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What color shirt is this?
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Gold and white

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What sleepwear is /fa/?
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Does it matter?
plaid pj pants or briefs with no shirt is most effay
booboo nice bulge. Are you wearing diapers? Bc i would change your undies to smudge ur poopoo all over my mouth u dipshit twat.

Flying Edition
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Why do people think this looks any good?
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Because most people grow out of metal and t-shirts at some point.
And into faggotry? This cuck looks like a boy pretending to be a man, plus posting his shit on ig is on the level of a woman.
OP did you ever play Pokemon and tried to use the bycicle indoors? Do you remember the professor's words? Well you wear this when the occasion or the setting asks for it.

Or do you plan on going everywhere wearing t-shirts and joggers?

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Is a pea coat essentially just a fedora for your torso?
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It's a pretty common style across North America and Europe, I would say not.
>It's a pretty common style
That doesn't justify it being fucking ugly
>pretty common style across North America and Europe

So are yoga pants and cargo shorts

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I decided that I might start wearing a blank mask in public to have more confidence. It might catch on.
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Lets keep this world non-autistic
Ladies and gentlemen we have reached the spectrum

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How important is nose shape to overall attractiveness?
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tfw have hooked mixed with grecian

end my life
Me too, but I learnt to own it. Strong nose = best nose
Very. That's why I got a nosejob. I actually posted my story here a few months ago. The shape itself is not important, but its harmony with the face, being it a crooked or a Barbie nose.

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Anyone have any experience with this applied to the brows? My brows are sparse as fuck, I'd like them to be a little thicker.
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I'm interested in this actually, bumping
Seems as though it might work actually
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Can you apply rogaine to non-balding hair? My hair isn't very thick and I'd like it to be a bit thicker.

Is video game merch effay?
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Nope get this thread the fuck outta here
Oh god the cringe
If I see someone wearing this
omma fuck that nigga up

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Trump hats.png
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Which Trump hat is the most effay?

Thinking of buying one and wearing it around my liberal uni.
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can we please not have this shit thread everyday?

>Thinking of buying one and wearing it around my liberal uni.
nice going you edgy shitlord
So which one is the most effay? I'm thinking the camo one to get that redneck vibe too.
it's not original, its not funny, nobody will care and youre only doing this as a desperate grasp for attention. you are an uninspired internet meme drone.

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Everyone knows knowing about obscure bands is /fa/ as fuck.

Music thread, lets do it. I'll start.

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>tfw this is what nike has done so far this year
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From that same link

>Nike's Shoe Sales Slip While adidas Makes Gains

> Is Yeezy jumping over Jumpman?

> Additionally, adidas’s Ultra Boost is now the best selling running shoe. According to Deutsche Bank analyst Dave Weiner, “In the past, Nike has dominated the running category with its Roshe and Free platforms,” Weiner added. “So Adidas’ recent encroachment is noteworthy.”
so all garbage then
still want me some foamposites though shaking my head

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Rate me /fa/
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Not that bad, to be honest.

But why are you in H&M?

Are you tricking me?
Tbh, nothing special. Boring imo.
why were you able to instantly recognize it's h&m

How do you rate Polish president, /fa/?
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better at flying
File: 00019YS1FGYJUOT3-C317-F3.jpg (80KB, 426x600px)Image search: [Google]
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> Polish president, /fa/?

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>tfw no /fa/ bf to dress me
>tfw no /fa/ bf to fund a tailored, luxurious wardrobe for me so i can be an extension of his look
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go away dadcore jerk offs. menswear is dead.
Now post the back
If OP is grill and in London......

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