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What are some good places to buy clothes online?
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grailed if you have a penis

JesUs christ that guy looks almost exactly like me. Spppppoooooookkkkkkkyyyyyyy

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ITT: Androgynous style
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>androgynous style
what the fuck are you talking about
is he boy or girl?? hmm i wonder

but in style form
that's homosexual style

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semi formal.jpg
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I just got a girlfriend and need to buy some nicer, more formal clothes to wear on dates. Before I started getting into fashion and clothes, I would have gone with something that you would find on mfa, an oxford shirt with a sweater, some chinos, and a pair of desert boots.

the problem is, i don't dress dadcore. i usually wear docs and what can be described as "streetwear." what are some fits that are more formal than a grey hoodie, fishtail parka, black jeans, and docs, but that aren't dadcore?
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Skinny black jeans, chelseas, a loose fitting white T and a black denim jacket. Still semi-formal without looking like a dad.
Just wear something like the fit in your pic OP. That's not dadcore.
This sounds like something a dad would wear, except for the skinny jeans.
A white t and black denim jacket doesn't sound formal enough to wear to a somewhat nice restaurant, for example.

Are there "dress shirts" I could wear with such a fit? I haven't had any need to dress more formally than a t shirt since primary school, so the only thing i can think of is those horrible shiny dress shirts.

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/fa/ poster thread? What kind of posters do you guys have, pic related one of mine
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have this for like 6 years now, screenprint
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I have these two framed

Godard's Alphaville
Hiroshima Mon Amour poster by surrealist artist Bedřich Dlouhý

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Can I pull this off? I admit, its not a really good pic.
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Shameless self bump
Only if you're in the gym. It's not a matter of size, it's a matter of not looking like you're trying so hard.

ur a skeleton get some muscles first

does anyone know how i can get a copyrighted image (pic related) printed onto a t-shirt? seems impossible with the popular services i've found on the internet. i live in nyc, so maybe someone can point me in the right direction ;)
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If you do it right an iron-on might look nice. Just get a nice clean tee shirt and print that shit out familia

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So it's that time again /fa/. Re-release of the pirate black yeezy's dropping on the 19th, I didn't get em the first time 'round but I have to this time 100%.

Does anyone have a bot they'd be willing to hook me up with? I live in MA in the Boston area so I don't have any places dropping them near me.
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Bot's will not work, they patched them last time for Oxfords and Sneakerboy re-released the auto-copped pairs the day after
isn't there a in-store release too? If so I wouldn't mind lining up early in the morning.
Yeah there is but none in MA as far as I'm aware, or even like remotely near me

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download (2).jpg
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where can I get the highest quality white t-shirts

I'm ready to step up from Hanes
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If you're looking for "high quality white t shirts" you're probably spend too much time on /fa/
idk sunspel is pretty good
seconding this. sunspel is amazing. i'd go a size up. they go on crazy sale sometimes

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Need to start wearing glasses but have no idea what would look nice on me. Tear me a new one /fa/
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sorry for phone selfie but its all I got, will be shaving for work soon as well.
try a thinner frame
Get thin rectangular ones mang.

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are minecraft t shirts /fa/?
what pants should i wear with them, cargo shorts, or bootcut walmart jeans?
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I wear #allblack so I can do all my laundry in a single load.

Why do YOU #allblack?
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How do you guys prevent dust and lint getting on your black clothes? Sometimes when I take it out of the wardrobe (or suitcase if I'm travelling), there's a lot of dust on the clothes.
I'd say lint roller but I know that often they're not sticky enough to get fine particulate dust. idk man, hope there's a solution out there
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Anyone else with stretch marks? How to rid of them? or make them less apparent
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I have them on my shoulders, I'm not really sure what to do about them.
No luck my man, you can only wait for them to naturally fade.

Got them because used to be fat fuck then got skinny then skinny fat and now I'm swole so my skin has received punishment.
Coconut oil is supposed to help but it all seems like a meme.
damn how the fuck does that happen

if that's actually you, props on losing the weight bruv

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president Gerald Ford playing football in 1933

/fa/ af
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Being one of the worst presidents in fairly recent US history is not effay.

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w2c these glasses
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Anon post full picture just to make sure what the glasses are
kinda hard to tell she's moving around alot.

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Thoughts on these ?
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just like you
I have the greyish white looking ones, they're really comfortable and look pretty good.

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