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hi /fa/

i'm 5'11 male, pretty slim/somewhat muscular body but my thighs are really thick

can someone please advise me about how i should dress silhouette-wise given my stature

i've noticed that i don't look that good in skinny jeans, but i like how i look in shorts

are dropcrotch trousers a good idea?

any help appreciated
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drop crotch trousers are never a good idea unless you fell for the Rick meme

Coats and shirts sweaters that hang below your waist are a good one
Keep doing squats and buy some levis. Go to the store and try shit out.
I'm somewhat the same shape and I wear 511's, but honestly, I'm not sure if I like them. I feel like they are a bit too feminine for my liking. Thinking about getting regular 501's.

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WIN_20021208_120000 (693).jpg
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Do my eyebrows require professional plcking?
dont have any female friends and im to embarassed to go :(
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you need it, badly.
disgusting middle. just look at it wtf bro
what should i tell them what if they make it like a girls.

hey cunts need help deciding which one to get, if I got the grey I could then get the white h&m collab high tops as well, but if I got the white I feel it would work with more fits but won't be as glamorous as the grey ones, see my predicament? also inspo pls

poor boyz need not apply
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None you fuckboi, most disgusting margiela shoe
kill yourself

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Whats the best place to start designing your own t-shirts? It's a small hobby of mine and I would like to set up a "shop" where the site prints my tee's etc so that I don't have to carry stock or whatever.

What place is least hassle? What place is most profit?

Thank you in advance
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spreadshirt? I dont know about the quality though

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What does /fa/ think about Zara? I never bought anything from them, but their stuff looks quite promising
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Shit quality, mall tier, fast fashion. If you don't care about the quality of your clothes and only want normies to think "wow he dresses nice" its fine. But you're not going to impress anyone who actually knows anything about fashion.
Low quality ripoffs
Why do newfags insist on posting this shit instead of spending, like, 30 minutes browsing

Jesus fucking christ

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best sunscreen.png
2MB, 2000x2000px
Remember to put on sunscreen. What are your routines? What brand sunscreen do you use? Acne?
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Avocado Oatmeal clay mask first, exfoliant scrub on face after. When out of shower, put on a lotion that contains some sunscreen but isn't overpowering. Note I take very cold showers.
Cold showers are my biggest problem. I know I need to take them, but hot showers are just so damn comfy. Face breaks out after them, though. That always sucks.

Curious about the clay masks, though; I've used the aztec clay kind before, and it feels damn nice, but is there any evidence that they actually help at all?
I use basic ass Goldbond moisturizing cream on my face when I get out of the shower. I only use it because my face dries out and uncomfortable after it gets wet.

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Hey /fa/ help me become an effay artists. What do I wear, what type of music do I make, what lyrics or themes do I cover?? I'll listen to all of you
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(That's a shit song that took me 80 mins using GarageBand and iMovie for the first time, wanted to test/learn how to use the, and upload videos )
I want to make music for fun, just a hobby, it will be shitty but I think I'll have fun
I spend a lot of time on this board /fa/ and I'll like to create something that you'll all like

I generally like minimalistic/monochrome aesthetics
White & black nike grid anything meme core/tumblr

But I want to know what /fa/ would want their artists to wear, and what genre ?

I'm leaning towards some ambient / cloud rap maybe a little classical music right now (though the posted is like 97% the complete opposite )

And what lyrics would /fa/ like their artists to cover? What themes?
I'm planning to do something similar to bladee eccko2k young hurn yung lean or spooky black except ALOT more simple / clean / quiet
Any advice would help
Also, that pic isn't me but basically resembles how I dress, without the graphic on the shirt

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what shirt is this?!
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been woderin where fat nick got it too
for real shit pisses me off i have tweeted him and asked a few times
why did u expect him to answer. dont cop cuz nick has it that would be retarded

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sup /fa/ I need your help.
I am a mulato or anglo or some shit kinda like pic but uglier obviously. The thing is that I am in middle of germany and the race war it's starting.
How do I bleach my skin? and how do I lighten my hair? any tips to look whiter??
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hello /pol/
Staying out of the sun is about as good as you can get without fucking your skin up, but more important than looking white, you have to become German.

Fly the flag proudly and side with the German nationalists.

German nationalism is /fa/ as hell
how the fuck do I do that while being brownish

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Short girl outfit inspo/short girl thread
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How short are you even?

I have trouble putting together outfits that don't make me look even more like a dwarf.
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I'm 5'2 or 1

I have an /fa/ skype chat, want to join? we could discuss makeup and midget fashion

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how do you feel?
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does it make you mad
just had my tonsils took out about 3 hours ago, I feel okay thanks for asking.
To be honest with you, simply ill.

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Alright guys, what should I wear with some nice red wings
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Jeans, or woolen/flannel trousers
wear the meme outfit: iron rangers, raw selvedge jeans, a button down flanell shirt, and a chore coat or a waxed trucker jacket.
flannel shirts are spliffay man

File: iphone-6s-colors.jpg (134KB, 956x700px)Image search: [Google]
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which is the most effay iphone color
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space gray or rose gold
yay <3 my color is effay
rose gold is the only right answer

File: AQ3402_01_standard.jpg (17KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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What color of the Adidas Tubulars is most versatile? I'm thinking about going with the gray, but the white look fresh too.
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You can basically pair anything with gray
the "you can pair anything with black and white" is a meme that needs to die desu
File: Adidas_Tubular_X_Knit_10.jpg (584KB, 1000x667px)Image search: [Google]
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gray or white. go gray if you want something to not stand out

File: zanerobe-promo-1308710120.jpg (673KB, 1179x784px)Image search: [Google]
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what do you guys think of Zanerobe? I am browsing there stuff and it looks pretty nice
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Save your money and buy Cav Empt
Even shittier advice.

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