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Hey ef/fa/y,
I'm looking for one of these super longline hooded poncho-hoodie-cloak-type thing, but not made out of recycled Chinese garbage nor the sizes are made for tiny Asian men.
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Seconding looks sick.
I have one thats maybe a few inches shorter that I got from HM maybe a few weeks ago. Try there?
i have one quite similar from zara

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what about it
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Hello thoughts on this look? Does it make me look french?
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Très mignon! You do look french, I love the hat.
slummy-ass shirt tho

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I moved to Seattle last year from Los Angeles, and boy was I ill prepared for the rain. The worse was getting my feet constantly wet. It was, granted, a very rainy season (from what people tell me), but I'm trying to prepare myself a lot better this year. Has anyone tried these Tretons? Thinking of these or the chelseas. Primarily interested in knowing about their ventilation

My main concern with this kind of footwear is that I don't want to suffer from stuffy/clammy feet at work, from wearing these all day. A soln could be to keep some sneakers at work, and switch them when I get there.
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here are the Chelseas.

Honestly, kinda wish the soles were a bit lighter. I prefer barefoot/zero-drop shoes.

Anything like this?
What have you been wearing? I've lived in Washington my whole life and I've been able to get by with whatever as long as it wasn't made out of mesh or canvas. A nice pair of leather boots should be fine.
>A nice pair of leather boots should be fine
that's what I thought, and I bought a pair of Clarks. Worst purchase ever. The rain seeped through the rubber or something, no clue. Really poor build quality... only other pair of shoes I had were some nice Jil Sander leather boots. They worked but the rain ruined the fuck out of them.

Since summer, I've been wearing a pair of vivobarefoots.

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Nothing says I'm a big masculine man like a man bun, a beard, a T Shirt that say Beard co. while putting away your vape to look for change in your man purse
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>being this mad at being short
Did he take your girl senpai?
>lumping everyone that was born in a certain time period into one very specific stereotype

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Anyone on here used minoxidl and had bags as a side effect?

I've been trying it for about a month now and it's caused them. Is there anything I should do to reduce them?
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Ive been using it once a day and havnt had problems yet. Just stay hydrated and use moisturizer
I've heard it's permanent.
Not true

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Have you ever been ripped off? Sent fakes or whatever.

tell your stories here and how to avoid it.
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Yes. I wanted some white converse all stars a while back and found a new pair on ebay in my size. When they came, they were such shit fakes and were too small because they were so poorly made. The seller claimed they didn't know and thought they were real. Got my money back anyway.
shit sucks. i also got ripped off and i hope to get my money back
do tell, anon

Anything Goes, Feel Free to Contribute
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How do I get this hairstyle?
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I've been wondering this too, always been a huge bowie fan.
Would it fit me?
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Born again

Looking to cop some overalls for the fall, probably either black or dark green. I'm about 6', pretty skinny. Should I go for overalls with skinny pant legs, like I would normally get for pants, like pic related, or...
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File: rollas_2016-01-16_1538web_1.jpg (946KB, 2400x3600px)Image search: [Google]
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...something with a slightly looser fit, like pic related? I feel like with overalls you gotta go a little bit looser, but I want a second opinion. Also post overalls Inspo.
it may be just my opinion (and it's coming from a guy who only wears straight-fit jeans) but i think skinny overalls look comically bad on everyone regardless of size. Skinny jeans look good but on a lot of people, but there's usually some kind of break/contrast with the top, but skinny overalls create a really ugly continuum.
i agree, skinny jeans aren't really practical and since overalls are work wear it creates a bad contrast

I'm 18 and 5'10 and recently went to a doctor and apparently my growth plates aren't closed.

My diet has been shit recently, nutritionally and aswell as not eating enough due to abusing Adderall which suppresses appetite.

How do I make sure I hit 6'0 before my growth plates close? Is milk proven to help growth?

Pls I don't wanna be a goddamn manlet..
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if two inches of height are so important to you that you're begging for tips on how to grow on a shitty nigerian basket weaving imageboard, just kill yourself.

No one gives a fuck aboug you being 5'10". Its not going to harm you in many significant ways

Order some HGH off the darknet.
Guaranteed results.
Start lifting too.
fuk u nigger

i just dont wanna be a manlet

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Is this the most /fa/ related game?
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is the most /fa/ game
Dark Souls?
no, that would be bloodborne

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Anyone into men's jewelry? Inspo thread for it?
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for future reference, with an inspo thread it's expected for the creator to post /something/
i have playboy and 50 cent chains, i wanted gold mp5 cufflinks but they were all sold out
>men's jewelry
>fucking golden uzi necklace

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Thought this was a political compass at first
File: big five.png (41KB, 519x198px)Image search: [Google]
big five.png
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What are the most effay Big Five results, bros?
So what are we doing with this ? Filling with our current situation or our ideal ?

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old is three hunnid
post and rate
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How many users do you think are on this board? How many shoe collections could we possibly post? Why do we need this thread constantly?
just dont browse shoe threads then lol. i rarely do but it's obviously people wanting to flex or wanting to get some inspo
File: IMG_0692.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
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i love the shoes on the left

heres mine

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