic, form, fit, function, and just opinions in the look?

Thanks guys!
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What shape glasses fit best on a diamond shaped face? A reference for men?
Pic kinda related
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bamp again

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