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>mfw none of my contacts in the industry could get me in
This is gonna be the last season Hedi is leaving Saint Laurent :(
It's going to be the Men's FW16 collection and "Part 1" (Whatever that means) of the Women's FW16 apparently

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Is T.D form Martha speaks effay?
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W2c tomato shirt?

That fit is fire as fuck
w2c effay knee bandages

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post nice looking approach shoes.

yes its neo-fedora, but still better by utilitarian and aestetical terms (by the standard of rational beauty) than those God-forsaken postmodern desings of Rick Owens
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File: vasque rift.jpg (45KB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
vasque rift.jpg
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how dadcore is this?
File: mammut iglu sport 750kn.jpg (30KB, 550x339px)Image search: [Google]
mammut iglu sport 750kn.jpg
30KB, 550x339px

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sold out everywhere now that I can afford them

does someone know of a similiar pair ?
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File: Unbenannt.png (93KB, 615x716px)Image search: [Google]
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so perfectly balanced ;_;
File: 52232F000058_1.jpg (79KB, 544x1416px)Image search: [Google]
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Rick Owens
woa that is pretty close *-*

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Hello, i'm /fa/ enough to you guys?
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File: fa1.png (637KB, 592x498px)Image search: [Google]
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And my friends?
File: fa2.png (762KB, 597x592px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /fa
I am trying to figure out what my fit would be categorized as, palewave with alittle lunarcore ? i like grey/white futuristic, semi minimal i guess.
what would you guys reckon?
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Meme garbage
your clothing doesn't have to be categorized into anything, don't fall for that meme, just wear whatever you like
just trying to find an easier way to find what im after , but i like your advice
w2c the japanese tee

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post some trend predictions for the near future.

I'll start:

by late winter 2016/early spring 17, tan/camel/olive/military colors will be so mainstream and normie and "late majority" that /fa/ will hate them and claim that they were the one person that was already over it in like, winter 2015
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Lunar core is up next. Hopefully gay haircuts become main stream memes and end.

>"H-hey man. Bum a smoke?"
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Nah sorry I don't smoke, I've got a few xanax if you'd like one?
>giving away xanax
>Not having a sick insurance
I get 90 a month for 26 cents mayne.

So /fa/

All the pants I buy, be it jeans, chinos or other, tend to end up stretching out and being really loose in the waist after a while and I always end up having to wear a belt so they stay up at all

Is it a bad idea to buy my pants too tight, so that whatever stretching occurs will make the pants fit properly instead of too loose?
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Just wear a belt? they're designed around that
I don't wanna have to rely on belts all the time though

Also I still go by that old /fa/ "if it needs a belt to stay up it doesnt fit"
wear suspenders, they're designed to be comfy no matter how your weight fluctuates or your pants stretch

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Can we get an Anti-inspo thread going?
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I think they mean "I don't wanna dress like this" instead of "I wanna dress like this"
This is basically what cringe threads are for.

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So, I'm here to prove a point.
Everybody knows how fucking annoying shitty perfume/cologne is. But I give somebody rides that wears the strongest smelling shit I know.
>Yo dude, you need to stop wearing so much of that, you're stinking up my car.
>B-but anon I didn't put any on today, this is from yesterday and I only used three sprays.

Three sprays? For real?! C'mon guys, you only need one spray on a wrist and then to rub that shizz where you want it. So why would this dumbass spray himself...
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Go away
When using cologne after a while, you get used to how it smells so you get desensitized.
He's probably is do desensitized that he doesn't know how strong he smells.

File: PSMix_2016-01-18-12-12-33.jpg (930KB, 2061x2748px)Image search: [Google]
930KB, 2061x2748px
hello everyone

i just started selling clothes on ebay and i am new on this so could anyone help me what to do so i can sell more
this is my profile http://www.ebay.com/sch/frarafashion/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
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Make it more expensive, that way people won't be so suspicious

File: cleaning.png (2MB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 960x960px
Are cleaning shops trustworthy? Giving these two suits and three jackets worth $6,500-7,000 seems pretty risky imo. How would I proof I actually gave it to them?

Share your stories.
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lmao, recently a dry cleaning place in my city caught fire and it was apparently a place that lots of rich women would send expensive dresses and shit to get cleaned...

thousands and thousands of dollars in reparations.
Sounds like insurance fraud
They're more than likely used to handling more expensive stuff.

File: IMG_897.jpg (110KB, 692x900px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you think about my outfit?
I'm not sure Rick works with these pants.
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Ricks don't work with any part of your fit. THis is an awful fit.
Aren't those balmain?
Shitty bait. You know reverse image search is only a click away right?

File: denim jacket.jpg (429KB, 1575x1181px)Image search: [Google]
denim jacket.jpg
429KB, 1575x1181px
Whats a cool affordable denim jacket? Dark or black pls.
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Levi's Type III trucker or Lee Rider are your only options in terms of timeless denim jackets. Check ebay for a deal.

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