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eternal lunarcore thread
post fits and inspo
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posting a dope custom jacket an anon made here that i saved a while ago
File: lunarcore2.jpg (176KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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if i remember correctly he made it from scratch
File: lunarcore3.jpg (215KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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fuckin dope carry strap
love the taupe interior

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Why does australia have no good stores for casual clothes?
Like America has Uniqlo, H&M and etc. but we're stuck with fucking jayjays or cotton on meme garbage unless you live in Sydney...
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Brisbane has a H&M with a Uniqlo opening right next door to it in the coming months, where u at fampatchi?
Dubbo ;_;
Any alternatives to jays jays, cotton on and factorie?
Im basic af, just wondering what shops I should expand on.

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Brands that have basic clothing design with quality material that don't burn a whole in your wallet?

Live in upstate NY, where you can find some grown men that wear Aeropostale, A&F, Hollister, etc., some of us are a little behind the trends, so I plan to do most shopping online.

Is grailed good for buying clothes?
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What kind of clothes do you need?

Cheap, but decent quality pants and jeans? Great underwear? H&M

T-shirts and outerwear? ASOS

T-shirts and sweaters? Uniqlo
>Is grailed good for buying clothes?

yeah it's fine
>Live in upstate NY
what part?

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Hey effays, valentine's is right around the corner and want to get something sexy to wear or use for my gf. I already got her a hexbug that she uses to stimulate her clit, and her vagina is way too tight to fit anything in.

So was thinking about clothes... Anything sexy or streetwear you think a girl would like?

She's kinda like the girl on the rights body type
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Full rick
it makes my dick diamonds when cuties like my gf wear long sleeve turtlenecks

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I bought these at the beginning of the month. What would you suggest to go with it?
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the classic obligatory noose
Dicks. I wish i was mad

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How do you feel about camouflage /fa/?
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it's p dope if you don't overdo it
File: tumblr_nnokkaS4na1rvhwhbo1_1280.jpg (448KB, 1068x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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*only one piece of camo in an outfit
*preferably rare camo only made before the 80s
*no digital ever
*nothing that's currently in service in your own country
Is currently in service in other countries acceptable?

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I've been looking at a few pairs and can't decide. What white shoe does fa like?
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File: ETQ low white.jpg (99KB, 613x409px)Image search: [Google]
ETQ low white.jpg
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CPs or CP clones or all white Vans, but then again I do fuck with the whole clean look
what are some good cp clones?

File: fucking awesome team.jpg (79KB, 960x669px)Image search: [Google]
fucking awesome team.jpg
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skateboarding fashion is GOAT t b h
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in general no. but sean pablo has goat style.
dill is a god

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ITT: we discuss the things you will go through to improve your face
>get chin surgery to move my chin forward a bit (I have overbite)
>rhinoplasty to fix Jew nose
>get fuller eyebrows with minoxidil
>drop bodyfat
>go on a low test cycle to improve facial aesthetics (coupled with lifting of course)
>get an eyepatch to fix my god damn asymmetric as fuck ptosis eye
>switch my chewing to the other side to fix my asymmetric jaw
>breathe with tongue on top of the mouth to enhance cheekbones

share your lifehacks for facial aesthetics here
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>breaking your fucking jaw and resetting it
>move chin forward a bit
>a bit
woah chill out pal. go live. this really doesn't matter. This sound like that 'looksmaxxing' shit. fucking obsessive v worrying shit dude.

asian dude in the op pic was right to get his hair-lip sorted but should've kept the kanye jaw
>Hair transplant
>Palatal expansion and braces
>Test and HGH cycle

Is there someone who knows the brand of this jacket?
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etsy rofl
I think Maxson drops it

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Women and guys interested in guys: Do clothes make the man? If so which ones?

Try to concentrate purely on fashion, fit, and coord as much as possible.

Plain and simple, what's purely "attractive" to femanons and gays/bis? You can be as finnicky or as pleb mainstream as you want.
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Not /fa/shion.
source on picture?
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From the menswear thread. A more mainstream choice than others but I must admit, tasteful well fitted menswear staples do it for me.

File: 1454276628648.jpg (139KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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nothing says fashion like ladcore, dump your inspo.

>post 2 get one free edition
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File: 1453753285671.jpg (178KB, 681x922px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1443432750394.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
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love your doop

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I'm upset /fa/. I have duck feet which bars me from wearing any nice looking shoes. The best shoes that they make in 4E are pic related, I hate them, but they're the best I can wear. Some people have even called them the What Are Those 8's. I see all these beautiful shoes on this board that I will never be able to wear without fucking them and my feet up. Feels bad man.
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just dress pale wave, they honestly don't look too bad its only the stigma that old people wear them.
you'll be right

>am.. am i fa now guys?
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i hate when people with "decent economy" do shit like this I mean c'mon
File: 1454833599136.png (257KB, 415x476px)Image search: [Google]
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>wearing boots like that

stop this, forever

File: jeans.jpg (195KB, 460x460px)Image search: [Google]
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any jeans that will fit something like this without the need of tailoring?
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Well, unless you have a leg length that accommodates off the rack pants, no. If you do, then yes, probably.

Where you ask? well, a lot of the skinnier Dickies worker pants have a similar fit, although they do have the chino pockets.

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