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Uni qlo seamless down puffer
M&S grey t
Rick Owens archive Memphis sweatpants
White laces vans
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Shit shoes. Pants shapeless. Silhouette is not good
my € 5 sweatpants look better though
Lol sweatpants aren't that bad

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The official thread about watches.


Previous: >>11817429
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seamaster professional blue.jpg
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Posting before that stupid fucking pyramid derails the thread again.
What kind of strap would you put on this?
>inb4 don't buy it, too late now buddy
Grey canvas nato strap.
Btw it's a great Choice m8, the coaxial hate meme is a nonsense imo.
Assuming it's a preowned watch, would you mind telling me how much you got it for? I've been eyeing one going for 1500€ right now in a really decent condition.
Nah it's a new one. Best option for you is just going on Jomashop or something, unless you wanna do it traditionally and go to an AD. Thanks for the rec too

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Last Thread: >>11842340

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!
Removed by their staff ._.
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Does anyone have suggestions on eating in dining halls at college? I'm in the Midwest so everything's huge and full of cheese and potatoes.
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helo fwamile daly remindar to stey hidhratted luv u soooo muhch tanks bye
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Thanks frogger!

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Cop or nah?
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Eg is gonna fail
def cop to support the young god
I got it back when I was a fat nerd

now im a normal weighted loner and I only wear it around the house

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LAST THREAD >>11815583
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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frag guide.png
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If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...
Tried Kiehl's musk yesterday. Really disliked it, but it's nice the morning after when you have to touch your nose to your skin to smell it.

Musks remind me of an asshole I used to know, so they're hard for me to enjoy.
[Daily reminder that Tom Ford Private Blend are babbys 1st exclusive pricey fragrances]

Sillage and longevity is shit for most of them, and can't motivate their cost. Also they are price-hiked about 8x.

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>What is techwear?
We wear clothes to be comfortable, to cover up our shame, and more importantly for our protection. Technical clothing, focuses on incorporating functionality through the use of textiles and construction techniques. When you mention clothes a wide array of different designs will come to mind and it goes the same with technical clothing, although the fashion community likes to lump technical clothing into this one style. This idea that it's a futuristic military style, but that's just not the case. Conroy Nachtigall a former designer of Arc'teryx Veilance explains creating technical clothing as:"It's not thinking about zippers is not thinking about seem tapes, not thinking about ... all these little elements. Those are all part of the end goal"

>Guide to Urban Techwear *Under Construction*
Help expand our new guide to Urban Techwear. Edit anything you see fit that will add value to the page. There's now a brand list to add to and reference:

>Talk about Techwear on Discord
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post inspo from fiction

Nihei 10/10, also that rumored ACR collab...
Snikt! has a definite Aitor Throup feel..
Thanks for making a new thread, the other one was slowing down
How is BLAME! I here a lot about it...

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New Hair General; post for advice and post your current hair and goals.
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I have a fair structure similar to this, but I have a small head; and the flat hairstyle only works if i grow my hair out; it's quite short right now. What hairstyle should I get for a small head?
Best hair for a regular Asian? Post pics as well so I get an idea what you're saying
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please post inspo for mix raced curly/ afro hair, i don't want to buzz it and have no means of killing myself. it just always look terrible and black haircuts with mix raced hair look worse.

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w2c gf like that?
ur imagination
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terrorwave general
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File: 1474989078004.jpg (1MB, 1400x929px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1400x929px

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post hats/ hat inspo
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pls respond

pls gibe link to rick owens discord edition
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So when you guys wear boots, how do you wear your pants? Do you tuck them in, or pull them over the boot and cuff them? I feel like just tucking them in looks messy.
Wanna get into new balances but dont know where to start. Need recommendations
What do I look for in a good pair of slacks/dress pants? Trying to find a good black pair for $100 or less

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red wing877.jpg
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Gonna buy 877's on monday, gonna wear em rolled up all the way like they are meant to be worn.
875's are for plebs, full 8 inches or go home.

I'm gonna abuse the hell out of them, not a hipster city way or pussy beaten path hiking, real thicc forest use.
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btw iron rangers are a reddit meme, moc toe is the real deal.
enjoy your clown shoes
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shoes 3.jpg
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>wedge soles innawoods

good luck

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What are the best derbies for around £150?
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But why?

If you want a pair of black, formal, dress leather shoes, they should be oxfords.
If you want something more casual, like derbies, it shouldn't be black and very plain since that's not versatile at all, brown works with more things and some brogueing is cool.
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>black isn't versatile
Post a fit because you sound like you might be a 30 year old reddit fan
Charcoal and black suits are literally the only ones that look better with black shoes, everything else looks better with brown, especially the ones you'll be most frequently wearing - grey and navy.

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My forehead is starting to look like this but a little less gross, I wash my face twice a day and tone, use light moisturizer, run every otherday, only drink water. Is it just stress?
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Try using salicylic acid
u need some cum bb, i can help
Take an actual picture of your forehead so we know exactly what we're dealing with. I'm actually in medical school studying to become a dermatologist.

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Post some prep/trad inspo, questions, and recent cops.
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New jacket
That is a neat jacket, very nifty
File: s7-1223741_lifestyle.jpg (174KB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
174KB, 2000x2000px

cop or not? any alternatives to this legendary and pleb-repellent coat?

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