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who else /fishercore/
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What is the most /fa/ dog?
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the ones that feed h&m and zara manufacturers
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And with this image the thread is now concluded, thank you all for playing.

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Hair is fashion. How do you guys trim your public/anal hair?

I've tried doing it but I can never get a good cut at the back. I was thinking of hiring a prostitute to do it for me, they'd probably be the only people who are willing to do that seeing as they are probably asked to do weirder shit.
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Im not, because im not a fucking faget.
I don't get any pussy so I don't have to worry about this
unless you're getting fucked in the ass there's really no reason to go through the trouble of shaving it

however I can see this being an issue for you OP so best of luck in your weed whacking endeavors

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I really like this outfit. Do you?
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BG Kumbi?
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very good outfit
Ohh! Sweden.

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Can someone please tell me if these are fakes or not
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Take a top picture
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Who is your fashion idol?

Mine is A$AP Rocky, Shindy, Drizzy and Ye

pic related
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Damn rocky is p. tall
Is he 6'?
holy shit kys
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Yes, the person next to him is 5'11"

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wtc decent chelseas for the cold weather? I got these for cheap and I'm not entirely convinced, thoughts?

>post whatever you wear to keep your feet warm and dry
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Palladiums /fa/m, they're more wearable in the snow
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I ordered these chelseas from Combat Gent that I saw on reddit but they haven't arrived yet. $62 shipped in the US, they're my first pair of chelseas so I didn't want to commit to Story Et Fal or any of the mid tier boots.
I like the suede texture, but I don't think I could keep it intact through winter so I'm limited to leather

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Any related fit inspo, or just inspo for this kind of style in general
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i actually tried to recreate the shirt hes wearing here to the best of my abilities

ill take a pic hold on
Are dirtbikes effay? What if you only ride it on the street? I just don't want to be another cafe racer cunt
they're pretty effay

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Would you guys say this kind of casual goth look is effay?
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not effay and not casual
dark lipstick always looks bad

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girls with shaved heads
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fucking god tier

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What clothes do I have to wear to slay qt3.14 twinks and also women?
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brad pitt.jpg
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suit + tie + slim belt + brad pitt mask
you have to go back

Why do hypebeasts worship this man so much?
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he is kinda the icon of contemporary streetwear
he has done great music as well
also the hypest sneakers at the moment
so really what kind of a retard are you if you don't understand that yourself?
cause he wavy
theyre just buying into someone elses success to increase their own social status.

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What's the best boxer brief out there? Which do girls most prefer on guys?
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u dun fucked up white boy
If you really want fa underwear I guess prob Calvin or Tommy Hilfiger
I'm going to get shit on, but Calvin Klein micro trunks are the GOAT of underwear.

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Are M65 jackets supposed to be oversized? Whichever size I try, the sleeves are too long.
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desu thats pretty good fit
tfw cant pull it off unless 40+
they're now used more for the juxtaposing views of the wearer, woody allens character is a great example.
Pseudo-intellectual faggot

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What kind of glasses would work with my face best ?
Pic related: it's my face with my old glasses ( they broke ).

Also, glasses general thread.
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Not those.
They don't suit you in the slightest
Thanks for the cc. What about a suggestion then ?
Oliver Peoples Riley

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