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Hey /fa/m

Should I cop left or right?

I'll be removing the diamond on the Eastpak/the Jansport logo on the Jansport and sewing on a patch. Might add more patches in the future, not sure.
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Can you make a choice yourself or are you so weak minded you have to have strangers on the internet tell you.
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Untitled 40.jpg
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said patch.

oh, also, left is Eastpak's Out Of Office in Into Sand, right is Jansport's Right Pack in Desert Beige.
jans. the leather/suede bottom will hold up longer

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Buy / Sell / Trade
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File: IMG_20160129_122223.jpg (2MB, 2368x3200px)Image search: [Google]
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Eytys mother suede black - UK 8/US 9
$105 shipped to US, accepting offers. Almost new condition.

File: IMG_20160128_000939.jpg (2MB, 2368x3200px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2368x3200px
Damir Doma wool hoodie black - EU 48/US M
$240 shipped to US, accepting offers. Like new condition.

File: lvPf9UaoSsWZoGjdAUTA.jpg (162KB, 1100x778px)Image search: [Google]
162KB, 1100x778px
Faliero Sarti silk blend scarf - black/teal gradient
$130 shipped to US, accepting offers.


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Can we get a patch thread going?
New to the whole patch thing, do these just velcro on? I got a nice jacket and it has a velcro patch section on each arm.
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anyone got any patches?
File: Untitled.jpg (992KB, 2612x980px)Image search: [Google]
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Selling (mostly) any of these patches for $4 each. Minimum order 3.

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Go !!!
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Can I have some female inspo pls
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Halston is pretty cool

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tell me the jacket is shopped in
i know vetements fuck with oversized all the time but got damn
Nope, that's not actually shopped
holy fuck lol at the bomber
dem instapumps tho

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I'm 19 /fa/ and I've never had sex. Now that valentine's day is coming up I've been feeling really fucking lonely. I've noticed girls checking me out (plus I flirt with girls in class) and I like to think that I'm effa;y but I'm terrible at making the first move. Is this the beginning of the end? Does anyone have tips on tying a noose?
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take this shit to /r9k/ faggot

mods please delete
1. Stop Listening to Morrissey you lonely fuck
2. Invite said girls to hang out
3. ???
4. Profit
dude youre fine. life is meaningless whats the point of killing yourself. it will be so heart warming when you fall in mutual love with someone but that wont happen if u rip

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To those of you who are majoring in fashion/already majored in fashion, how is it?

>major title
>what you're doing now towards your career in fashion
>any advice you'd give to those curious of entering the fashion industry
>anything else you want to share
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It's fucking hard; I've never sewn or pattern cut before, so that takes me forever. Design is the best; reasearching your themes or whatever and building a collection from the ground up.

Im still in 2nd year of a 3 year degree and this one is all about industry experience and learning the business side of creative direction. From what I can see half of these kids aren't gonna be designers when they grad...more like seamstresses, tailors or pattern cutters.

Im gonna try get a scholarship to another school once I grad down here, maybe intern for a year or so then apply for CSM or some house in Paris...thats where all the connections are anyway.
what sets the designers apart from the other "half of these kids"? Are they just that much more gifted in terms of vision or art?

Any advice you'd give me as I'm enrolling in a fashion school next fall?
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bumping with the beatiful peca

Residents of /fa/, allow me to introduce myself, I'm a person with no fashion sense, i wear whatever i have in my wardrobe, never bothered to mix and match my appearance.

So far, my experience has been okay,

but..it's not enough
i want to be a better person, someone better. whenever i see myself in the mirror i realize that I dress not the way i like.

The problem is, i dont know what suits me, what dont, and i dont know where to start

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full rick
So you want to tell us, you just started lurking? Cool :)
what do you mean by full rick?

i've been told that it might take a while to get a reply, so i went to check the kettle, i'm boiling water right now!

File: yeezy-season-3-collection-16.jpg (67KB, 675x1011px)Image search: [Google]
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Thoughts on yeezy season 3?

>Over priced homeless starter clothes. That all hype beast and sheep flock to because they think kanye is the lord and Savior or fashion.

This is how my white trash friends dressed In the 90s with hammydown clothes
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File: yeezy-season-3-collection-32.jpg (70KB, 675x1012px)Image search: [Google]
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Looks like you have to goose step in the boots
Looks like like some future Hobo shit.

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slackercore / comfycore inspo
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1448146323264 (1).jpg
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File: 1489374893.jpg (57KB, 720x960px)Image search: [Google]
57KB, 720x960px

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Looks better than any /fa/ meetups I've seen.
guy on the right looks aight
what in the fuck

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Can we get a hat thread going? Dump anything you have. All hats welcome but looking for a baseball cap, I have a narrow head so if anyone has any suggestions
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why u postin queen iskra??? shes better than this board
File: PATR-MH22_V1.jpg (265KB, 953x1440px)Image search: [Google]
265KB, 953x1440px

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Need some help finding clothes that have 2D's style from gorrilaz. Any help copping some clothes like this would be appreciated
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File: Gorillaz.full.1461404.jpg (105KB, 741x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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More pics
File: Gorillaz.full.815899.jpg (306KB, 1280x800px)Image search: [Google]
306KB, 1280x800px
Undercover and visvim

File: 1454784148889.jpg (27KB, 800x140px)Image search: [Google]
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Old one at 299


Now we start anew
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Pick up and move your jizz stained undies
before taking a pic of your shitty fit you HUMONGOUS fagtard
Duly noted.

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how come europe gets cheap monday and us fags in the us have to deal with shit like levis?
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Wanna trade? Cheap monday is shit.
Levis are ok...
it's organized racism against americans duh

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