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fuck off pleb
Plz take your double pocket shilling elsewhere.pockets are uneffay when you have a whole side of your shirt dedicated to a meaningless extra patch of material.
shirt pockets are top tier effay you fucking plen

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Carol Christian Poell thread. Anyone have any pieces from this mysterious brand? Tell us how you got it and for his much?
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Very few people on here nowadays will know who he is, let alone own anything.
Unfortunately this is true. Most of the people into avant garde fashion left a while ago

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>tfw born with straight and fine hair instead of godly wavy and thick hair

anyone else feel me
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>tfw wavy and thick hair
shit's awful m8

but you have more options to make your hair effay,shit fucking sucks when your options are limited since your hair is too weak to stand even with products
Same and I wish I had straight hair. I guess it's always greener on the other side but taking care of wavy thick hair is a pain in the ass.

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Is being an artist /fa/
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Creating things you like is effay. Saying you're an artist isn't
Yeah, but it's more /ic/ if you're talking about drawing and painting or /p/ for photography, etc. /fa/ is intended as a fashion board, not a general lifestyle board so unless you're doing stuff with fashion, it's not technically /fa/.

What's /fa/'s opinion on timbs?
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i love em
strictly made for fucking white bitches with them on as a black male
>shave a whole foot off your apparent height!

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How did you clear you acne /fa/ ?
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i waited for it to go away
i cut off my dick
TetraCycline tablets for a month with Aknemycin solution/Ointment
Then start Vibramycin tablets for two months with also Aknemycin

Vitamin A supplements will be good for your skin too, carrots, spinach and daily wash with Anti-Acne soap

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what would a young, stylish, movie murderer wear?

what would he use to kill people?

I'm thinking about this white balaclava for when he is in the act

I'm making a short film
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Watch Funny Games you dumb cunt
someone else's skin
Hippy clothes. And he'd use hemp rope to strangle people which he smokes afterwards.

So ive really been feeling the OCBD under a black sweater look. Raf makes it look so much better than everyone else. Is is that his collar is tighter? Is that a regular OCBD like i could just buy at UNIQLO?
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do you guys think the collar on this looks to loose?

yes it does. I have that sweater
I'm prettysure its not an OCBD.
The closest to the look I have managed is with just a stamdard dress shirt from m&s, it doesnt need to be buttoned down, the sweater collar should deal with that.

All tattoos look like skin diseases.
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>debate me, I'm bored
you are bound to stir some controversy with your hot opinion op
Arghh, I have tattoos.. You offended me.. Fuck you dick

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so i fucked up my dye job and had to shave my head
how fucked am i /fa/?
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not bad honestly, and hair actually tends to grow back with time so just wait
oh also /fa/ hat thread i suppose
Damn bro you look hot with the buzzcut. Keep it that imo. I just hate buzzing every 4 days though.

other than buzz
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thanks just buzzed
Buzz is dumb as fuck, the best would probably be a faded undercut

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Has anyone here bought sample shoes before? Am I about to fuck up?

I found these in my size for like half retail.

But the guy is like "please realize you get whats in the pictures and I can't offer a refund"

Is there something fucked up with them?
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wtf are these abominations
ugly af why would you buy these?
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Y-3 Super Zips Stan Smiths.

I can't tell if theres something off. The leather strip seems a little wider I guess.

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i need similar picture to this but with sad boys
pls help
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>sad boys
Seriously? lol
Am..am I a s-sad boy?

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Any suggestions?
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reeboks or diadora?
Very much enjoying my GATs
or af lows

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ITT: The biggest lies you were ever told

>Rick Owens isn't a meme
>Buzzcut looks good on everyone
>Palewave is in
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>I love you too
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>your not that ugly

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