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How to dress like the quiet, 'mysterious' person I am?

I know I'm cringe and all but I might as well dress appropriately for my personality (or lack thereof)
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Blacks, greys. No really vibrant colors.
Not to the point that its emo tier thou,
Milsurp. Thrifted clothes
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>that picture

jesus christ. Only good part about it is the FF9 detail on the tv

I just laughed at some guy on the streets wearing these and he noticed me laughing at him. do you think he knew why?
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Why don't you take a look at my big stinky pacific islander penis, chum

Ya I knew was waiting for you on here faggot, I hate you and you have no idea how much pussy I get. Fuck you I will not become victimized by you. Your fit sucks too and uh ya fuck you man
i can imagine you snickering while you pressed post, you fucking mongoloid

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Is my cat effay?
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my cats are twin sisters clocking in at 20 years of age. I'd say they're pretty/fa/
i wish i had a cat
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My cat is best cat


> the T-shirt has been sported by many of the biggest male style icons and fashion influencers in history. Think Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, or Paul Newman in Eve Arnold’s famous photo of him at the Actors Studio in the mid 50s, or James Dean at the wheel of his Porsche Spyder (all of them looking effortlessly stylish in a plain white tee). Google images of Giorgio Armani, one of the great men's fashion designers, and I promise you that half of them will show him in a plain black T-shirt.

>Today’s style icons like a simple T-shirt too. David Beckham wears a plain tee and jeans arguably better than anybody. Ryan Gosling, in his latest films - "The Place Beyond the Pines" and "Only God Forgives" - looks great in loose crew T-shirts, adapted either with the sleeves cut off or slightly rolled.

>remember just one thing, gentlemen. Before you head out to re-stock, there's one common factor that makes a T-shirt a classic. No logos, no writing, no jokes, no images. As my nephew knows full well, it has to be PLAIN.
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>Good looking guy in excellent shape doesn't feel the need for special clothing

I did get similar advice from an ex. She said a good t was killer
But its a plain t shirt, its not interesting or unique, just reliable and easy.
no one above age 18 with any sense of clothing wears graphic tee's

do the jacket and shirt clash
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nope, looks good.
tuck the sleeves of your shirt into the jacket and the fit will look a lot better

Hello /fa/ - do you think I have potential to model? I'm 6'4 and quite a large build which the photo doesn't show.

Not sure if it's me being insanely narcissistic or genuinely believing there's a chance.
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this is /fa/, not /fat/
naw bro go get educated
You look pretty decent. How strong is your jawline?

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At Death Grips. Shit sucks. Wat do?
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throw your phone at stefan
Already too many beers been thrown for that to be funny
get on stage then man

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What are your thoughts on Danner combat boots, /fa/? Anyone have any on-feet images they can supply?
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Do you think the OP image could work with a fit like this?
Good enough for Stefan

The boots or that outfit, Igor?

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Arsen Pavlov.jpg
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Rest in peace, we will never forget you ;_; 1983-2016

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пyтин хyйлo
File: putin creepy.jpg (59KB, 460x546px)Image search: [Google]
putin creepy.jpg
59KB, 460x546px
I agree about Putin. But cockholes suck too.
мaмкa твoя coceт

ITT: the worst things that have happened to fashion throughout history

I'll start with I R O N Y
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Kanye West
instagram and social media
Bootcut jeans and sleeveless shirts

Thinking about getting this sketch, just don't know where. Bicep maybe? Placement inspo and other tattoo work appreciated.
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File: CuiK61JVUAAUdEv.jpg (167KB, 1200x1151px)Image search: [Google]
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other possible picks
File: Cuxc0BCUIAAlhS1.jpg (202KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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File: hsl-4-hi-Serpent.jpg (18KB, 291x369px)Image search: [Google]
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About to get my first tattoo Tuesday. Was thinking of pic related. I really like simple black/white designs, vaguely occult or religiously related, sort of like medieval German woodcuts.

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Please post fits of Menswear.
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what sneakers are menswear/mature?
Usually minimal designed shoes. CPs, Nike Tennis Classic, Adidas Sambas. Avoid meme stans and All Stars.

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H&M scarf
Zara perfecto + wool sweater
Levis 512 jeans
Stan Smith originals
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Delete this and post in the WAYWT thread
it's hideous
Not in the slightest

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How does it feel knowing that women would chose a 10/10 Chad wearing shitcovered hobo rags over you wearing a $10000 outfit?
To know that all the money and effort you spend on clothes just makes people scoff at your vanity, that they see you as a wonderful example of "make up on a pig?"
I always love threads where former /fa/ robots vent about how their thousands of dollars in clothes/shoes just sit in closets collecting moth poop because all it did was highlight just how socially inferior and sexually unwanted they really are.
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Careful not to fall for the bait.
this is why i'm gay :^)

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Aight guys, I'm really into baggy fits these days, and I'm looking for some trousers in the same style. These are from Lownn, but sold out and kinda expensive.

Anyone know of similar trousers?
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step 1: thrift shop
step 2: tailor
This looks so fucking bad

The things that contrarianism and group mentality will lead a man to do...

It worries me

>my taste and opinion is the only valid thing in the world otherwise howelse could i live with myself hurrrrrrrrr

kys mb?

i like the style of the pants in OPs pic, will be monitoring this thread

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