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Just copped my first pair of Ricks :)
I'm so excited to finally have such a good pair of designer shoes!
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sicc cop friendo
Looks small

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rip manlet.png
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is height the most determinative /fa/ factor?
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it's facial features/bone structure

if you disagree then you probably just at the very least lack any "great" features but in all likelihood you're average looking at best
Proportions and face are key

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Why /fa/ doesn't discuss Avant Garde fashion any more?
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/fa/ died when all the tripfags left in like early 2015
board peaked late 2013
I don't know but it's ok, it's pointless to discuss that here, there are better places to do so.
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All other places are dead or slow as fuck. This is one of the most active fashion forums, and I know it's 4chan and that this board has always sucked but there used to be crossposters and interesting discussion pretty often. I want that back :(

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What is fa wearing for Halloween?
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would a crazy 88 be a good costume? it would just need a funeral suit and a kato mask
Fuck should i wear shit for Halloween parties
Im just going to talk to girls and take molly tho
Not a lot of people will get it and you look edgE
Giving out candies to kids in my pyjamas

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Are Cigars /effay/?
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the fedora of smoking

even snuff is cooler than cigars, the only people who can pull off cigars are fat cats and Kramer
You don't smoke cigars to look "cool"

You smoke cigars when your income becomes respectable enough to afford them. You also smoke cigars once you realize that you want to actually want to taste the tobacco you are smoking.

Also, do not attribute smoking to being cool. No one cares if you smoke. Also fuck you.
t. fedora lord

i wanna die
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Here, this.
You want to die because people make videos regarding clothes. What's wrong with you?
>regarding clothes
haul videos are a marketing ploy by fast fashion brands

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how do I pull of this style?
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if you are being unironic, I would stay start with the watch and it will act as a nucleus for all outerwear choices, it will give you your center
I was being unironic
what kind of pants do you think go with polos?
jeans? slacks? dickies?
I truly believe what makes him pull it off is his size.

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Cop/not thread
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I actually like it. W2c?
There's already a thread
cop so you can set it on fire

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I wear too many sweaters what do I do?

Also how to dress when babyfaced male tryin to look like a big boy
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I have this same problem, except I wear too many shirts from walmart and yard sales because I live on the poverty line.

Grow a beard is my first advice.
Polo shirts and start lifting
no such thing as too many knits

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Effay will NEVER regain it's glory. Your LAST hope was /ROG/, but you killed it. YOU killed the greatest thread on effay to EVER exist. /ROG/ masterrace.
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> Rick owens in 2016

Have you idiots not noticed Visvim is what /fa/ is wearing now? menswear>
What did he mean by this?

ring thread?

what do you think of rings on men, how to pull it off , what style to go for etc
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I wear rings usually. I have like a grunge greaser biker rocker look going though.You need skinny hands to pull them off and be at least a 7/10

Any rings you have in mind?
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You can wear this ring at lodge with your bolo tie, checkered short sleeve button up shirt, and corduroys
File: IMG_20161012_154934.jpg (65KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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post foot fedoras

i'll start with these monos
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stuff black celebrities wear
agreed, most black celebs dress incredibly ostentatiously and dress as though they some niggaz wit' attitude carrying a chip on their shoulders.

Is it possible to achieve the comfy anime aesthetic as a white boi?
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It's pretty hard to do without looking like a weeaboo loser is what I mean.
Yes because characters from Anime look more Caucasian than they do Asian.

What are some effay striped shirts?
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>reminder that CDG Play is only cute if you are <16 or >70
Telnyashkas and Bretons are /fa/ AF, but only if you're SLP-tier skinny, ottermode, or /fit/

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What's the name of these boots?
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Groid loafs
Here you go OP:

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