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Anyone here got a cochlear implant/hearing aids? Need suggestions on hairstyles that obscure this unsightly shit
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>Not embracing it
>Not voluntarily having one arm and both legs replaced by prostheses too
>Not rocking full cyborg techwear

Fuck off
I got that Hitler youth haircut going and still wear hearing aids. Most people don't notice them and eventually most people just don't care.
obviously fake you can see his leg through it

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Going to be buying my first car soon and I need ideas. Budget is ~$3000 CAD. Has to be pretty good on gas and relatively low maintenance. Whats the most /fa/ car that meets these criteria? Pic unrelated
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The official car of /fa/
What is that
Volkswagen golf is the offical /fa/ god tier car choice

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rate these?
just copped the dylan's, waiting for them in the mail
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wow you bought vans knock offs good job
>buying clothes
I don't really like the suede versio of these that much but it's a cool model
Been meaning to get a pair, they are nice lookiing beaters and I don't have to worry about my shoes getting rekt or changing them if I end up skating.

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Rate my friends fit
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is that a woman's jacket?

Is anime effay?
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Flip Flap, Flip Flap...
i love Tatami
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You can be bald and effay Anon, there's hope for you.
You just have to be tall, blues eyed, with a symemtrical face.
All this bulliyng in this website, let's share some love, let's share some hope. Tell you Anon lad with some unfashionable trait how he can still put it off.
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Can I get some context for that gif?
she is a professional actress. she usually takes pictures with ugly losers. there was at least one good looking guy there.

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I need a style for my personality
Im mean to people and treat them like shit and humiliate them with words so draw attention away from my insecurities
I cheat on girls and never fully commit to relationships because I'm paranoid that she's gonna cheat and break my heart
I put up walls between myself and everyone else
Unless I'm at a party and I'm on something I don't talk unless spoken to and keep to myself
I abuse adderall
I drink by myself occasionally
I like listening to meme rap and emo (American football, sunny day real estate)
and folk metal
I hold libertarian political views
I get infatuated with girls and dream of dating them and when I actually get close to them I lose everything and sometimes cringe at me thinking this chick was worth anything
What kind of wardrobe would fit this kind of person
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preferably a rope around your neck

>undercut and beard
>slim bomber
>stan smiths
>chelsea boots
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>getting fashion advice from a Peruvian clown and circus forum
are you telling me I shouldn't listen to these socially underdeveloped, barely legal cool kids?
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>tfw the guy OP described gets more puss than OP

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Is it possible to be effay while fat?
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the trick to being effay with any body type is owning it, so yes, as long as you acknowledge you are fat and plan your fits around that
matty matheson is fat as fuck and hes super /fa/

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Post anything you've recently saved from shit shape.

>wore these Roshe Flyknits to what was going to be casual bonfire, turned muddy outdoor shit-faced party
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I've recently dyed some jeans that were faded black. Idk if that counts.
Why not? Any pics?
File: IMG_20161017_201535.jpg (1MB, 2448x3264px)Image search: [Google]
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Originally light grey

File: 0MqPtzE.png (169KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Which toe shape?

Chelsea boots which will be worn with skinny jeans or very slim suit trousers
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right is elf core

left looks more masculine
File: toe.jpg (119KB, 1100x1100px)Image search: [Google]
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There's also this one
This is the least offensive one. If you're very unsure, go with this.

The right toe in the OP is the superior option though. Especially for what you will be wearing.
The left in the OP is shit.

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Does Gianluca have the most effay tattoos?
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Nigga looks like a treasure map
who tf is this nikka
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>when plebs dont recognize the most effay man alive

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Should I cop these fake/rep Ramones? Can't justify 600+ for canvas and rubber.
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Never going to make it
All Rick replicas suck balls, complete waste of money.
Reps aren't /fa/

Either you save your pennies or buy something you can justify

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What were these called again?
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a gay version of a henley
moob enhancers

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I have size 11.5EEEE(US) feet. Where the hell can I get eff ayy sneakers? I have plenty of boots and dress shoes, but finding a sexy pair of sneakers that fit is hard as fuck. I can have custom boots and dress shoes made, but what is a pancake-footed fuck like me supposed to do for everything else?
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Being a puddlefoot is not effay
I wear a 14.5 ughhhhhh.
D-don't say that!
At least you can buy tennis shoes that aren't New Balance.

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