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r8 or h8
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>watches cherry once // RIP Dylan Rieder

I've been wearing this fit with a blue Margiela dress shirt instead under a black sweater is that much of an improvement?
W2C that bag sweet jesus

Are brass knuckles /fa/ ?
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I had a dream last night I copped some brass knuckles from a guy after he tried to punch me
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I love them. I use to collect them when I had a job. pic related is my favorite one.

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Pants 25-1.jpg
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The one they use in the army.

You know, the people that are supposed to wear this pants.

You faggot.
Uh, thanks?
>only skaters should wear Vans!
>only people playing basketball should wear Converse/Superstars/AF1!
>only construction workers should wear Timbs!
>only people with injured feet should wear Doc Martens!

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Can I (an asian male) pull of a bob haircut that is traditionally for women?
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OP here. Pic related is the bob haircut that I want to go for.
are you cute? yes
Any guy could pull that off, as long as they're attractive. The style in your image isn't too far off a regular long hairstyle for a man.

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What /fa/ wear for a party or for the club?
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I don't, I'm an adult
No, you are just boring
an adult doesn't save pictures like that to use in his shitposts on a japanese anime imageboard

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is reviewbrah effay?
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He's autistic and none of his clothes look good or fit at all.

So he's extremely effay.
How tall is reviewbrah? He looks quite big in that pic
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What core is that?

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What do you think of these ? Is it just like a disgusting plastic thing ? Or is it quite nice and fa ?
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you tell me insecure motherfucker
w2c clear rounded transparent glasses like pic related for non-autismal prices

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muh dress.jpg
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I don't come here often (vidya, pol and b only), what do you effeminate cucks think of this? I have a job interview on Monday, first one ever, is this gonna be OK? Want to dress to impress.
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Your fit is shit, your face is horrendous and your selfassured arrogant attitude means you will fail your interview and remain a NEET loser for the rest of your life.

Get out our board

What is wrong with my face? or the fit for that matter, it fits snugly?
the only thing you impress upon me is a huge lack of self awareness and an overinflated ego

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What's an effay side profile?
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This one, I guess
Hi I do the exact same thing sometimes cause I'm trying to see my jaw definition

I'm guessing your Asian/Happa?
Crop out a small part of the wall and mirror to censor your eyes

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Is there a company or product with shittier quality control than Levis? Grab 5 pairs of the same jeans and they'll all fit differently.
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cheap jeans are all like that, they cut them in giant stacks of like 200 at once. that's part of what you pay for with autism reddit jeans and designer.
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tfw 501 CT right leg seam is literally in the front instead of the outer side.
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Here in Australia levi's are literally $130+ lmfao

Just look at this shit

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>tfw indian
what do famalamingtons?
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Take a shower
Poo in the gotdamn loo
Looks like african american.

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Just copped these
Did i fuck up?
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Shoulda grabbed the high tops for F/W desu famalamdingdong
no you didn't fucked up at all
old skool is always a great choice
desu i think that lower ones are way better than hi Sk8
i was thinking about coping them but too many people are wearing them :(
good cop

Can anyone tell me what's the name of this hairstyle if it has one?
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Don't start threads like this
woman top knot
my god this looks so retarded

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whats fa's opinion on this supreme tee?
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design is alright but played out, also its supreme so fuck that
how is the design played out?
all of the undercover supreme tees look like garbage

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What I should wear when my body has the shape of a rectangle and 5'6'' (male)?

I think there is nothing that wears good on me.
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Levi's Type III.jpg
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Levi's jackets look good with that body type.

You can cuff the sleeves if necessary, and it still looks cool.
have you considered hrt?
I mean, a guy just can't ever be considered attractive at 5'6, for real. no effort can overcome that gap so be realistic

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