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Post your Grailed pages, show your wares, offer pricing advice etc.


Mostly junk but I've got a few interesting things. Hmu
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Rick tee
Sandro tee (in pic)
Officine Creative side zips aka "can't afford guidis"
get them folk
Pls buy my Shit


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In celebration of his success in NH, lets have a hat thread.
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where can I get one in europe ?
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not 100% sure, you might need an anon to ship you one.

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This is probably a terrible place to ask for practical advice but I'll give it a shot. I need a new pair of steel toed work boots. My stipulations are that they be full leather, at least 8'' tall and black in color.

I wore Dr. Martens for over a decade but my last two pairs were total shit. I didn't really believe the rumors that their quality had dropped so drastically after moving production to China but God damn, the new ones are awful.

I'm not /fa/shionable, don't bother telling me, I don't give a fuck. Don't tell me to get Solovairs or Grinders, those boots are casualwear, I need something made with industrial use in mind.

Any constructive ideas appreciated.
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if you like mfa brand names, red wing
Red wing is a fashion meme, definitely not the most practical boots.

>inb4 he drops $300 on an actually good pair of boots and trashes them to shit
if you don't let the leather dry out in between wears you're going to dramatically decrease the lifetime of your shoes
consider getting two pairs, even

Was Qaddafi effay?
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Obviously, almost all dictators are
Looks like he's wearing SLP F/W2016 collection.

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>tfw fucked up legs
Is it possible to be /fa/ with Genu Valgum?
Skinny pants are a no, it makes my knees stand out. It's my biggest insecurity.
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if they're not awful straight leg pants might help. chances are you have wide hips as well so avoid low rise pants
Mine are the opposite I guess this makes me feel better thanks
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My hips aren't overly wide, my legs really fucking stand out though
Even straight leg pants don't hide my shit
Maybe I'll just wear sweatpants for the rest of my life
We're gonna make it bro

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Which one is more /fa/?
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Hard decision.jpg
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Bump. I was legit just browsing the headwear section looking for the most aesthetically pleasing MAGA cap, but I can't pick, so I came here to get opinions and lo and behold, the first thread in the catalog was about MAGA caps.
I wear the white and gold one with a grey sweater and some nice kahkis

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Are polo shirts forever unfashionable now?
I barely see anyone wear them but then again i live in ontario and we aren't the most fashionable province.

I finally am /fit/ and i want to show off but i hate normal t shirts
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Ye, it's over
Even dis?
I have a scar on my neck that i like to hide since it makes me insecure. Thats why i avoid tshirts, but i feel its hard to find button downs that go well with levis or just to wear casually that arent riddled with ugly print... Might you have some advice?
>i feel its hard to find button downs that go well with levis or just to wear casually
it's not buddy
literally anything will work. you can find oxford shirts in all sorts of colors anywhere these days, and if you're actually fit you can wear the short sleeve ones as well without the fear of looking dorky.

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Is this shit spliffay? I'm trying to cop some, but every store doesn't fucking have them in my area REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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depends on the overall outfit/context, but personally these are shit

v a p o r w a v e

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Yeezy season is almost here
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>le homeless rags lol xD

fuck off normies, ye is shaping the fashion of the future and if you don't like it get the fuck out of the way
>fashion of the future
>everything is just rehashed previous work of other designers

ktt fags are actually this stupid
but its yeezus so it must be good, rite guys ?

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can we get a cheap military/lunar style boot thread up in here?
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hit us up over in lunar mang, don't create a thread all for this
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File: 41OMCwf+cSL.jpg (32KB, 500x408px)Image search: [Google]
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best sneakers in the game
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File: 2539409e_IMG_2046_zps5346796d.jpg (81KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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find a better pair of sneakers i fucking dare you

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How bad is this guys?
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lurk more /10

All the other boards speak highly of the folk here so I'll give it a try.

I'm looking for some shoes (Under 25GBP) that I can wear to the gym and casually outdoors. What does /fa recommend?
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amazon link would be great
adidas sambas in either black to be a normie, or white to be a meme.
thanks for the response, sadly thats far too out of my budget :(

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>being a shower
>not a grower
pleb, david is at least 7'' when erect
>not having your thick long cock protect your balls
>having a tribal nigger dick
Back to the wilds pleb

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zx flux slip on.jpg
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I really like the look of the ZX Flux Slip Ons but they're pretty much sold out everywhere here in the UK. Anyone know any similar shoes I can cop?
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go to ebay
y3 knockoffs anon dont buy them
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