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W2c a cord shirt
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tfw no mustard color tho
uniqlo is deffo the spot for cords
are cord shirts in now? I stockpiled a bunch from goodwill a few summers ago and have been wearing them sparingly

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are jethro tull /fa/?
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Yes. I purchased tickets to see them in April.
good on you op. at least youre not one of these cucks that listen to nigger music like rap
Is Yes /fa/

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Does anybody here like Palace? I honestly don't get why people are hyping them up so much, some of their pieces are cool but half of it seems to be the worst of 90s britpop. Am I missing something here?
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skate brand
best logo in the world
>get basic piece
>print logo on
>get some cool kidzz :333 skater boys to pose in it
>ramp up the price *10
There winter drop is full of good stuff. Nice outerwear, interesting graphics. They also carry a slightly different stigma than supreme/thrasher/etc.

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Any upcoming fashion sales. I'm always late to them.

also rate my gf
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she paints her face more than a circus clown 5/10

what is the most fashionable instrument to play?

i vote violin
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Theremin, sounds cool as fuck and you get to do spooky hand motions that are very effay
Though for traditional instruments, cello wins
Cello or piano.

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>tfw Manlet

Can I still be effay?
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how manlet are we talking?
are you fat?

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Screenshot (22).png
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Screenshot (23).png
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Screenshot (24).png
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what are some effay things to do with a girl? been out of ideas lately and im going out today
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put your penis in her asshole
im going to go with getting her to spit on you but thats just me

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I've noticed a lot of black males with this hairstyle lately. What are your thoughts? Is it /fa/?
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no you can't be effay and black. black people are the scum of the earth. why are they stupid and loud. why is always nigger bitches yelling on the bus. why is it always some nigger blasting tunes out his phone on the subway instead of using headphones. why is it always some nigger on the bus rapping to no music or anyone else at all, just to himself. a black guy asked me for help yesterday, don't even know what it was all about. I just looked at him and kept walking. a black guy once asked to use my phone because his car broke down, I told him to find a payphone. why do niggers have the worst breath. why are niggers so rude. what happened to them. where did the world go wrong with them.
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i don't like it, there are far better black hairstyles. This was posted in a bhg a few days ago and i really dig it.
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someone typed this! for FREE! haha!

I have some balding on my temples, is it worth it? would i have to take it for the rest of my life?
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>is it worth it
>would I have to stay on it
I take it. I don't see much regrowth, but I deff stopped losing hair. Wish I had gotten on it earlier, since I have a deep widows peak now.
And yeah, you need to take it forever, or until there is another way of suppressing that hormone(qht?) that is linked to hair loss.

You can also double up with minoxidil. It's maybe ~20% as effective, but it also boosts the regrowth time, so it gives you a better idea of what, if anything, will regrow.(keep in mind you can't make any call on the effectiveness until you're 9+ months into the treatment. And you will lose hair faster once you start the treatment, for the first few months)
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I started thinning in the front but now I just ride it out until it gets way to obvious. I'm soon 30 tho so I dont really care anymore. If you're ~20 I feel you. Just read up on the risks. I have no intrest in growing tits and fucking my dick up. Beard is shaping up too so I'm going ragnar core.

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Do any of you buy your gf/bf clothes?
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I changed my girlfriend from a poorly dressed qt to a winter-core palewave qt
Pic? Where did you cop items for her? Unsure where I should even start shopping.
Yeah I buy my gf a lot of horizontal striped shirts and dresses and snuggly cardigans and stuff like that because she looks friggin hot in that kind of stuff. She also has really good taste already, so we kind of feed off of each other.

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I noticed that fashionable people tend to talk less (only answer or say something important, while "sheepies" or "cookie cutters", which are not interesting at all, talk a lot.

How often do you talk?

I am deciding if I should stop talking at all unless I have to so I can have some kind of /fa/ "image" ?
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I speak around 20 words a day, but a lot more subconsciously
Don't talk unless absolutely necessary. Don't even say goodbye to people. Just exit. Numales talk relentlessly. Don't become one of them
I see, lol.. I am like at 200+ words a day I think, I wasn't paying attention to it until recently..

I don't want to be rude or anything, I think I will still be greeting etc, but with a "tired" voice so it sounds forced

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What are some styles/pieces/whatever that you secretly love but that aren't socially and/or /fa/ acceptable? As ridiculous or mundane as you like.
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walking around naked under a bathrobe with slippers on
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i actually slightly like some [spoiler]supreme[/spoiler] pieces
File: 1443779851754.jpg (759KB, 1310x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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Post your all-time comfiest sweaters, jackets, and hoodies that gfs just can't resist stealing.
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Best place with comfy sweaters with interesting patterns and is cheap to start uping wardrobe for a schoolboy fit? Have a dark green one already and a grey cardigan (hate the cardigan).

Probably need
>earthen brown

Is the thinkpad design the effayest laptop design ever?
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Not that one
Definitely, the x series is amazing as they are tiny
I hate /g/'s taste when it comes to design of hardware

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