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I have tried asking about the site or store that sells this bomberjacket?

I have seen links like that resembelse the jacket but doesnt seem to be in the same material. The jacket is more like waxed wool or anything in that way, and the link that i provided hasnt got anything hanging down from the top.


Help a man out here.
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Here is also a close jacket to the original one.
File: essentiel-ma-1-olive-jacket.jpg (201KB, 1500x2302px)Image search: [Google]
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No strings here

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Best brand ever
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why is everything so brown
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ahs angela laugh.gif
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more like massimo doody lmaĆ³

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has science gone too far
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wher to cop.jpg
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nope not far enough
what happened to raf

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OLD: >>10913872

>runway boners

What do you think of the new season?

>Geobaskets/Creepers/Ramone Boots
Go 1/2 or 1 size down from your TTS

>Ramones/Tech Runners
Either TTS or down 1/2 depending on the shape of your foot

>Sock Runners ie Adisocks ie Stretch boot
TTS your UK size or size up 0.5 your US size

>Elasticated Pants/Drawstring Pants
Size down

>>>TRY before you BUY<<

>Season list, Fabric, Leather and Colour Guide (Post additions in thread)

>Instagrams to follow:

SS16 hitting stores, FW16 Just hit the runway, lets talk.

Fabric guide is up and running in the OP post now, post additions and amendments!

P.S. - if your gonna shitpost please also give us you're name and address so we can hang out

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oh wow
that image never fails to crack me up
it's perfect


hey guys what geos should I buy next
wtf is this pic

Post Stan Smith knockoffs that are kind of cooler looking than Stan Smiths.
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how are my tatted eyebrows
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actually pretty good

they'll look even better once they heal up, obvi
I don't belive you

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What should you buy at GAP? I have a gift card.
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find something you like and buy it

don't listen to /fa/
I'm more so wanting to know if there's anything I should avoid for technical reasons.
Jeans or khakis. On sale.

What is the name of the clothing company with this logo?
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try reverse image search
al merrick (surfboard company)

Is buzz cut really a meme or people serious when they wanna look like skin heads?
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I shaved my head two years ago and really liked it. Everyone hated it but whatever
Planning on shaving my head this summer, I'm excited
Buzz cuts are great if you have the right head for it (and are good looking). It looks terrible on feminine looking men, and even worse on ugly feminine men.

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I just put 18 cups of bleach in my washing machine - am I going to die?
>>itt diy til u die
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UPDATE I didn't die
Corporate shill
Going to do this on a blue french worker jacket

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i got this shirt in a mystery bag and idk how i feel bout it. it's like salmon pink colored i guess. what could i fit it w/? or should i just sell
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Its a staple color. I'm sure I'd look good with some dark brown khakis or used for the beach with beige chino shorts

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Going to semi formal event. Khakis with gray suit jacket?

Inb4 not tailored
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Sure, looks good. Any pics of the lower half?

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mean age: 19.5 years

median age: 19 years

mode age: 18 years (most common age)

/fa/ggots below the age of 18: 19.4%


Male: 90.0%
Female: 9.0%
'Other': 1.0%


Heterosexual: 83.8%
Bisexual: 12.4%
Homosexual: 2.9%
'Transgender'?: 0.9%

note 1:
the above is based off 408 respondents in the recent /fa/ demographics survey by based Anon, who made the data public.
20 likely trolls (4.6% of the responses) were not included.

note 2:
data from the survey respondents has been generalized for the entirety of /fa/.

note 3:
considering that it is likely that some users lied about their low age, it is likely that >19.4% of all 4chan /fa/ users are underage.
therefore, saying that "one in five /fa/ggots are underage" should be correct.

note 4:
if you're 25 or older, you're among the oldest 5% of /fa/.

note 5:
information we've gained from this new survey is mostly line in with the previous survey I did @ 473 respondents in September.

new demographic survey:

old demographic survey:



autism overlord
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Damn, this is nice.
Tbh its probably more likely for someone who is younger to participate in something as dull as a survey, so pretty much all data can't really be treated as random.
I intentionally redid the survey about 40 times randomly clicking stuff. I feel i'm not the only one that did this.

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gettin REAL fuckin tired of it. anyone have any solutions to stop your polo collars from curling up like this?
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I'd be more worried about the green skin
An iron
File: image_1.jpg (8KB, 262x312px)Image search: [Google]
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Iron it new/fa/g

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Opinions on this coat?
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Too damn shiny. i wouldnt be able to find anything to go with it.
File: 17959360.jpg (30KB, 549x412px)Image search: [Google]
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Not poofy enough

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