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Where do I find a girl like this in London?
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secondary schools

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who the fuck is 6'5 and isnt on the nba or something
my bf is 6'5" i love it :)

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How to start modeling? What are famous recruiter model agencies? Should model career start with smaller ones?

Asking not for me, but for my friend, who has specific appearance which IMO stands for modeling. I guess he could fit for "heroin chic" aesthetics of SLP (he's tall skelly blond).

The problem is he's also from 3rd world country (spoiler: Russia), big opportunities with small number of options.
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you need to find a decent mother agency in your city, email them pics
Recommend me a good modeling agency in Amsterdam. I fit the SLP aestetic. I dont have high hopes walking for Hedi but arent there a lot of brands/designers looking for tall and skinny?
is clear skin a huge requirement?

i have the perfect modelling aesthetic for something like SLP (6'1, 125lbs) and have often been complemented on my jawline/cheekbones

problem is i have mild acne aswell

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What's your waist size? 38 here. Is becoming /fa/ even a possibility?
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>30-31 waist

Just eat less, and work out more.

thank you Mr skeltal

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Was Kurt Cobain effay? He's my musical idol. He was p /fa/, too, imo.
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>musical idol

litterally 4 power chord songs
bleach tho

ya dude was fa as fuck just is definitely a normi music icon

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So what do you think of Saint Laurent F/W16?
didn't see much new on the men's line and as a grill i wouldn't wear those midi skirt-pants he's pushing.


>Bieber in the background and that annoying bald drumming guy
I'm happy no kardashian showed up though.
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All the great outerwear saves this collection. Didn't like it at all while watching the show, loved it after I got to go through the pictures and see all the details on the jackets.

Rest was same old.

Womenswear is better than SS16 at least.
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lel, annoying bald guy was actually Krist Novoselic
fuck I knew it would be someone cool

thought it was pretty funny and must have been a pretty big compliment for pypy to see him enjoying their music

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Post your grails, cops, etc

Which one of these should I cop?
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>new balance
none grandpa
bottom right
will look equally sick with washed or raw denim.
But based on the shoes you posted, you more likely need to figure what you actually want, boots or sneakers.
Yeah, I'm not sure either atm. I'm leaning more towards the boots because I'm trying to get a desert / jungle soldier look going this summer, that's why I'm looking for brown shoes in general. But the color on the brown boots isn't great, I wish the color was more like the shoes underneath it

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Posting inspo
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What are the most /fa/ types of breasts?
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bee sting
Bee Stings are the most effay, second most effay would be the Sweet Potatoes
Tfw my disgusting ex had watermelon tits

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So this just happened at a party after work tonight /fa/ just want your opinion.

Was small talking about the superbowl with a group of people (two I knew, probably 4 other randoms) and this guy notices my shoes (Comme Des Garcons) and complements them says they look real nice. I say thanks and shit. He asks me how much were they and where did i get them, I tell him I don't remember it was a while ago (not trying to make a big deal). Then he calls them by the brand name and says they sell for a lot of money then asks me if I think its pretentious to pay 5 times more for a pair of shoes just because it has a heart logo on it. I spaghetti'd hard and felt like a complete tool. I just said that's just your opinion in some backwards jumble of awkward words. But the truth is that it ruined my entire night, I've already been thinking about this for hours.

How am I suppose to handle shit like this? I kinda feel guilty for not buying Converse.
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Who gives a fuck what he thinks. What impact does this guy possibly have on your life. Should have just said 'I like them' - there's really no argument to that.
who tf cares cdg arent even that much more than chucks.
Well he didn't like you before that. It wasn't really about the shoes.

ITT: Your opinion on this type of hair cut, and the emo/goth subculture in general.
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10 yrs late middleschool-core
It was dumb in middle school and its dumb now
Would slap his nose with my dick and cum on his lips.

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Last one is almost finished. What do you guys think about Uniqlo sweats? Already have one by Alexand Wang and Our Legacy, need something cheaper.
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Schott slim fit moto

I'd get BLK DNM instead but yeah. Good.
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Also considering this fake ysl one from daytona leathers

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/fa/'s queen wears yeezy's

how come you dont?
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1. they look like shit
2. i don't buy into forced trends
I'm poor

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I started an /fa/ Skype chat not long ago and it's going pretty well (We mainly (as adults) discuss effay related things)

Do not add anyone without admin permission
No circle jerking, don't add your friends just because, it's a friendly chat but it isn't an a hug box
No shit posting
Don't be under 20
Be active

Add: farah.fa
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Dont spam this. shes very rude and doesnt allow proper conversation to happen at all, she wouldnt let me swear, talk to my friends, and in general have a good and funny time.
had to be 100% serious.
and she also is very smelly, she sent me picture of her armpits and i almost ralphed.
8 million people on skype named farah.fa

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I bought these fuckin meme shoes and now everyone keeps asking me why I look like a nurse
>you spent HOW MUCH??
>why are your shoes pure white anon
>your shoes look weird

I got trolled didn't I
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wear them without your scrubs
I wear it with my lab coat desu.

>making $$$

OP is an idiot
>>you spent HOW MUCH??
the only one anyone has said to me. not that i give a shit though desu, paid $290 for a brand new pair and i'd do it again.

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