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this is a grown man
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who chooses to dress like this
people like this.

I wonder what size flannel that is. L? M??

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Post effay rockstars
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Is this brand actually good or just a cheaper SL knock-off?
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was hoping they'd knock off the best piece of slp but they didn't afaik

girl I fucked once had a pair of shoes from them, she was happy with them

though she was convinced she *had* to wear them sockless - that ever true?
cheaper so knockoff

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Sorry for making a thread about this but I really need /fa/'s word on this. Bad hairlines are uneffay for sure, help me out please.

Am I prematurely balding? I recently started growing it out and noticed my bad hairline. Long story short, it's really stressing me. I've decided to cut it short and never grow it back if I'm balding.

For the record, father has a full head of hair at early 50s, grandfather from mother's side is mid 60s and pretty much Norwood V.

What is my Norwood level?
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yes, you're starting to recede
take it from someone who knows
this is me in 2013
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this is me 3 years later

Fuck. My. Life.

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/fa/ red flags go

you will never be effay if you are in touch with any of them
>slim bombers
>low rise jeans
>shop at fast fashion shops
>wear v necks
>wear fake jewlery
>have undercut and beard at same time
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Facial piercings anyhow.
Low rise jeans are womenswear.
Just my two cents in agreement.
Sometimes fast fashion shops have nice stuff.
>colored hair
>being black
>not being white
>your height starts with 5'
just some basic shit

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Post some r9k-core fits.
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This is what I imagine most of those faggot betas look like

What hair colors are /fa/ approved?

>Im dyeing my black hair to titanium on Wednesday
>Is there anything I should know about how to handle colored hair
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i think it's a little late in the game to go silver/white, i like natural colors better right now. that aside, i had silver hair for a while.

tips: don't wash your hair, especially not with shampoo. wash your hair with just conditioner/purple conditioner if you have to. use purple pigment dye in conditioner as your toner in between root touch ups; if you have roots and you tone your hair using a toner that mixes with peroxide, your roots will turn yellow/orange.
I wasent gonna bleach all my hair. I use a lot of black and silver/white clothes. So I was thinkng of starting the bleaching right above my scalp so you can still see some of the pure black hair that I got. I think it would look really good like that

To be honest Im just want see what I'd look like with frosted hair. I might actually look fuckable
I want to bleach my hair white/silver/platium blonde but the thing is, I have very greasy hair so I have to use shampoo pretty often.
What should I do?

btw, I saw this pic going viral yesterday, how do you get this final fantasy hair look? I mean, it doesn't look like "normal" bleached hair.

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I just bought an Alpha Industries MA 1 on Asos. It's the slim version, and it looks like shit. A lot of people don't like the classic one, because it is supposed to be too puffy, but the slim one is too thin. What's your opinion?
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Slim one looks better imo, puffy one is too puffy desu
Slim one = looks like a garbage bag.
my opinion is that youre a bitch ass nigga

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>37% women
You bunch of lying faggots
fucking liars
Why is it so hard to believe that ~35% of posters/lurkers are women when we're literally 51% of the population?

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I have an internship interview coming up on Thursday and the email says attire is "business professional".

I've never interned or had a professional job in my life. I don't have a suit or dress shirts.

What's the best way to go about this without spending too much $?

Thanks /fa/
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you need a suit.

Rent one or borrow a friends.
Shiny shoes is a huge plus
Please post some infographics on what to look for in a suit, shoes, dress, shirt, tie, etc.

What kind of job is it anon?
Because an offices "business professional" can range from itcore to patrick bateman.

I've been wanting to cop a pair of Jordan 1s and not sure on which colourway. Which colourway is your favourite?
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Nigga go back to streetwear
feels like they're all pretty shit

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your dream effay lifestyle:

-9/10 extremely thin white wife, who always wears black. I only see her a few times per week. It is a very cold marriage, but we sort of love each other a lot.
-extreme minimalist living space. looks far more like an art gallery than a home
-work is writing radical obscurantist post-marxist books and papers, semiotext(e) eats it up, not actually politically active
-small manageable heroin addiction
-spend most days in bed, eating very simple food, reading at random, listening to music
-don't live much past 50
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shit fucking life mate
You forgot the midlife crisis, also your fantasy is shit ~desu
shill? shill? shill?
Ive seen this thread multiple times, and people always tell you this sounds like a bad shitty life.
wish I had pics to prove

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>take vitamins EVERYDAY
>eat healthy EVERYDAY no soft drinks
>drink water and tea
>moisturize EVERYDAY
>see as little sunlight as possible
>make facial expressions as little as possible
>cold showers instead of wrinkly hot showers
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>no sunscreen
all of the above is a complete waste of time if you don't put on sunscreen
>take vitamins every day
i eat decently so i dont really have too many deficiencies so i shouldnt benefit too much
>eat healthy every day with no soft drinks
coke zero man
>drink water and tea
yep water can make so many things better
>moisturize every day
>see as little sunlight as posible
no? just use more sunscreen
>make facial expressions as little as possible
not that cute desu
>cold showers
hot then cold blast at the end
Processed sugar isn't the only reason soft drinks are unhealthy.

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So, I need a new backpack for shool that's big enough for all my stuff, I'm thinking about something that looks like Fjällräven Kånken or OP's pic.
just get the real thing
I found the backpack OP posted on sale for really cheap. Would I look like a tryhard autist because of its heavy resemblance to Fjällräven Kånken?

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